Help a noob, buy 1k ME from me =)

Discussion in 'Guides and help' started by jb-aristide, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Hello guys,

    I have about 10 days playing this game, most of the time looking for TP's (only left 4-5 in Eudoria).
    Well I got a little bored and yesterday started sweating, and today I managed to get 1k sweat :yay:
    Then I look what to do with it instead of selling to a reseller, so I TT a couple of armor pieces I was given by some nice people and manage to buy 1k nexus and the energy refiner, and I just made 1k mind essence :yay:
    Now I would like to sell it, I checked the Auctioner but too many people selling and very little people buying. Markup price is about 179-180%.

    If someone from this forum needs ME please let me know, I could sell for 175%, which is below markup. So you will be making a nice deal and helping a noob too :hug:
    If wanna make a deal just send me a personal message here

  2. Ben Coyote

    Ben Coyote The Blind Sniper

    Since no one responded, I did, and made a friend

    Well after no one really helped this person, I decided to step in and to buy the ME for a fair and equitable price.. Also it was very nice to have a decent conversation with the newcomer who was selling me the Mind Essence. After all they are very knowledgable about the game, and in fact I added them to my friends list. After all I'm probably going to do more trading with this newcomer who actually offered a chance to anyone to buy their mind essence a chance to trade with me in the future..

    As for those of you who didn't even bother.. well next time maybe ratehr than being stuck up or ignore a thread like this, maybe it would be wise to ask questions and in the end, who knows, you might just make a new friend like I did. After all it is better to give than to receive. (and especially at this time of the year)

    Benjamin Ben Coyote a.k.a. "The Blind Sniper" (Fourth Circle Temporal Destinies)
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  3. Well, not everyone "ignored" that offer - we have some noobs in our academy soc i usually buy from, for exactly the reason mentioned above: To "Help a noob" - and atm, i am stuck with a shitload of nexus from one of the last mining runs...

    It's cool that you helped, but that is not enough for the "hero of the day" badge in silver, others help a lot, too...

    And well... you can't save 'em all, ya know...

    Nonetheless, have a +rep for helping a newb

    And aristide, do you sweat yourself? I could need some bottles, but i prefer buying from sweaters directly.
  4. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I also find it very sweet and nice that you helped out :) and I'm also positive it is very much appriciate, because starting out in EU can be very hard!

    But as Wizzszz I am sure a lot of people are helping where they can, and I'm also doing my share - help doesn't have to be financial :)
  5. I (and all noobies around) want to say this:

    Thank you!
    We love you!

    Is is just awesome that some people cares about noobies in EU. Actually I have been playing online games for long time, and I have to admit EU has the most beautiful community ever, which is quite impressive because the "hook" for this game is the virtual economy, which makes EU VERY HARD to play without going bankrupt.

    Obviously (like in RL) there are always selfish people who just do not care anything, but to be honest I have to tell you guys: This game is a PARADISE compared with many others. We all must feel LUCKY AND PROUD of being part of this community.

    Personal thanks to Ben Coyote by answering my help request :thumbup:

    Wizzszz, yes i sweat myself, just drop me a PM so we can met in-game.

    PS. Ben Coyote's jeans are AWESOME
  6. tbh, i am getting bored and tend to ignore the
    "please help me, buy my sweat/ME/body/..."

    first of all, what makes the person asking so special compared to other newbies who have trouble to sell their sweat

    second, help in EU is so much more than just plain peds, which 10 ped vanish rather soon
    there are many people who answer questions, give informations, do teleporter runs, hold newbie events (ok, those include prizes) and whatnot

    next thing may sound harsh, but i gottta say it
    forgive me, despite the time i spend at NAZ/TI, updating guide, answering newbie questions, that i don't even pay every newbie so he allows me to help him

    which brings me to third, often enough the attempt to make ppl feel guilty, because they don't deposit lots of money just to buy sweat and ME of newbies, so they dont have to deposit?
    come on ^^

    kudos for all the people who buy sweat, ME to help the newbies
    i personally have 20 000 sweat in storage myself btw, sweated myself for own usage though, not bought or for selling on market (should last 2-3 years :D)
    so i guess i wont buy any sweat/ME for the sake of it, which is wrong imo anyway
    want peds but have no buyers? why pushing for mercy and sympathy and make other people feel guilty

    it is always great when i explain newbies how to get peds, i say like "you could deposit real money, or you could sweat if you dont want to deposit, should i tell you more about sweating?"
    how many do you think say
    "ya, want to know more about sweating"
    "nah, i deposit right away!"

    you may have guessed, 99.999999% or so want to sweat
    of course (!) most dont want to deposit, and of course (!) that generates lots of competition on the market, which leads of course (!) to the fact that not all the sweat/ME can be sold (or not fast at least)
    but trying for some "please all pity me and buy my sweat" isnt the right attempt imo

    sry for the rant ^^

    at least this thread offers some cheaper ME compared to market, which i put (personally) to the trade and service sector, which i am ok with
    but the "help me, im newbie, buy my stuff" thing i start to dislike
  7. Stave

    Stave Guest

    Im going to have to agree with alice and wizzsz on this one.
    imo posts like this are no diffrent to putting it up for sale.
  8. Well I have to say I agree with Alice too.
    I regret if my post make someone feel bad, was not my objective at all.
    I already asked Lykee to close this topic.

    And again THANK YOU very much to all the people in this community who helps improving the gameplay experience, which are A LOT btw

    Bye I love you all!

  9. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Threadstarter asked me kindly to close this thread. She didn't want to offend anyone, but agrees with Alice.

    I want to say to all newbies, that there is nothing wrong with selling ME or sweat by posting in here. But the chances for instant success might be bigger in game.

    Good luck :)
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