Hypothetical situation - breaching of ToU/EULA

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Does it breach ToU/EULA?

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  1. Hello and welcome,

    Last couple of days I was reading EU ToU/EULA because I was trying to find an answer whether following situation could breach ToU/EULA:

    Let's say that in particular household there is only one PC and two EU players - husband and wife. We have two different people, e-mails, bank accounts etc. Husband is a long-time player, have been playing EU for 2-3years and his wife just has set up new account, did newbie missions on calypso and had noob luck on puny mobs and got 150ped global. After a week she decided that game is boring and she wants to leave but still have like 100ped on her account. She cannot withdraw this money so she decides to put 100ped on the ground in particular place of calypso and inform her husband where the money is. Then, from the same computer, husband logs in and after 10 minutes manages to pick up the money. Does it breaches ToU/EULA? What is your opinion, form your point of view? Is there any official MA statement about such situation? I know at least about one such situation, where a wife of a player was not amused about game, said it is addictive and dropped on the ground like 100-200ped of ammo and items. Her husband after this shocking situation immediately logged to his account and picked up all her stuff.

    I guess later, they divorced :wink:
  2. Don't worry about this at all, I've done it a hundred times. And furthermore if the husband is a depositor, MA won't care.
  3. No problem
  4. As far as I know husband did 2 or 3 small depos, I see and understand that really, someone could in the meantime pick up this money wife had dropped on the ground but eventually she revealeld him where the money is and he logged in and managed to pick it up.

    But did you try to withdraw peds? I am sure that they will not block your accout for moving items from one ava to another because husband ava is not blocked BUT they may refuse when you will try to withraw money I guess
  5. Yes and you are overthinking this. How many employees would they have to have to monitor item drops and pickups?
  6. Besides, there have been MAJOR violations of the terms and people have gotten like 1 week suspensions. MA love their addicts.
  7. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    All trades are final.. Nuff said.
  8. can you explain?
  9. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    I've been playing this game for over 12 years now and anytime someone has complained that someone stole my stool or bench that they put down in a common area, MA has told them that is part of the game mechanics and they took the risks when they put it down. To my knowledge, MA has never done anything in those cases (some of the players have but that is a different story).

    In your scenario, the woman put ped somewhere on the ground and told her RL husband where to get it which he did. There was no hacking involved. She just used the game mechanics (as described above) to facilitate a trade with her husband since they both cannot be online at the same time. Now, if her husband had been running both toons that may be viewed as trading with an alt but MA has never seriously gone after this.

    In my opinion, this is just another trade. And as we all know, all trades are final in MA's eyes.
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  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Just to add to this, on my first day in game in 2004, someone immediately came up to me, put PED on the floor and told me to pick it up. I never understood why but I think him for it.
  11. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Why not just give it to a trusted friend to give you when you log on?
    Safer IMO.
  12. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Me and my sister Kristin (my wife's ava) used this method very often because we had one comp only now and than. Don't worry about this method. Even withdrawal worked fine for me. And Kristin and me dealt with clearly higher amounts than 100-200 PED, believe me - lol!
    As Narfi mentioned, if you have a trusted friend, this would be the best method.
    Besides I remember well on day, when I gave my access data and the GC code to a friend. He looged in as Jamira and met Kristin. I have to admit it was a bit thrilling ;-)
  13. just be aware that 'since all trades are final' if someone else picks up the stuff after it's on the ground other than the intended avatar you want to pick it up, all bets are off since you just gave the ground that stuff, and someone else just happened to be in the right place at the right time to find it... no foul play, all fine within the terms of tou/eula and game mechanics... A lot can happen from the time you drop something on the ground until your alt (ok, your spouse's avatar, whatever) logs in to find it. One option, potentially is to put the stuff in a balcony of an apartment that the alt avatar is guest of, and put it on private so no one else can enter apartment. Just be aware though, that flying vehicles outside the apartment still might be able to hop on to the balcony too...
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