How does "No Resource Found" Work?

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  1. How does "No Resource Found" Work? I tried to use it with no success. If anyone could explain it to me, it would really save me a lot of time, since I log my mining hits on a paper now.
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  2. lol is this yoke or you realy wana know what that means???
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  3. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    I also had the program and it works for me about 50% of the time so I trashed it lol. Best just to keep your own logs and charts. :-) Maybe someone will come up with a better one.
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  4. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Not what it means but how it works. I had a look at NRF but gave up as it was too complicated. But also I don't mine very much so wasn't worth the effort to me to persevere with it.
    I have heard some good comments from people who use it, so I hope you can get it to work.
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  5. Ok people I swear by this program, so ill take some time to explain a few things on getting it set up. Yes it takes a bit to set up but once it is setup its a breeze to log your finds as well as your drops if you want.

    First off there are a few options you need to set up. I have taken some screen shots about how to do this. First you need to imput additional info. This is not required but the info you put in here will show up for each drop you log and each claim you log while it is put in.


    Next you have to setup or memorize your hot keys. These are all usefull except the log skill gain one since this section is not working atm due to the skill screen change.


    After this you need to setup a few options. The biggest here is whether you play in windwed mode or not. the other options are all for you to play with since they are mainly extras


    I go over how to use NRF in my next post. (I have too many attachments to post it all here.)
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  6. Ok Part 2


    Ok the place you go to start using is the mining log tab. This is where you will leave NRF most of the time. When you first open it up it will look like this.


    This next section is for those who want to log drops. (aka each dropped bomb\probe)
    First you press p and get your position in your chat window. (This is very important. Since NRF parses screen shots this info must be in the chat window and visible for the logging process to work. your chat window shoul look something like this.


    once you have this in the window you press the hotkey for dropped bomb/probe. Default is 1 on the number pad.

    once you have done this your mining log tab should look something like this.


    To see your log on a map you can press the map button if it is not already pressed


    Simple now to log a claim you have to open up the deed's info screen and have it showwing the detail information such as follows. (IMPORTANT DO NOT MOVE THE INFO SCREEN, THIS WILL CAUSE THE LOG TO FAIL) since again NRF works off of screen shots it is programmed to only read this information in its default location.


    once you have this open and visible press the hot key for found deposit (Default 0 on number pad) again this should show up in your mining log table but this time with a bit more information since it has type and size as well as depth.

    There are many other features that you can play with as well but this is how the basic logging process works.

    Hope this helps.
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  7. +REP Shim - nice guide.

    I didn't even know this tool existed, but it looks very useful
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  8. where i can download this program???
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  9. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

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  10. Thanks bunny =)
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  11. Thanks for the gratz and rep guys. I just love this tool. Unfotunatly this tool doesnt work with vista yet. The hotkeys dont work so it doesnt take screenies. But hey EU doesnt even work with vista quite rite. Something i diddnt go over was the skill progress tracker that used to work pre 9.1. (When they changed the skill window to that new one that doesnt give levels. :( I hate the new window. Anyway since it was a drastic screen layout change that section doesnt work anymore. Im sure it will again soon though

    What this section was for is to track skill gains over time. I guess its useful for seeing how fast your skills are rising. The thing i liked about it is that it counted all your skills. :)) I cant wait for it to work again. I spent lots of time pre NRF counting my skills. After NRF (When this worked) I just took 13 or so screenshots with a hot key and NRF did all the work. :))
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  12. Thanks a lot Burgerman, Bunny, and especially Shim for all the help.! :)
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  13. :(Awww, I have Vista. Game works great, but I guess this program wont work for me.:(
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  14. Ya I had vista too but i dual booted 2k w/ vista a while ago so i play on 2k.
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  15. Guess what i got it working on vista you just need to open Task Manager and do this.

    xp_vista_solution_01.JPG xp_vista_solution_02.JPG
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  16. You may have to do the above with XP as well, I use 2000/Vista so im not sure.
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  17. Thanks Shim. I always forget about that option. :/
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