Hidden Prizes in the forum!

Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by Phunkygeeza, May 17, 2007.

  1. You may have noticed that a few hidden prizes are being given out ;)

    The first was won by KOOMID for posting into his own welcome thread:

    Koomid's welcome thread

    He wins a Mann MPH DLX!

    The second was won by Phoenix for getting a high score in a game that hadn't had one before!

    He wins a Scope!

    The next prize will also be for using a part of the forum (see a connection yet?) and the clue is that someone suggested this should be added recently but it was already there. For that reason I'm sorry but that person must be excluded from the running :(

    There will be more to come!
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  3. Bump!! Noone has got the latest prize yet.
    Actually - as a hint - somebody HAS - but is disqualified as they are a bit too close to qualify :rolleyes:
  4. Geez, wish I could win, and know it too. I hope I do something to win :-P
  5. Lol, read the last sentence too late. Perhaps this is another hint;)
  6. bump, bump bump........I wanna win :-P
  7. Sorry Yanick but you still don't seems to have done the qualifying action for the current prize :(

    What did you think it was?
  8. Uhm..................................as she wondered aloud quizically. I don't know can you give me a hint?
  9. No I'm not expecting a hint. LOL Just wishful thinking. I like to kid around :-)
  10. I'm giving myself the current hidden prize because no-one found it.
    It's a slap around the forehead *slap*!

    So, more hidden prizes to be found. Instead of doing 1 at a time I'll now lay them like landmines, so any one of them can be found...

    Good hunting :)
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