how do you know if you maxed out with a weapon?

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  1. how do you know if you maxed out with a weapon?

    if you don't understand please say so!!!
  2. Hit ability and critical hit ability = 10/10

    Then all other stats at max value.

    Now, if you wonder why you do tons of misses and think it is totally illogic since you maxed your weapon,
    ask mindark who are kings of exploits and cheats and blablabla replies.
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    Sib = not anymore
    Sib = not anymore
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    Many years ago I made some calculations that suggested for actually all weapons I checked back then that "eco-parity" with the weapon next up in the SIB line is reached already a little bit before you max the lower weapon. This might still be the case, actually due to introduction of more and more and more and more items the effect has probably become much stronger. So depending on what exactly you are going for it might be worthwhile to move to the next weapon just before maxing the current one, for example at 9.7/10 hit ability.
  5. I start using a weapon when I max the dmg.
    Reload speed Will take a bit longer. You Will get some misses, which cost ped.
    It"s a really bad Idea to use a weapon where dmg is unmaxed. I still do IT with my ML35, but there are other reasons for that.
  6. It is anyway good to remember the old days...

    Before mindark introduce this period system, which was brought with critical hits,
    All weapons were doing ALL THE TIME the same value of hit, which was the value displayed on the item info.

    So for example, the mann mph was 4.0 damage all the time, the M2875 was doing 40.0 all the time, the Jester-D1 was doing 8.0 all the time, and so on...
    A new player or an experienced player could use all weapons, there was no level associated, and to the maximum hit value.

    On the same idea, all mobs were also doing the same hit value.

    And the heal tools, which at that time were mainly First Aid Packs, doing the same heal value all the time.
    (with a little difference that you needed some skills to heal at the maximum possibility of the FAP, but that was not much skills).

    Then mind-dark introduced the system we know today, where you need to "max" a weapon, and where this weapon is doing a range period of 50% to 100% "when you max it and not 100% anymore, or a % of this % period when you dont max it, or simply you can not use it if under the "required" value.
    When this new system was released, many people yelled about it beeing a huge scam from mindark,
    but... we "must" adapt everytime mind-dark is doing modifications.

    It is good to notice that when this was implemented, the heal tools called "F.A.P.s" have not been affected by this period system, as it seem understandable that people who bought mod-fap, imp or even adj would be mega pissed to suddenly do 80.0/160.0 heals instead of the 160.0 and would also yell at mindark beeing fucking scammers, so for sure mind-dark did not affect them.
    Only the vivo heal tools were affected, like the UR125 or such.

    And again, armors were working the same way, full tt or not was protecting the same.
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  7. When was this Akbar ?
    I started in March 2004. It was already changed then.
  8. i started in vu 5.7 june 2004 and it was like i discribe it.
    May be if i search in my archives i could find screenshots showing same hit values, dunno...

    The period system arrived when critical hits arrived, i dont remember when it was, may be vu 7-8.

    The new skill system was vu 7.4

    Notice that at that time, shooting in auto was targetting mobs perfectly, and there was no fucking failed to move super-mind-dark-exploit, but this is another story... :)
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  9. Here you can see 2005-09-28, a Snablesnot Male Old is doing all the time 16.0 damage


    Here, an Aurli Devastator is doing all the time 113.0 damage.
    Go get hit by an aurli devastator today to see the difference...

    I did the full warlock mission on WL07 with Combo.
    WL07 were doing say 2-3 years ago 180.0 max damage, higher damage was a critical damage.
    Today on my last hunt on 07, they do 250.0 max damage, higher damage are critical hits.
    And after that's mindark who accuse the players to cheat.... the big joke.
    Yes mindark, in the swedish tradition of liars and thieves.


    Those 2 pictures are for my little pleasure, as we can see Vixen.
    I was already friend with Jenna Porn Star at that time,
    I was looking for second entity and sending pos to JPS, SEG was new in the game, and was dropping Resurrection Chip.

    Jenna and Vixen 01.jpg Jenna and Vixen 02.jpg
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  10. [​IMG]
    Here's one of mine. Mobs may have been doing maxdmg all the time. But I sure didn't with my axe. But this could have easily been after the vu you described.
  11. NotAdmin

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    God, I miss seeing loot windows like that :(
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  12. no i don't. peds, pecs and the mask are tt food, iron is kinda like 102%, and the freakin armor part is still lootable nowadays (difficulty level 99 tho, better buy it, if you want it).

    we can speculate about the gun, but it's probably shit.
  13. narfi

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    Then play on rock I often loot armor, guns, useful crafting supplies and shrapnel (ammo or peds) as well as fen tokens shirts and Christmas boxes.

    Armor looted is usually ul in the pixie range upto L in the martial and angel equivalent.
    Guns from L1-30ish but I craft higher with the resources I loot.
  14. NotAdmin

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    It's more about actually seeing some proper variation in the loot window. Nowadays it's all just TT crap. Back then, Iron had some markup at least.

    I actually enjoy the ability to transform stuff into ammo (and argued for exactly that in the past). But it's tiring to see the same components show up, all of which are useless and just take up inventory space, while providing little markup value at all, due to nobody being interested in crafting whatever they are used in. If MindArk really is intending to improve, I hope they remove 70% of the components and other items that just serve as clutter. Do some analysis on the blueprints to figure out what's actually being used in other blueprints, and have a check to see how many of those items actually still are desirable/being crafted.

    Right now it feels like all that happens is shit is just randomly being added. Nobody bothers asking whether craftable stuff actually makes sense, or even adds anything. Nothing existing is removed, meaning there's just tons and tons of items acting purely as fillers. Clean that shit out. Compensate whoever has any of it in their inventory, and simply revamp the entire crafting model.

    And while they are revamping, redesign the skill system as well. It's a clusterfuck right now, and there's no clarity on what skills offer what particular advantage. The time of secrecy should be over. Start making sense, and embrace the idea of the information age. The rest of the world has been doing so for a few decades.

    Compare it to Gordon Ramsay walking into a restaurant and being presented with a menu containing a few hundred items. What typically ends up happening there is that the menu is reduced to a small 2-page menu, using overlapping ingredients in order to prevent food waste (after all, if it's on the menu, ideally you have ingredients in your fridge or freezer. But if nobody orders it, eventually the ingredients will be tossed out).

    As a side advantage, less resources would be needed to load all these bullshit copy/paste components.
  15. Wistrel

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    I miss items.... and ped/pec... but lets face it, the shrapnel is "convenient" (for good or for bad and all the implications around that one). I like that loot isn't so damned varied for a newb hunter these days though. It gives a point to progression onto other bigger or different mobs and means you you don't end up with a million tiny piles of stuff you can't easily shift and keep running out of peds unless you find a reseller. Much nicer to have a big pile of just a few things rather than endless syringes you can't shift.
  16. Ewe ep21 Defender dropped from argo
    (Freand Alpha and beta too, but this is clearly a laser pistol)
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