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  1. Hello all, Im purchasing for decorations like large striped carpet (c) or lila lamp, my question is if the decay of these items is important, because some of them are below 25% of his condition...they lose quality when used or what?
    Also if I buy an apptment or a house from the auction house, it can contain decorations or is required to be empty?

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  2. Since last VU the value of (C) items have an effect of the appearance of the item.
    So if you have a a low condition items it is possible that it looks worn.
    You can repair it then the appearance of the item returns to its fine state.

    The house or appartment must not be empty to auction it , that means it is possible that there are items in the appt.or house when you buy it.
    (you can check it by visiting the claimterminal of the object)

    hope it helps :)
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  3. Thanks alot, I have one question more:
    why some decoration items have a durability below 100%? they lose it when used?
  4. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    I think items just loose some of they´re durability when you use them just like when you equip your armor. But I don´t think it will loose alot or else it would just be really painful on the wallet if you are always changing things around to find the right Feng Shui lol

    What I want to know is do items decay more after you put them down in the apartment/house? As in when people walk on them or something like that?

  5. Thanks alot for help! I will take a look into decay when putted on room :)
  6. I have not noticed any decay on items within my apartment, even things that can be used like lights or candles. I suspect the reason many items are not at 100% condition is because this is how they were crafted or looted. The only thing I have noticed is if an item is below a certain percentage, normally 3% but not always, it is not possible to place it in the apartment.
  7. Bunny

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    Things that are colored such as rugs etc do need to be at full health to show true colors but items in an apartment do not decay. Not the lights, chairs, rugs or anything else. I hope this helps.
  8. Thanks for your help folks :D
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