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HE-MAN event

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by itto, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. HE MAN EVENT 2005

    The annual He-Man event is coming Sunday 18th of December 2005 at the Catwalk again. starts at 19:00
    A big turnup is expected so lag could be huge, spectaters are asked to help reduce lag by refraining from too much talk, movement etc.
    Find a good place to watch and enjoy the show these estaimed gentlemen will putup
    Again a three style walk; Casual or formal dress, bathing suit and full metal gear. But all are free to suitup as you see fit.
    Orginality will be appreciated especially.

    To enter the contest a 5 ped entree fee is asked which will find its way to the winner(s), no % will go to the organisation.
    The entree fee is not nearly enough to present some sort of reward but so donations are still very much appreciated.

    The event will start 19:00, the contest starts at 19:30 contesters are asked to be present a little earlier. Please be on time.

    Sign up on this thread and may the best man win!

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