Planet Calypso News: Hogglo Diablo Mash-Up: Tame, Hunt, PvP!

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by EP-Newsbot, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. Tame, hunt and PvP all at once in another glorious Hogglo Diablo Mash Up taking place right now! These rare Hogglo breeds are event-exclusive, with loot being both shared and non-shared.


    • 79666, 94076 (PvP Zone East of Fort Argus)
    • 79515, 93944 (PvP Zone East of Fort Argus)


    • Gigantic Hogglo Diablos don’t die easy, so come and strengthen the group’s firepower.
    • Tame + take home your own Hogglo — if you can find it! Elusive Hogglo Pygmies and prized Hogglo Blacks are sometimes found sheltering under the big bellies of their Diablo defenders.

    Happy hunting!

  2. SEE SEE, a hogglo diablo
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  3. 3-4 hours here and not a single tamable hog...
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  4. Please SPAWN them, so we can FIND them... ty (and if possible close to me :) )
  5. well 6 hours here,
    no pigmy spawn,
    and just a fucking jerk harrassing me for a while, insults and accusations of exploit, the so classic pathetic usual garbage you can hear...
    (Tor Ted Hovi - "Captain" Cyreans "ELITE")
    Funny how often fucking idiots belong to societies labelled "elite"...

    No fun event for me.

    And please mindark explain the game rules to this "player" because he doesnt seem to know them, ty.

    I was playing IN PEACE....
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  6. Entropia 2018-02-02_1st Tamed.jpg

    Well, 1st pet tamed, for a friend, made me chill a bit...
    even i'm still pissed by this.... low guy...

    I keep cool.​
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    The event is completly destroyed by some players atm.
    They have been luring all diablos away using a pitbull, but also shooting players avatars to ruin even more this top event.
    Honnestly, how can you MindArk tolerate this ?
    Those guys are also known to hassle players in space, using the space exploit which have been reported thousands of times since years, and they still play ?
    Why nothing is done to stop this exploit ? or stop people using it ?

    Why do you set rules mindark if clearly some priviligiated players can cheat all the times without beeing in trouble ? rules work for some but not for others selected ? seem loot works the same way .... Enjoy your experience in the universe....

    Entropia 2018-02-04 11-34-05-69.jpg Entropia 2018-02-04 11-35-56-72.jpg Entropia 2018-02-04 11-57-40-44.jpg
  8. When I think i have been locked by MA for an exploit where I did NOTHING in 2005
    If they had checked their logs they would know i always said the truth...
    And to thank me, they did set a parameter on my ava to make me impossible to HoF,
    this for 7 years even with all i deposited...
    Until the phone call of a friend which i can hope, removed it...
    My first & still the highest hof i did, in 2011 - 1908 atrox young (6 days after the MA phone call), and to be exact... 3 HoF in 2 days... when none for 7 years...

    So again Mindark, after all players i helped as disciples, all support cases i did to improve your game, and here again I took back all mobs back to the area and the event can re-start, understand that I have always been on your side, and I really did not deserved to be treated the way you did to me....

    Entropia 2018-02-04 11-51-09-78.jpg

    And when certain members of your crew, are using alt accounts to insult me on PCF, because I am saying the truth about what happened to me for years in your game, also understand that things could have been done a better way...

    And post 49 (from Mr Rimmer who is using an alt account, but I PERFECTLY know who he is)
    Post 51
    Post 63
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  9. And the hassle is continuing, EVENT is ruined again by those players which seem protected ...
    They bring many formicacida + letomie mobs, and continue to lure the diablos away... + pk people here.
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  10. Not worth to $till wa$te all your energy on thi$ circu$ Akbar.
    A$$hole$ have been ruining Entropia $ince 2001. If they depo$ited a lot, MA wa$ happy.

    It$ over, the love ha$ gone long ago. Noone care$ anymore. Thi$ i$nt Project Entropia anymore.
    It took me $ome time to realize, that what i$ left at MA, i$ nothing but a money laundering pyramid $cheme,
    with poor $oul$ and heavy addicted gambler$,throwing their money at it, $ometime$ completely ruining their reallife with it.

    $tep back a bit and try to enjoy, what i$ left of thi$ once, wonderfull, immer$ive online experience.
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  11. It's either PvP, or else.

    TBH I never fully understood why MA is so fascinated with PvP and keeps subsidizing it (think whole damage enhancer economy). My best guess is PvP exists to keep jerks away from sane people but then, I can't really know.
  12. The stupid, childish jerks both in-game and on PCF were another consideration in my quitting the game.

    Sad because majority are decent people and some exceptionally so.

    Add to that the costs of playing, bugs, ‘not a level playing field’ factor including the unfair advantage of pre-beta players, MindArk, resellers, stuff that doesn’t work, support, boredom...and all the other reasons.
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  13. Back in the days, people got temp-bans for mob trains in pvp zones.
    Also at Ashi oilrig, MA simply banned such behavior, if it got reported.

    Anyway, there have been stories before, about players, killing other players, in a pvp zone...

    In a pvp zone...can you imagine ?

    Thank god MA forbid pets in pvp at least. The ubers used em as shield.

    Other then that , its pvp. Case closed. ;p
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
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