Planet Calypso News: Hogglo Hysteria

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  1. Hordes of rageful Hogglos are spreading throughout various areas on Calypso! Colonists have reported attacks at Ashi, Cape Corinth, Fort Ithaca, Fort Pandora, and Jason Centre. The Research and Development Institute (RDI) has also reported that Ashi’s wildlife is highly affected by the Hogglos due to higher maturities invading that area. Lower maturities seem to have moved to Cape Corinth.

    Why these creatures have decided to move south to various areas of Calypso is still unknown, but the RDI is now collecting data about this unusual migration.

    Hunters brave enough to engage these hordes should be prepared for the worst possible scenarios and carefully choose their gear.

  2. Thursday 15th, all loot was a total scam, that I associated to "Thursday is scam day" as many players noticed already...
    Friday 16th (where usually loot is back) was also an incredible scam, run of 3000 peds + 500 for repairs, 1 global 52 ONLY and all loots was a fucking joke 2 3 4 5 peds... I stopped mega pissed after using 2200 peds, i lost 800...
    In the morning, we did in team 2 kinds of uber mobs, result -1500
    So Mindark is stealing people and stacking peds each time they plan to run an event, or for any various reasons...

    While mindark pretend they can not control the loot.... yea to others...

    2022-09-15 10:12:09 [Society] [xxxx] how to lose 30k peds in 3 days :D i can teach you lol
    Lose 3000$ in 3 days, weird mindark, I thought Entropia Universe is not a gambling game ?

    Hogglo event => explains why loot suddenly turned to such incredible fucking scam for many of us.

    Cherry on the cake, there is a swedish LAN event this week-end 17-18, and for sure mindark knowes about it...
    I guess many swedish players will get uber HOFs again from the peds we've been ripped off for the last days

    Btw, I noticed that I did not get a real HOF since january 23rd, so over 8 months !!!
    How do you explain this mindark & Mr Enrik Nel the actual mindark CEO ?
    Should I think that mindark cursed AGAIN my avatar like they did in the past from 2004 to 2011 ?
    Me and my friend are using the same weapon, on same mob/area, with same ped amount, het gets HOFs almost everyday,
    and me never since 8 months...
    Hard to believe don't you think Mr CEO ?

    In the swedish tradition....
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  3. I did all those screenshots this week !
    I could post much more...

    Entropia 2022-09-10 12-58-36-66.jpg

    An absolutely disgusting feature which exists since before I started to play in 2004, CLEARLY made to steal people while mindark is getting the advantage (exploit) to make us heal 25% instead of 100% while the cost is full = pure scam, so perfect to be killed when you need to heal yourself, and even worst now with the stamina on mobs. Old exploits are improved constantly.
    With the BIG difference that here I was static, showing that it happens even when YOU ARE NOT MOVING.
    20 years absolutely disgusting and dishonest feature!

    Entropia 2022-09-10 14-02-21-43.jpg

    Entropia 2022-09-11 19-50-24-27, so 6 days ago :
    Hey mindark, you are fantastically creative to add cheats and exploits, but do you plan to fix YOUR bugs one day ?

    Entropia 2022-09-11 19-50-24-27.jpg

    Entropia 2022-09-14 16-29-25-56... No comment !

    Entropia 2022-09-14 16-29-25-56.jpg

    The mob I am shooting is NOT Facing me, as he is fighting with my friend.
    But he can "dodge" my attacks, at an unbelievable rate as you can see
    13 shots, 8 "dodged", that's 62% of "missed" shots (and continuing....), on a mob with an incredibly high stamina...
    Hey mindark, you don't have the feeling to really abuse here ?
    Who do you think is cheating here ?...

    Entropia 2022-09-16 08-39-54-94.jpg

    At least you BOTH seem to be very happy on your video,
    Developers have never been cheating at such rate since you arrived Mr young CEO.
    NEVER I have seen SO MANY cheats and exploits in 18 years that I play, june 2004...
    You guys must be very rich... there is no law protecting people in sweden ?
    Even more weird, international laws dont seem to affect you neither, yet...

    Btw, where is your friend Darkaruki ? You were so proud to tell us you hired him...

    ps : Become CEO is allowed starting 13yo ? or with a parental authorisation ?
    At least to cheat & exploit the players, no limit right !

    In the swedish tradition....
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  4. Hey Solo, would you call this game "one of the best in the world" if your avatar was cursed with a disgusting parameter to make you impossible to get a HoF for years, like this happened to me ? And you would email mindark 2 times, and they answer you "There is no such thing" but still you play and it continues, you never do a single HoF for a total of 7 years, until a friend of yours who just can't believe this, phones to mindark, and suddenly you finally & MAGICALLY, do 3 HoF in 2 days ? Wouldn't you find this mega suspect? wouldn't it be THE proof that YOU KNEW there was something wrong even mindark affirms there is nothing ?...
    YES, there is such thing, and the real question is HOW MANY players were affected by it ? And after we hear that the MA CEO could buy himself a 6 millions house... yea sure...

