Hardwrath taught me a lesson tonight...

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Dec 30, 2014.

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  1. That's great for you guys... I'm glad to see Tass is so active... I apologize.

    It's a refreshing contrast compared to a significant amount of others who post in this forum.

    Back on topic: McCormick getting PKed over and over today is nothing out of the ordinary and is not unique to him. People who go there to leach, and are unwilling to fight, often are denied access by a number of people.

    PvP is PvP... It's player vs player and some shit talk is normal. What took place today and what was said today was well within the bounds of what happens there all of the time. Choosing to partake in PvP merely speaks to one's preferred play style, not their maturity.

    In my opinion what does speak to a person's maturity is how they handle getting PKed. Do they make it personal? Do they spew out continuous insults? Do they escalate to real life threats? Do they start running mob trains? Do they come cry on the forum? ...do they make YouTube videos and also cry on the forum?

    Coming back over two dozen times when you know that you will be killed and have zero intention of fighting also speaks volumes about the person. It's not normal.
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  2. For ANYONE who wants to be effective in PvP without spending a bunch of money, start skilling the Cryogenic profession because PVP armor has little to no Cold protection. Use a Cryogenic chip to tag creatures and then a Lacerating chip to kill them.

    Once you are using a Cryogenic VII or VIII, you will be doing enough damage to cause problems, especially if you tier the chip and use damage enhancers.

    With any weapon, when up against someone with a Rocket Launcher, put your weapon away, get your heal tool out, and charge the person. If other avatars are closer, get close to them first. Rockets do area damage, which means that the damage is split between the avatars within the impact radius. If you close the distance enough, you also put the shooter inside of that impact radius. Run around him in a circle but stay close... Rockets have a slower reload then heal tools do. All you have to do is survive... The shooter will bring down his own HP trying to shoot you. He can't kill himself with the rocket but he can bring his own health down to 0.0 which... So when his health gets down really low, almost any weapon can kill him.

    It's not always skills and gear... There is some strategy.

  3. In the end you are right, I could have simply ignored the wall of slander Hardwrath threw at the Ashi people, as I knew what might happen to this thread.
    But sometimes Mc feels like to defend himself with words. (knowing it will be impossible to discuss this matter with HW anyway)
    To me a forum is one thing, but spreading slander ingame, using a temp. ingame chat, knowing that most people are not using the forum, is cowardly. (and no, not worth a support case that stays unhandled and not worth a pm-war that will lead to nowhere) Instead I took it to the public...lesson learned.

    Maybe I wanted HW to step forward one more time ? MAybe I expected something more then his current "answers" ?

    My expectations were set too high, I know that by now. Just look at the 2 HW posts above me.

    Anyway, it is too late, cant make this unhappen, but I wont get down to kindergarten niveau anymore, like HW does all the time. I know I should just stop here, but as HW does still not understand and asked for it.... ;)

    Short version (translation for Hardwrath)

    -He came to Ashi to try to convince people in all chat, that Im a forum troll, whos only goal is to completely destroy entropia. With my blog and my stupid videos.
    -He cannot understand why I dont interact (with him) in pvp and why I pick up free oil there.
    -He does neither understand, nor accept they way I interact with this MMO at all anymore.
    -He then implies that I was crying in a PVP zone, while I just kept returning to make him loose some PEDs.
    -He says it is not normal to return a dozen times when getting killed anyway, which speaks volumes about a person, according to him. lol ?
    -He keeps talking about PVP...did he even try to explain a pvp-zone to me ?! Did he just give "hints" on how to act in a pvp zone ? For the 1st time im speechless xD
    -He then posts all the toys he killed me with, asking if Im a complete idiot.

    -He claims I get pked over and over again at Ashi by others as well...too bad most people are cool and fun at rig
    Just one simple example for you HW :

    Sometimes its not about the oil, its not about PK...its about tolerance and fun. =)

    What you started with your chat at Ashi had nothing to do with "a little sh!t talking".
    A narfi said, you are trying to provoke people and I should have ignored that.

