How many no-loots are accaptable??

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Lykke TheNun, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. hehe,

    remember the characteristics of the ideal system - it will take all you give very gladly ;)


  2. This is a grate point, its not fun anymore. And i share your opinion 100%

    Im actually stepping down to snables just for the fun of getting a full loot window containing some armor, guns and stuff as in the old time (not any special high ped value). And also be able to kill a mob in 3 shots. Its need of an autoklicker to kill one ambu if you not use a expencive gun, and its stil booring. How can this be fun?

    Im on my way quitting too.

  3. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    4 last night on Formiants (1k+ HP mobs) including a soldier, was enough to have me log off. its not funny.
  4. I find it all boils down to the value for money experience one perceives. It is something that for my feeling has been going down for years already. MA needs a serious management change for the downwards spiral to be broken. The patience of people starts to really come close to the end of the point. I do not mind paying between $100 and $250 a month for great entertainment. But if i get the feeling that the money i pay is not worth the entertainment i get then i start to get pissed. I know a lot of people who feel the same. I have a lot of people on my FL that in the last couple of weeks have decided to take a break. If i look at my own gameplay before and after VU10 i am down to approx 50% of playtime. If i know a good movie is on TV i am nowadays more interested in watching that instead of playing. If you look at the forums the overall trend of how people perceive the value for money experience then MA needs a real wake up call.

    For some people the last reason why they still stick around is the friends they have ingame.

  5. CycoKick

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    Im on a break now. Will be back for MM, but unless we manage to win it, a good chance ill extent my break for muchh longer...

    Btw Eve rocks :)
  6. Twitchie

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    Hey Razer - nice data. It's cool to see charts like this. It really helps to see actual numbers. Nice work mate!

    My take is that loot is vastly different from 4 years ago. However, that's not to say it's worse, just different. I remember years ago getting a string of no loots and getting frustrated like I do today. Of course, the level of y play is vastly different today as well. Getting a 3-4 ped loot off 15 or 20 straight Dasps is like a no loot off a smaller mob. I seem to see cycles. I'll be on a mob for a couple weeks and do splendidly. Then all of a sudden, loot tanks and hofs are replaced by no loots. I try to change mobs, but sometimes can't find anything that's looting. So I'l try mining or crafting and I get the same result. I see loot in general is in a down cycle, but I've usually spent a week's worth of ped figuring that out. LOL. IIRC it was a soc mate, Archman, who told me he once had 20+ no loots on a decent level mob. He's a saint b/c I would have flipped out. :alcohol:

    There's no doubt that loot distribution is different than 4 years ago. But I think it is much, much more cyclic than those days as well so we see more downs, more often. Could just be me, but I think I see as many ups as I do downs. However, I do think my "up" swings are shorter in duration than my "down" swings. One really has to be able to recognize the swing now days in order to keep from losing a ton of ped.
  7. seems most activites right now are all a loss unless you hit it at the right timeframe which seems to be alot smaller than before :( went hunting last night with my better half killed scips, formidon, kingfisher and finally ambu, we had many many no loots and no mini's even until the huge 51ped global we got on ambu's lol
    its frustrating at best
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