    Ahhh but this is true, you are swedish. Swedish players will never be cursed...
    No, that's even the opposite, many HoF, find or be given rare items (Hey Linzey!), blessed by God Mindark.
    And even win events when less points but still win... That's what Jenna Porn Star prooved on a thread he did years ago...
    Or have alt players, who gets disqualified, but anyway, keep their price and ranks in event since they are owned by swedish...
    Not really fair don't you think ?

    The game is certainly great for you, would you find FAIR and HONEST to know that some players are unfairly cursed by mindark ?
    Great Video you did showing all the money you win...
    I let you imagine the INCREDIBLE suffer I experienced when it was CLEAR for me that mindark had set such disgusting parameter on my avatar to clearly rob me while they pretend there is nothing....

    And during this time, while you are depositing your money and never get a single HoF and RARE globals, mindark is redistributing your money to non-depositors like (for example and there are many others) the player Manique, who "magically again" had many uber HoFs 30k peds and many others, and he could even do a 2,500$ withdraw...
    Manique HoFs : 31057 frescoquda old, 7519 island gorilla, 9329 formidon mature, 9716 drone gen 03, 5038 niksarium, 3686 drone 02, 6379 estophyl guardian, 3028 caldorite, 13479 cumbriz, 2766 blaus, 2598 azzurdite, 139 ped esi (in 139 global lol), 3843 blaus, 2237 snarksnot dominant, Arsonistic Chip III TEN edition, 3497 aurli, and many others... MORE THAN COOL for someone who have NEVER been depositing, while some depositors never do a single HoF for years, never find special item, how do you explain this mindark ????? All players have the same chances are you really sure mindark ?...

    No more HoF hunting since january 23 2022 for me, pretty incredible no ? And you when was your last hof ? 5 minutes ago ?

    All this is just facts, I have nothing against you mate or against any player.

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  5. I just got jumped on by one of those Hogglos along that road going south of Ft.Ithaca within seconds of logging in, even though there weren't any there when I previously logged out, just the usual Bristlehogs. Typical MA trickery!
  6. I have nowhere near your experience of EU yet, but I agree loot's a bit of a scam lately which is almost nothing but shrapnel and tins of orange paint!
  7. There I knew it !
    mindark gives a uber hof to a swedish player from the LAN event, and only, from all players participating in the event...
    Entropia 2022-09-18 10-20-22-11 .jpg

    And then give 8600 peds on a shit eviscerator 01 AGAIN to a swedish player,
    and then loot turned again to a fucking scam for all other players...
    THIS IS DISGUSTING.... and after mindark pretend swedish are not advantaged...

    Entropia 2022-09-19 14-52-36-35.jpg

    Nothing fair in entropia universe....
  8. And during this time, bugs are continuing since they are NEVER fixed
    Find new cheats and exploits to rob the players is more important...

    GREAT work Mr Developper....
    ceratinly showes why you so happy on the above video!
    You planned many other bugs for the future ?
    * when you know that bugs are improved to become worst the next time, strange vision @ "mind" "ark"

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  9. 01 SeriousMA.jpg

    Foeburner Nighthawk Delta, swedish and working for mindark, looted "magically" 2 CLD from argo young and repesilex !
    or should we say, was given by mindark, but noooo, people saying that mindark are giving privileges to swedish is just rumors....

    02 CLDNighthawkMindarkAvatar.jpg

    And during this time, all other players hunt for weeks, months, years, and NEVER find special items...
    Yea, continue your great work Henrik to make sure all those issues are not possible anymore in the future...
  10. Healing is Disminished :
    You can see I am NOT MOVING, but anyway, I am healing 8 TIMES !!!!! at 25%
    This bug have been reporterd thousands of times since 2004, and have NEVER been fixed!
    So do you plan to make those issues not possible in the future Mr Henrik Nel like you assure us in your above post ?
    or should we understand that you guys are just greedy liars and thieves ?
    Seem those so called bugs are in fact REAL mindark features and exploits that you keep like your predecessors, and like your developper friend who 100% knowes about it... since HE received all the support cases...

    There is really no police in sweden ?.... In the Swedish tradition...
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  11. Yeah this is pretty annoying to say the least, I've experienced issues like this many times. Only way out of this that I've found is pressing the T key to get to nearest revive.
  12. Over all those years my Highest Loot: 2 731 PED so consider yourself lucky with your Highest Loot: 19 007 PED.
    Nice items looted besides a decent ul tp chip and Pixie footguards SGA > NADA/NONE.