    Ya, I should have just ignored all that as well, as it lead to even more unwanted text. xD

    Hes truly trying to provoke here wit his last posts. But not again. I wont get down to your level of writing, Hardwrath.
    After 10 years most people know who you and me are and some dont. Spreading slander wont (always) help changing minds then.
    Lesson learned, HW put to ignore. Sorry forum, I wont give HW another chance.
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    Well, my contributions to the OLA39 project were rather little, and I didn't play much after that.

    But doesn't really matter, the amount of in-game activity cannot be a precondition for the eligibility to voice one's opinion. Just as extensive political activity cannot be a precondition for the right to vote.

    Apart from that, I think I sufficiently contribute to EU. And probably we all do, no matter whether someone cycles gazillions of PED or 'only' creates videos one might find funny or disturbing or whatever.

    Just respect different approaches to the game, gaming, gaming communities and differences of opinion in general.

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  5. I do understand that you contribute, you are a moderator here, you help with new players, and now I know that you help Narfi but for me its not even about contribution, its how involved a person is with the game, specifically involvement in-game. I see now you are more involved then I previously assumed and once again I apologize.

    My frustration is with people who have zero, or near zero involvement with EU, specifically matters in-game. I dont care if a person logs in to merely walk around in a circle and play with Common Dung... whatever a person's play style is, thats great.. as long as they are logging in and involved.. they dont even have to contribute in any way. They dont have to hunt, mine, craft, own a shop, trade, etc... just BE INVOLVED and a part of the game... just play the game.

    In my view, the people who do not play and are not involved, yet abundantly post their opinions throughout the forums with the resounding thud of authority are the ones who need to go away.
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  6. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Look up my stats!! They be rocking... :eek (2):But I guess that means my voice doesn't count either. Even when I'm active, 6 to 8 hour days, I would only global once in every 5000 to 8000 kills. That's on big mobs as well.. Actually, I haven't globaled or hoffed on any big mobs... Yet I'm still ahead?! Lots of near globals. Average loot... 98% TT return after 7 years tracked.. With markup.. 115%... 8+ years in game... Hmmm

    Oh well I guess I just stay with my joke comments! I like them better anyway! :sneaky:
  7. Nor Alien.. read above your post. We posted at the same time :)
  8. Since McCormick wants to be dishonest and act like I said things to him in game that I have not already said to him on the forums, here are the chat logs. All of this is from public chat, none of it is by private message.

