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Hmm.... Strange...

Discussion in 'Locations & property' started by Menace, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Who is "The Real RiKi" and why the hell is he willing to pay SO MUCH for all the 100 item point apartments? I mean... currently one is up over 3k PED. Something's not right here. I mean.... the BEST apartments on Calypso only sell for half that at MOST. And Calypso is inhabited and has an established economy......

    I'm feeling very uneasy about these purchases at 4x and HIGHER than what these estates SHOULD be valued at.....

  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

  3. If one guy is buying all the property its just some fool trying to manipulate the markets. Let him burn his money and go away as fools tend to do.
  4. Yep that's what it wounds like. Buy them all now and try to resell them at insane prices later.

  5. narfi

    narfi Lost

    The problem is when the fool goes away the deeds are still in their account and no one can have them. That is what happened to calyso :/ Hopefully this wont take place on next island or rocktropia.


    edit: just saw the thread for the 4th house selling, looks like other people are bidding that high as well, so maybe the price is competitive. (I know alot of people have been excitedly waiting to move to NI, so maybe the real estate boom is real?)
  6. A boom always follows the release of limited new product. Its the novelty of it all. NI might be able to maintain the novelty though. Release small differing models of estates throughout the various timezones. A Greek villa, Island huts, Prehistoric caves, yurts, tents, Futuristic apartments..... many floor plans, many rooms.
  7. Lets hope so :)

  8. I'm the crazy guy that bought the 4th place 2E. Hoping NI will be at least as stable and popular as Calypso. Not sure if I paid too much but I wish I could have got it for around 2k -2.5k like the first house. Maybe even that is too much or maybe the next 2 will go even higher.
    Why did I do it?
    Ever since I first started in EU I had wished I had been in early enough to buy some of those houses like on rogues plains or other places. They seem to still be rare on the market and still command a decent price unlike apartments. This was my shot to get a piece of the action on a new planet. RT didnt appeal to me LoL.

    Thanks all I hope to enjoy the community.
    Here to remembering when loots on Calypso had Peds in them
  9. [​IMG]
    Just sayin'...
  10. red


    in as much as I'd like to have a nice hut on next island, I don't feel that 100 item points and a single room is worth all that much. and, that's even with the outside space to place a shopkeeper.

    however, if people are comfortable with what they're paying, it's all good. perhaps, one of them will part one of those partol boat outside their hut and impress the neighbours.
  11. I actually bid +700 on the second hut sold. I meant to bid +601 (which 600 PED was the MAX I was willing to pay) and accidently hit the "Up arrow" twice. I was CURSING myself for going as high as 701 PED and was praying someone would outbid me.... actually thinking I was getting stuck with this thing for too much PEDs. Next thing you know it's up WAY higher. :) And I got my precious PEDs back :)


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