    Almost every Avatar i random open on EL has a higher highest loot also the ones who are relative new (just playing for a few years or even less).
    Is my avatar fucked, for sure lol.
  13. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    And you still excruciate yourself while playing this stupid lottery?
    Reading all your posts I realize how lucky I was, to leave that in 2014. Got a few thousand Dollars back and was free!
  14. Hello! Nice to see myself mentioned...

    saddened about the state of the game
    Real life changed drasticly and i have less time to spend in games such as these (which require a lot of dedication and time each single day)

    Also that on top of the high volability ingame when it comes to market, if you dont pay close attention you can get harshly penalized.
    From what i tried last time i was logging in, loot is far more stable, however, even to get a global is way harder, BUT before it was necessary to even out your hunting/mining, now its kind of an extra at times or a small balance

    This makes it better for smaller roll players, however, the way things are from my analysis (and this is my short one, havent played at all latelly)
    The game turned its focus from high DPP and low defensive/passive cost
    To high weapon efficiency and looter skills, those costing far more now to be above average than before.
    So in that regard, the game got far more expensive to try to be on a higher roll than before.
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  15. Totally agree with most of this, and at least the ammo is more or less for free, the only one good thing I guess about endless shrapnel in loots.
  16. and again this week I experienced the same bugs that "mind" "ark" don't bother to fix,
    Certainly too busy to find ways to rip off the (non swedish) players...

    Entropia 2022-09-25_M.jpg

    Yesterday (saturday) I did an araneatrox run, but as you can see in this pic (I even did a video that I can post later) I CAN NOT GET THE LOOTS FROM the 2 (in fact 3) mobs I killed.... No need to do a support case, I know their bullshit answers by heart,mindark are never refunding... "We see nothing odd in our logs", "this is because of your graphic card", classic mindark blablabla...
    When Bugs affect mindark, they are fixed IMMEDIATELY, when bugs affect the players, we can wait months or even years to hope they will be fixed, if they are fixed one day....

    Entropia 2022-10-01 15-28-10-00.jpg
    Btw mindark, how do you explain all your bugs seem to affect my ava particularily ? Should I understand that my avatar is cursed by you again ? More than weird to be such unlucky don't you think, when you assure us all players have the same chances...

    Sunday, my friend wants me to do a kreltin run...
    Gun repair 125, ammo 1300 ped
    Not a single swirl, all loot was a fucking joke, never I have seen loot beeing such low...
    Kreltin stalker 1,37 ped, and most all my loots under 2 ped, absolutely disgusting... (mindark "can not control the loots" yea...)
    Result, 957 back, so -350 and 125ped repair, end result -475 from 1300ped ammo
    = we play to be systematically ripped off by a dishonest swedish company...

    My avatar total skills, 524 500... but doesnt seem enough.
    And no Manique, Looter skills bring nothing, that's just the new mindark joke to keep people p(l)aying...

    Nothing else to say : MINDARK ARE FUCKING THIEVES
    And be sure Mr Henrick Nel, I find no pleasure to writte all this, me too i'd love to enjoy playing in this game where swedish players tell us this is the best game in the world, all I show here is THE TRUTH!
    There is really no police in sweden ???

    At least, we can see AGAIN that play in entropia universe is cool for swedish players
    Entropia 2022-10-02_02 M.jpg

    In the swedish tradition...
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  17. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Akbar, my friend. Please don't take this the wrong way, as I'm not trying to criticize you.

    You seem/are very frustrated with this "game". I get it. I'm sure that absolutely everybody has gotten there at some point in their EU "career". The game seems rigged unless you happen to be an old-timer (meaning beta-times), or somehow be one of the ones who were lucky enough to end up getting ahead somehow. And even those people are leaving in droves because they, too, are seeing their golden egg-laying goose putting the thumbscrews onto them.

    For literally everybody else, it's a game of chance. One that is 100% working against you at every moment. One controlled by an unsupervised body that makes stupid decisions that costs their customers real money, and that cannot be held accountable because the Swedish authorities do not give a rat's ass.

    MindArk as a company is not a reliable institution. Ask anyone. Ask their customers, ask their (former) employees, ask their partners. MindArk only exists to benefit MindArk, and screw literally everybody else.

    Seeing they act with absolute impunity, and no authorities are willing to shut these assholes down, there's only 1 real course of action. Stop putting money into their pockets. Stop logging in. Stop depositing. Cash out what you can, then delete the game. Don't mention it to anyone.

    MindArk and their shitty casino ought to be completely erased from the history books. It was a great concept, utterly ruined by the cunts that ran the company. These people should never ever be allowed to work anywhere else ever again, on account of being predatory dicks who lie about their product which they claim does not promote gambling. Literally their very existence depends on their customers gambling, and every new update moves the "game" more in that direction.

    Cash out. Stop playing. Let EU die as it should have done 20 years ago.
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