    2014-12-30 17:38:11 [System] [] Max HardWrath Mayhem killed Mark McCormick McCormick using a DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition.
    2014-12-30 17:38:24 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] hi
    2014-12-30 17:38:24 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] lol
    2014-12-30 17:38:28 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] hi
    2014-12-30 17:38:34 [Local] [Marcelo RDD Fulco] hi
    2014-12-30 17:38:38 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] what are you guys up to?
    2014-12-30 17:38:50 [Local] [Brumle Brumle Hunter] making dinner
    2014-12-30 17:38:52 [System] [] Max HardWrath Mayhem killed Marcelo RDD Fulco using a DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition.
    2014-12-30 17:38:56 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] seems we are trying to pick
    2014-12-30 17:39:02 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] :)
    2014-12-30 17:39:06 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] i just thined it out a little :)
    2014-12-30 17:39:13 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] lol
    2014-12-30 17:39:36 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] good cause it seems that someone is using bot
    2014-12-30 17:39:50 [Local] [Brumle Brumle Hunter] lol i dont think so
    2014-12-30 17:39:55 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] lol
    2014-12-30 17:39:56 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] rig just stop to drop when someone is using bot
    2014-12-30 17:40:08 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] come on
    2014-12-30 17:40:09 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] or drops very slowly
    2014-12-30 17:40:21 [Local] [Brumle Brumle Hunter] no joca .... its always random
    2014-12-30 17:40:27 [System] [] Max HardWrath Mayhem killed Mark McCormick McCormick using a DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition.
    2014-12-30 17:40:31 [Local] [Brumle Brumle Hunter] sometimes slow s hell
    2014-12-30 17:40:35 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] hey Hardwrath
    2014-12-30 17:40:42 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] hi
    2014-12-30 17:40:48 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] hello :)
    2014-12-30 17:40:48 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] who is using a bot joca?
    2014-12-30 17:40:57 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] Yo Sawyer :)
    2014-12-30 17:41:00 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] hi
    2014-12-30 17:41:02 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] Noone is using bot, calm down
    2014-12-30 17:41:03 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] dunno
    2014-12-30 17:41:05 [Local] [Brumle Brumle Hunter] yesterday i was here alone for 40 min before it dropped oil lol
    2014-12-30 17:41:06 [Local] [Marcelo RDD Fulco] hi sawyer!!
    2014-12-30 17:41:13 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] hi RDD :)
    2014-12-30 17:41:20 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] hi saw
    2014-12-30 17:41:20 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] wait for me Sawyer
    2014-12-30 17:41:29 [Local] [Brumle Brumle Hunter] you cant say that just cuz drops are slow then someone are using a bot
    2014-12-30 17:41:36 [Local] [Brumle Brumle Hunter] hey morb
    2014-12-30 17:41:41 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] what tier is that toy max?
    2014-12-30 17:41:46 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] tier 7
    2014-12-30 17:42:14 [Local] [Brumle Brumle Hunter] brb time to check on dinner
    2014-12-30 17:42:20 [Local] [Marcelo RDD Fulco] gl
    2014-12-30 17:42:28 [Local] [Marcelo RDD Fulco] bone apetite :P
    2014-12-30 17:42:32 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] can you kill whole line of nibs at small rig with one shoot?
    2014-12-30 17:42:35 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] lol
    2014-12-30 17:43:10 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] ive cause a little chaos there
    2014-12-30 17:43:11 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] lol
    2014-12-30 17:43:26 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] hehe
    2014-12-30 17:43:46 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] back up
    2014-12-30 17:43:52 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] 3
    2014-12-30 17:43:53 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] 2
    2014-12-30 17:43:54 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] 1
    2014-12-30 17:43:55 [System] [] Max HardWrath Mayhem killed Mark McCormick McCormick using a DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition.
    2014-12-30 17:44:07 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] brb
    2014-12-30 17:44:09 [Local] [Marcelo RDD Fulco] lol
    2014-12-30 17:44:19 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] I hope you aren pissed (yet) hard :p
    2014-12-30 17:44:31 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] i dont look mad, do i?
    2014-12-30 17:44:40 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] case closed
    2014-12-30 17:44:44 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] yo dudeslim
    2014-12-30 17:44:46 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] a bit :)
    2014-12-30 17:44:48 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] lol.. this isnt mad
    2014-12-30 17:45:01 [Local] [dude dudeslim slim] yop
    2014-12-30 17:45:04 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] yo
    2014-12-30 17:45:06 [Local] [Marcelo RDD Fulco] hey!!
