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  1. Hello everyone

    (not sure if this is the right section on the forum to post this but :)

    I am not new to the game, but new to the Next Island planet :)
    and must say the planet looks very beautiful

    done some search in this forum, but seems most of the posts are from 2012 and I am not sure how much from the "info" in them is still "useful" ....
    allready finished some missions (from www.entropedia.info), but still can't find the way to get the "Island InvestaFoe ES100" (from The Most Powerful Profession) and the "Nip" and some ammo (from Helen Venture's Hunting Party) and as I understand "Treasures in the Earth" is not working too ... in all of them it sad "Dialog only", but ... maybe I am doing something wrong ....

    ...but anyway ... I am happy that I come and have a chence to explore this beutiful planet

    With best regards

    p.s.: I found this 2 links for some missions and will try to see how much of them still "working":

    p.s.: (it turns like "all in one" but) what to do with this boars DNA ... it there some one buying them or I will just keep them in storage until better times come (as I saw the MU is around 4k, but a year ago)
  2. Hello and welcome to NI. It is a beautiful planet and Ancient Greece is nice too.

    Trouble is no staff for about a year since they were all let go, and my belief is the missions have been bugged by EU VU's, but there's nobody around to fix them. Whether there ever will be, nobody knows (or if they do they're not telling).
  3. yup all free rewards stopped and that may have to do with state of the planet. Make sure to write to support
  4. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Welcome to Next Island, it really is a beautiful planet, and it's a shame that there won't be any further development, unless something happens and someone else steps in to take over. It's really unfortunate that the missions have issue, because they're really fun to experience. Also a shame about the free rewards.
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