Hoplite Helmet Recipe!

Discussion in 'Next Island News & Information' started by Meg, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

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  2. Liu


    Goof ! Compo arr more decent now....if only i could find praetorium tho xD
  3. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    I've confirmed that it's in game and can be mined. Good luck!
  4. I went out today and found 63 Praetonium in the area just outside Crystal Center :) OK, it was mostly Lyst or Oil in that area, but it is there.
  5. ---------
    16 Praetonium
    3 Refined Purpurite Crystals
    4 Minotaur Heads
    4 Minotaur Tails


    Praetorium - hard to find atm, glad SylverDragon could confirm the presence as I got ZERO of it in 100 drops in crystal area, smart resellers already pumping up the MU to 2K% in AH after your announcement

    Purpurite - Uncommon drop of Red Papoos according entropedia, ZERO of them in AH atm, 1.92 ped tt ever passed through AH

    Minotaur Tails & Horns - glad to see requirements adjusted qty wise as opossed to the weap bps, still hoping the weapon bps will get adjusted accordingly

    But have to ask ... are u for real ?? Why making it so damn hard to craft what should be like pioneer or guardian armor compared to Caly ?? Why not ask for praetorium in smaller ammount so a newcommer that gets 15 pcs for "free" can also have few clicks at it, one mob part from Greece (as in 1 piece) and some common loot to fill the TT/click like idk ... maybe the ton of muscle, eye, hides, wool that drop in significant qtys on both NI and Greece ??

    Sorry if I'm harsh but cannot believe you want NI to stick to it's former 15-20 ppl population ... u guys did awesome work - especially with Greece - why not lure more ppl to this planet ? Ancient Greeks had iron swords u know ? :) ... why not allowing mining there (only with some specific finderz and tools) and u gain overnight a lot of population :) ... or introduce horses and chariots instead of cars, as many run away from Greece because they got used to using vehicles and runnin around is a thing of the past ...

    Anyway, let's see how this goes ... but without sufficient praetorium in place I have a deja-vu feeling ... u only need to watch NI AH for feedback :) ... now down to 36 pages and droping fast towards its past 14-15 average :(
  6. Ahem.. not to disagree with Lucky post entirely (even I agree with 90% of the post), BUT:

    1. My Praetonium at AH is the free one. Is between 3 (1000%) and 6 (2000%) PEd, still nobody buys it - after the fee, IF it sells at ask price not BU, I could gain 700% (after the 0.68 fee, more than DOUBLE the freaking TT - if it sells at BU, another 0.68 will go). This is why the 3 crafters on NI should try to buy directly from people - with 3-4 ped both seller and buyer should be happy. At 200-150%.. not so much.

    2. I sold purpurite at 200%, even second time I think (maybe I'm wrong, I do not keep track anymore) at 150% - I think it was a VERY fair price. I usually hunt lower mobs - my level permiting - and I get 50%-70% crap at best with no use on any other planet. What the "fair" MU would be for those crystals? Most people get sick in 1-2 weeks (days even) and throw all to TT and here they go. As I will do soon enough. I have gazillion of extractors nobody buys - how can one cope with this loss of MU?

    The problem arise from the lack of players - not counting the effect of pvp space on free travel. You cannot have a profit as planet owner after 20-30 players, they cannot sustain the game alone. I can see 4-5 regulars at Center, the rest seems to be self-suficient or trading between themselves. This economy makes crafters/miners/hunters hunt for every pec (literally, 0.01 PED is a subject of haggling in trade window), which for sure makes people cranky.

    Hell, I was called a money wh*re by a guy selling lyst with 135% MU at AH... what a world...
  7. Ohhh good recipe! Reasonable amount of items needed this will be well crafted item and will show up on heads of people all through the entropia universe


    Good job NI crew
  8. Who wants to join the new EU spartans force The 300! :-)
  9. The Hoplite Armor is nothing like Pioneer or Guardian on Calypso, it is the only armor that can be used in Ancient Greece. If you want to craft newbie armor, get the newbie BP from the technician and craft away. Unfortuantely some players have already destroyed the MU on this specialized and somewhat rare armor in a race to see who can make the least MU.
  10. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Yes, creating something to be worn by hunters on AG was our goal releasing the Hoplite Armor! Since players can bring in other EU armor to wear on tropical NI, it was most important to us to create some armor for Ancient Greece activities. We have plans for lots of new armor and new weapons for both tropical and AG, so you'll have plenty of other choices in the future.
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  11. Yes it is rare now. But its still noobie armor! The MU on it is ridiculous! When they make more armor with better stats this armor will be worth as much as pixie.
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  12. I see different points of view, and that's ok - really :) ... but let me explain something ....

    I'd agree with Steve & Meg IF Ancient Greece would be a sought after destination - that was the initial intention, I know - but at the moment what is there in AG ?
    - no mining
    - no vehicles (transportation means)
    - large areas with absolutely nothing in them (no mobs, no tp, no points of interest)
    - no Auction House
    - huge HP mobs dropping (close to) zero MU stuff
    - loot overall (if you ignore parts & crystals) has no MU worth hunting for and somewhat pathetic (see pixie armor that cannot be used there or high-tech stuff not belonging to the Ancient Greece ideea)

    Therefore making Hoplite Armor - which by any standard is an ENTRY LEVEL armor - hard to craft and high MU helps nobody. It has high MU - yes - at the moment - because is new and on some parts (see arms) devs did a wonderfull job :speechless: , but give it a few weeks and chances are high it becomes TT food (or impossible to find as no one bothers to make it anymore)

    The one that can hunt small cyclops or minos in this armor can also hunt them without it, trust me :) Did u bothered to tackle a big cyclop Steve wearing hoplite armor ? you'd see the difference it makes and that's close to zero, oh - well, actually minus, given the decay :D ... point is, if u don't have the skillz for the AG mobs this armor won't make the difference - just my point of view.