    2014-12-30 17:45:12 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] hi slim
    2014-12-30 17:45:26 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] i just dont understand a guy who humps the rig all day for free money and endlessly tries to destroy people's opinions of the game on the forums
    2014-12-30 17:45:49 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] i dont understand a guy who won the most powerful gun in the game and sold it for real money, and endlessly tries to destroy the game
    2014-12-30 17:45:57 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] so if you want to hump the rig.. in pvp.. come fight for it
    2014-12-30 17:47:32 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] or just lay there
    2014-12-30 17:48:30 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] who is that fucker that wants to spoil gamee?
    2014-12-30 17:48:39 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] McCormick
    2014-12-30 17:48:43 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] he is a troll
    2014-12-30 17:48:43 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] lol
    2014-12-30 17:48:49 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] What does he say?
    2014-12-30 17:48:58 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] anything bad about the game he can
    2014-12-30 17:49:07 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] you have never seen his videos, his posts, his blog?
    2014-12-30 17:49:11 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] the developers are very bad :D
    2014-12-30 17:49:23 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] you must agree of that
    2014-12-30 17:49:34 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] how much has he withdrawn?
    2014-12-30 17:49:41 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] cant be that bad
    2014-12-30 17:49:52 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] im critical of MA too
    2014-12-30 17:49:56 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] more than some
    2014-12-30 17:49:58 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] well game knows to be creppy sometimes but doesnt mean that you neeed to be jerk
    2014-12-30 17:50:08 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] but the only thing i am tired of is people complaining about the loot :p
    2014-12-30 17:50:10 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] but being critical is different then being a troll
    2014-12-30 17:50:28 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] how am i being a jerk? by PvPing in a PvP area?
    2014-12-30 17:50:36 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] McCormick is used to PvP in the forums
    2014-12-30 17:50:47 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] well think about machines in casino
    2014-12-30 17:50:56 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] return on them is 33%
    2014-12-30 17:50:59 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] whats your point?
    2014-12-30 17:51:03 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] if i m right
    2014-12-30 17:51:27 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] there still exists ways to play the game for profit without reselling
    2014-12-30 17:51:28 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] you are not suppose to make real money here simply by hunting and mining :p
    2014-12-30 17:51:32 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] in game on all mobs below lvl 30 you get 66% return
    2014-12-30 17:51:41 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] if it is bad run
    2014-12-30 17:51:41 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] through those methods, the ones who have figured it to out, make a ton
    2014-12-30 17:51:51 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] and thats that EU is about
    2014-12-30 17:51:52 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] how can be loot than bad
    2014-12-30 17:51:56 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] I am not one of them lol
    2014-12-30 17:52:04 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] even after 11 or 12 years
    2014-12-30 17:52:53 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] there are 2 ways to play game
    2014-12-30 17:53:03 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] there is more than 2 ways :)
    2014-12-30 17:53:03 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] economic or gambling
    2014-12-30 17:53:08 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] no
    2014-12-30 17:53:11 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] thats not the case
    2014-12-30 17:53:11 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] i choosed gambling
    2014-12-30 17:54:24 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] well you can always play passive by collecting oil or sweating
    2014-12-30 17:54:29 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] Hardwrath IS pissed xD
    2014-12-30 17:54:30 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] lol
    2014-12-30 17:54:40 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] this isnt me being pissed
    2014-12-30 17:54:42 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] callign me a troll ? :)
    2014-12-30 17:54:49 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] i was pretty happy when i saw you here :)
    2014-12-30 17:54:56 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] why not you ? Sharign your avatar ? ;p
    2014-12-30 17:55:11 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] bad i cant translate words of dead
