I have hit a brickwall ....

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  1. Hi,

    Recently I ran into a fair bit of cash IRL from a portfolio closure and now I have hit a brick wall as to what to do with it.

    My options.

    Option 1:

    Optoma HD83 Projector & Onkyo TX-NR5009 sound system with Boston speakers.


    Electronic Equipment:
    1. Onkyo TX-NR5009
    2. Onkyo BD-SP809
    3. Optoma HD83 Projector & Suitable mount

    Speakers – Boston Acoustics range
    4. Centre Speaker – RS244C
    5. Left & Right – Pair of RS334
    6. Surround Back L/R – Pair of RS260
    7. Subwoofer – 1 x RPS1000

    Total ~ $ 11,500 roughly AUD/USD

    Option 2:

    Optoma HD83 Projector and a new super spec PC
    along with 3D Bluray Home Theater system 5.1

    In this option,
    I sell off my two relatively new PCs (2600K & 3930K) to reclaim ~ $ 4k
    With this I will have ~ $ 2k left over to pay out on of my credit cards also.


    1. Optoma HD83 Projector & Suitable mount ~ $3.5k
    2. LG/Sony/Samsung (All about the same price) 5.1 Surround sound system ~ $1000
    3. Computer Monitor - 40" Sharp Quatron 3D 200Hz ~ $ 1000
    4. Computer System (Inside the computer box) ~ $ 8000

    Total ~ $ 13,500

    Computer Specifications:

    - Motherboard - Asus Z9PE-D8 WS for dual Xeon E5-2600 Series (Socket 2011 Xeon)
    - CPU 1 - Intel Xeon E5-2650 Eight Core 2.0Ghz, 2.8Ghz turbo, socket 2011
    - CPU 2 - Intel Xeon E5-2650 Eight Core 2.0Ghz, 2.8Ghz turbo, socket 2011
    - Memory - Corsair Domoniator 64 Gb (8 x 8Gb) Quad channel DDR3-1600Mhz
    - Video Card 1 (SLI) - Asus GeForce GTX680 - 2Gb GDDR5
    - Video Card 2 (SLI) - Asus GeForce GTX680 - 2Gb GDDR5
    - Boot Drive - Aram 240Gb SSD, SATA-3 6Gb/sec
    - Data Drive - Western Digital 2TB SATA-3 6Gb/sec
    - Raid Storage & Backup - 4 x Western Digital 2TB SATA-3 6Gb/sec
    - Bluray - Sony BD5300SOB Bluray writer with 3D Bluray playback
    - Case - Coolermaster II Ultra Tower case to support EBB Motherboard
    - PSU - Corsair 1200W Pro series PSU
    (And as mentioned above, 40" Sharp 3D Quatron monitor HDMI 1920x1080)
    - Keyboard, mouse - Logitech gaming series

    So there you have it,

    Do I get a projector and top notch sound system ? ~ 11,500

    Or do I get a projector, sound system, top notch computer and pay off one of my credit cards after selling my two current (less than 6 & 3 month old) systems and recouping ~ $ 4K ? ~ 15,500

    Freaking hell. Too hard to decided.
    I have included some spec sheets on the projector, sound system & speakers in opt.1.


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  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Paying off a debt is never a bad thing. I therefore, without even reading any of the specs, would advise you to go for option 2. Oh, and a Premium Membership on EP :p
  3. Neuromancer

    Neuromancer Brainstormers Official Brain Glue

    Clear the credit cards, and go for option 1. That AV system should last for a few years, while I doubt Blu-ray will be the medium of choice in the near future.

    High spec PCs are nice but I think past a certain level you are just "polishing the cannonball".

    Nice problem to have though.
  4. hehe ofc, it is funny that the debt that would be paid off is Entropia deposits too :D
  5. LOL I like that answer, polishing the canonball :D

    However the dual SLI, 64Gb & Dual CPUS, 16 Cores would be used to convert movies to DivX. (This process would normally take 8 hours to do in HD DivX for a standard Bluray film on my 2600K system, about 6hrs on the 3930K, so i am expecting 1-2 hour or less on the dual Xeons with dual SLI Cuda Nvidia cards)

    I am also buying a little AMD Fusion Dual Core E450 M/B, ITX Case and the rest for ~ 500/600 to drive the projector - HDD >> HDMI & Optical out >> Projector & Surround sound system.

    I also changed my preference after reading the reviews on projectors:

    Link - http://www.avforums.com/reviews/index.php?parent=115&search_special=1

    Now I am headed for a Epson EH-TW9000W which came out as one of the best overall with an excellent or higher rating on each part of the review.

    A tad more expensive but worth the extra dollars.

    At this point I am leaning towards the projector ~ 4k, small 7.1 3D bluray home theatre surround system ~ 1k, computer ~ 8k, 40" 3D Sharp Quatron TV/Monitor ~ 1k and having a little left over for the AV control centre PC system to play movies from ~ 500 to 600.

    And then using the rest for either paying off the credit card or on a nice UPS to cover all the components ~ 2k - http://www.techbuy.com.au/p/154208/UPS_STANDALONE/APC/SMT3000I.asp

    Anyway, I can not justify spending almost $8.5k on just a high end Onkyo system + speakers to match ... Its a little too rich for my blood at this stage.

    ~ Viper
  6. Ok Options have changed.

    No longer going for 1.
    2 Is under consideration

    Option 3 is the most likely option.

    Option 3.

    1. Samsung Slim LED ES8000 65" 3D TV (Just released in Australia as of Friday)
    Price Tag for 60" is $ 5,000 AUD from BingLee (RRP $5,400),
    65" unsure at this time, I have to wait till monday for pricing.
    Link - http://www.samsung.com/au/tv/led-range/es-8000.html#fullFeatures

    Slim LED ES8000.jpg

    2. Also just released Friday
    Samsung HT-E6750W 3D Bluray 7.1 Surround Sound System
    Price Tag is $ 950 AUD from BingLee (RRP 1199)
    Link - http://www.samsung.com/au/tv/home-theatre-range/ht-e6750w.html#fullFeatures


    3. New Corner Lounge ~ 1500
    4. DivX PC Control station ~ 500

    Leaving me with ~ 7,000 to build up a new PC. Or pay off credit cards completely.
  7. Ok it is decided and this will give you a kick.

    Coming from this will sound funny - Bigger is not always better.
    How 5 inches can make a huge difference in viewing pleasure.

    I had a look today at the 65" and 60" TVs in general at BingLee & Harvey Norman. The 60" was a much better fit :geek: For my room size and viewing distance from seats.

    So I have decided on:

    1. Samsung 60" 3D TV ~ 5000
    2. Samsung 7.1 3D Bluray Surround Sound system ~ 1000
    3. New corner lounge suite with sofa bed included (4 pieces) ~ 1500
    4. Multimedia PC Control Centre HD complaint ~ 500 Bucks
    5. Pay off credit cards ~ 5000

    That is it, 13,000 used, however I should be happy as leasure suit larry :biggrin:
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