    So, in conclusion, my point was that economy - NI/AG economy - is not encouraged by releasing entry level BPs with such high requirements. Some contradicted me a while back, when they were selling small loot for 10k%, but see the situation now - most of that stuff doesn't sell anymore ... why ? because the released BPs and entire NI setup failed to attract enough crafters to maintain the MU - simple and straightforward ... thats a lesson Arkadia team understood early on and they took measures on it and now you can see their progress in terms of permanent residents ... thus I stand by my initial opinion ;)
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  13. Lucky, you have some valid points and some I disagree with.

    Lets talk about what the Hoplite Armor truly is - It is one of the few customizable armors in game and- the only armor that can be worn in Ancient greece. Does the armor make a tremendous difference when hunting mobs in AG? No, for a skilled player it really doesn't. As an armor, it is probably just below adjusted pixie. However, the Armor is fantastic looking, I've gotten multiple PM's on other planets asking where I got it, what sort of armor it is etc. It's also customizable and hopefully soon to be Rare and a collectors item. I say Kudos to the development team (High protection rates would be nice, any way you could increase all the rates to 18 on all existing pieces?)

    Is Hoplite worth the price? Is a Urban Nomad lavender coat (M) worth it's current bid price of TT+458.18? Yes, because that is what it is selling for. Is it going to help protect me against an Argo on Calypso? Nope. While it isn't worth TT+1 to me (because I don't want one) it is worth that price to the person that does (It's got 2 bids).

    Based on its availabilty, the specialized nature of its use and its customiazability, I would argue Hoplite is far from entry level armor the entry level armor is sitting in the TT machine and in auction under the name pixie, there is plenty of that TT food around, why make another?

    I do agree that ancient greece has some issues and I really don't have any idea how to get around those. Entropia is primarily a Sci-Fi sort of game. So, maybe a pegasus with kismt laser eyes and an unlimited space thruster bum? Or a chariot capable of space travel?? AG is a fantasy zone, so the options are endless.

    I would expect and I think NI should argue for having the most efficient longblades in the game. There is no reason AG shouldn't have a longblade that eclipses the Kaitsuchi Honor in dmg/pec with much better durability.

    Anyhow, that's my 2 pecs and worth what you paid for it.
  14. I respect your point of view Steve, but I highly doubt Hoplite Armor was ever intended to be a Rare or Collector's Item ... simply cannot expect that from an armor on which 2 BPs you get as mission rewards ;) ... My understanding was is intended to be the noob armor, 1st of a series of armors usable in AG and from that point of view I made my analysis and comments :sneaky:

    Is it a nice piece of work ? Yes, but so are many other things on NI/AG - I said before I admire the originality of many aspects on this planet, but, sadly, they're not back-ed up by economic sense :sick: ... point is - given EU's nature - a planet can only exist and evolve if it manages to attract and maintain a good player base, in terms of size and activities ... or, at the moment, NI is far from that :(
  15. I beg to differ. I only have half a set of Hoplite armour as yet (and who has a ful set? nobody) but already I can see a big difference

    1) I'm stopping to heal much less often -almost never on the small mobs. And I think the saving on herb-box decay is a lot greater than the armour decay.
    2) I can now solo Brontes Cyclops (with TT weps , as always) a LOT more comfortably than before. Same goes for Bull Men and Asterion.
    3) I can actually solo the Stereope Cyclops at last! Not easily, but I can do it!

    Seriously, these Greek mobs do up to about 50 damage per hit . An armour that can shave about 20 off that kind of total has got to make a really nice difference.

    I think this armour is fantastic. Nobody mentioned this yet bit an unlimited customisable armour is something really special, Up til now, the only customisable armour was chromataphore. whicj is limited. I never fancied applying expensive coloiurs and textures to something that's gonna wear out pretty fast if i go too close to the mobs in it! . I want my customised armour to actually function as armour...which this does! and it's much better-looking than Chroma, too!

    I think that Hoplite is actually worth paying a fairly big mu for, all that considered. However I don't believe the intention was to make it rare.

    Personally I hopeit will keep a decenti-sh mu for a while cos I was daft enough to buy some of the BPs in auction at a pretty inflated price (before i realised that one or two crucial ingredients are still rare), and I'd like to make my PED back. But all-in-all I'd prefer it that certain ingredients were easy to find.

    Its kinda senseless keeping one ingredient per BP rare. That only means that all the other ingredients will be TT fodder soon, because their use will be so limited.

    jay :)
  16. Jay, I agree with you about the qualities of this armor :)

    Just to complement this post, please note that there are other unlimited customizable armors, namely from ROCKtropia, such as Grunt and Jarhead in some of their versions.
  17. I agree AG needs mining. Why not have mining like in WOW, just outcrops of minerals. A pick and shovel would allow you to collect it. To refine it take it to a blacksmith shop. Instead of pixie armor, loot wood or coal, something we could burn in the blacksmith shop to refine our minerals.
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