    2014-12-30 17:55:16 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] i dont share my avatar
    2014-12-30 17:55:19 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] ty...and now kill me ?
    2014-12-30 17:55:22 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] 5% skill boost
    2014-12-30 17:55:23 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] lol
    2014-12-30 17:55:28 [System] [] You inflicted 208.3 points of damage.
    2014-12-30 17:55:28 [System] [] Max HardWrath Mayhem killed Mark McCormick McCormick using a DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition.
    2014-12-30 17:55:28 [System] [] You take 31.5 points of damage.
    2014-12-30 17:55:28 [System] [] You inflicted 23.3 points of damage.
    2014-12-30 17:55:33 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] lol
    2014-12-30 17:55:38 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] easy guessing
    2014-12-30 17:56:36 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] Why does people hate these clubs?
    2014-12-30 17:56:48 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] where is your?
    2014-12-30 17:56:52 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] in auction
    2014-12-30 17:56:58 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] hm
    2014-12-30 17:57:00 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] i mean its a lot of weapon for the money
    2014-12-30 17:57:03 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] tier?
    2014-12-30 17:57:05 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] 5.2
    2014-12-30 17:57:18 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] 128 dmg with VI and 42/min
    2014-12-30 17:57:18 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] how much you price it
    2014-12-30 17:57:23 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] +2k
    2014-12-30 17:57:26 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] Im trying to destroy the game ? Hardwrath, you never dissapoint to dissapoint me :)
    2014-12-30 17:57:32 [System] [] You inflicted 174.0 points of damage.
    2014-12-30 17:57:32 [System] [] Max HardWrath Mayhem killed Mark McCormick McCormick using a DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition.
    2014-12-30 17:57:36 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] :)
    2014-12-30 17:57:41 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] hehe
    2014-12-30 17:57:54 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] go back to troll land with mastermesh
    2014-12-30 17:57:57 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] a rifle with equal dmg would cost 10k ped
    2014-12-30 17:58:00 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] and speed
    2014-12-30 17:58:53 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] dmg/pec is not bad on that club?
    2014-12-30 17:59:02 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] its 2.9x
    2014-12-30 17:59:07 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] very good eco
    2014-12-30 17:59:08 [Local] [Mark McCormick McCormick] taking your forum issues to ingame wont solve your issues :)
    2014-12-30 17:59:09 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] thats ok
    2014-12-30 17:59:21 [Trade] [Mark McCormick McCormick] You never understood what i wrote
    2014-12-30 17:59:56 [Trade] [Mark McCormick McCormick] I had to scroll up a bit...dragging me to the dirt at the pump...man...
    2014-12-30 18:00:01 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] Isma
    2014-12-30 18:00:03 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] you got mic on :p
    2014-12-30 18:00:05 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] hi isma
    2014-12-30 18:00:09 [Local] [dude dudeslim slim] Hey
    2014-12-30 18:00:11 [Local] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] hey isma :)
    2014-12-30 18:00:26 [Local] [mai isma apari] @@ what happen to my rig
    2014-12-30 18:00:33 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] lol
    2014-12-30 18:00:47 [Local] [mai isma apari] fuck i wanna that
    2014-12-30 18:01:42 [Local] [mai isma apari] :D check this born
    2014-12-30 18:02:07 [Local] [xXx Born xXx] lc-60?
    2014-12-30 18:02:20 [Local] [mai isma apari] nah craks loot this so i take it
    2014-12-30 18:02:20 [Local] [xXx Born xXx] hit WT once
    2014-12-30 18:02:23 [Local] [mai isma apari] xD lc55
    2014-12-30 18:02:26 [Local] [xXx Born xXx] ah
    2014-12-30 18:02:38 [Local] [xXx Born xXx] i have to get one from daily
    2014-12-30 18:03:35 [Trade] [Mark McCormick McCormick] Keep spreading rumors and lies about me Hardwrath. You cant get any lower then this, can you ? :)
    2014-12-30 18:03:54 [Trade] [Mark McCormick McCormick] wow
    2014-12-30 18:05:36 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] everyone afk?
    2014-12-30 18:05:43 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] i am semi afk
    2014-12-30 18:05:45 [Local] [dude dudeslim slim] +/-
    2014-12-30 18:06:05 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] thats strange
    2014-12-30 18:06:27 [Local] [Eric Morb Sawyer] why? :p
    2014-12-30 18:07:06 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] nvm :)
    2014-12-30 18:07:30 [Trade] [Mark McCormick McCormick] cute :)
    2014-12-30 18:08:27 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] nice pet isma
    2014-12-30 18:08:40 [Local] [Josip Joca Wolf] cute name for pet :D
    2014-12-30 18:08:56 [Local] [mai isma apari] :D
    2014-12-30 18:10:01 [Trade] [Mark McCormick McCormick] mind if i add this scene to one of my videos ? :)
    2014-12-30 18:10:17 [Trade] [Max HardWrath Mayhem] be my guest

