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  1. Greetings, I stopped playing Entropia Universe back in 2009 but an email from Mind Ark brought me back. So much has changed I feel like a noob again (I mean the Ore Finder does e-matter and treasure now!!) I shall be online regularly if anyone wants to help bring an old vet up to speed; the name's Zawain ZZ Zulu currently on Planet Calyspo.
  2. GeorgeSkywalker

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    yup lots of changes refiners can refine all different types as well. More changes to come I think, so an intresting time to return to the game.

    Treasure mining I think currently only works on Planet Arkadia. If you can use it on other planets you'll probably only find generic treasure or shared treasure as it's called. So not real treasure...
  3. Yes, it's been 'all change' since 2009. First ROCKtropia was added and then Next island, followed by Planet Arkadia and now Planet Cyrene. General skilling and game play is the same as for Calypso, and the introduction of 'space' added an interesting dimension to EU.
  4. Thanks for the input; I've been looking on the Wiki and the future looks bright for EU. Hunt The Thing seems like the latest event so I'm going to check it out.
  5. Wistrel

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    ~Welcome home!

    Tis a strange and different place we now live in.


    (currently in orbit around an alien world)
  6. Strange indeed; good to be back!
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