    After this I went afk for a few hours and then came back to the rig. McCormick was there still and it was a lot of the same as above.
  9. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    I understand what your saying, but the tracker has been used many times to "qualify" ones "right" to comment.. Even I have been victim of this.. LOL. :wink: In the end it's like a pecking order in high school. If you don't "seem" to be spending lots of peds or are not constantly globalling, your not in the it crowd! :dodge:

    In the end, I really don't care that much. Like you said, we all have our play styles, but sometimes that tweaks some players the wrong way and they get a bit big in their britches. :laugh:

    Anyway, happy holidays to you and everyone else! Next year, let's try something new. Less MA bashing, and less bitching between players. Maybe more drawing and quartering of scammers? Sounds like fun to me! :sneaky:
  10. Here are some examples of why I think McCormick is a useless troll and a cancer on the Entropia Universe. The below videos are made by him and from his own YouTube account called McCormick9000 and he has been posting them on the forums over the last 8 years.

    In this video, made when Marco was still employed with MindArk, McCormick tries to make a complete fool out of him. The man in the chair is the MindArk President and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

    In this video called MindArk - The Board Of Directors, McCormick attempts to make the Chairman look like an infant

    Lets not forget this little gem where he flat out calls EU an amusement park on fire and tells people to wake up.

    Here is a video making a mockery out of the MindArk Vice Chairman

    In this video, McCormick makes a mockery out of another MindArk employee

    In this video, McCormick makes a mockery out of a MindArk partner, Creative Kingdom

    In this video, McCormick makes a mockery out of the game itself

    I do see the humor in a lot of these videos but after 8 years it gets old, tiresome, and its clear that he has an unhealthy obsession with trolling MindArk, as well as others through his YouTube account. You can view the other videos in his channel yourself. Lets not forget that he was gifted the best gun in game, the Unique Dub and McCormick Terminator by MindArk for free as an event prize, sold it and then cashed out. Dont mistake this for jealousy, I was around when the contest was going on and I chose to not participate. My point is that he maybe could show a little bit of gratitude toward the company behind the game with an RCE that gave him such an amazing prize that is worth so much and created the virtual environment where he could cash in.

    In all of his videos, there is little to no substantive points. In fact, in many there isn't even a coherent point at all. What McCormick specializes in is making a mockery of people and ridiculing them on YouTube. Its all that he knows how to do, yet when someone like me dares call him a troll, he has a melt down, makes a video and makes a new thread in the middle of Troll City, the Black Hole on Entropia Planets and attempts to make me look bad in some way.

    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2014
  11. LOL. Some things never change...
  12. Thats very true!!

    ...which reminds me, I wanted to ask you: Have you stopped trying to convince people that I run more than one EU account and that it's more than just me who logs into this account?
  13. lol...why would anyone expect any thing different from HW? His past and history for people that rememeber should be enough. :whistling:

    He's appointed himself "defender of the universe" when he should be worried about trying to revive his own soiled rep...~snicker
    I wouldn't worry too much McC....HW is trying to make a show for those who may not know who he really is. :sneaky:
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  14. And why would we expect anything different from you? You invent your own reality, especially when it comes to other people. The only thing you know how to do in life is bitch and moan.

    In fact, the other day you created your own thread called New Year, Same old Shit where you ranted about being too stupid to figure out how to deposit and try playing the game in the first time in YEARS.... lets not forget all the times throughout the forums where you admit that you dont play EU at all any more. Yet here you are trolling these forums and attempting to be a pain in my ass because in your sad little life you have nothing better to do at all.

    And for any of you who think that I'm being to harsh with Steve Saber, please kiss my ass.. this shit goes back for years. This stupid clown keeps trying to hump my leg any time I post in this forum.

    And with your deposit problem... why are you so self important to think that we care?

    Oh, you wanted to say "fuck you" to MA? But you know that they probably aren't going to read your thread. If they did by some chance read it, they sure as hell aren't going to care about your deposit problem after all the things you have said about them over the years. So, who are you trying to impress? Or did you just want to come here and have a tantrum, on a forum for a video game that you don't play?

    And you think that YOU know me? ...after the few odd times per year I post in this forum, you think that YOU are the one who really knows me? Please slap yourself out of that delusional world that you live in.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2014
  15. actually fucknut since you have your ass so caught up in the tracker you'll notice i had a few nice mining hofs in August...dunno what the "years" you are talking about...but then we all know you're a lying sack of rat shit,,,,so whatever. :P
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  16. Oh and i've also been online mining some enmats off and on lately..i have witnesses which I could produce...but since it's just a smarmy dirty cunt like you....whatever. :P
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  17. Hey, Im just going off what you have said. I didnt even look at the tracker

    I can dig around for other posts too where you say that you dont play (you usually like pointing that out).. in fact I'm looking at your post history now and its all the same garbage. Congratz though on actually playing one time in the last year. I see your post history has been constant though. Why?

    Calling MindArk scammers is what you love the most.

    Ya think?

    Thats a load of shit.

    Always bitching...

    Wait, what was that previous quote? I guess that makes you one of those "suckers"

    The above two quotes? See.. now here is where your whole world falls apart because if you actually meant anything you said then there is no fucking way you would be depositing anything at all.

    Going off on someone because you disagree with them... no we've never seen you do that before (sarcasm)

    I dont have any problems being critical of MA, the game, PCF Mods, or others on PCF.

    Sounds angry? No.. certainly not you...

    Maybe you are being too negative... MAYBE??

    But here you are in this thread, arguing with me once again.. like always

    Don't like ComPets, huh?

    I know that you were talking about the Communication and Development Roadmap but I feel that this bests describes just about everything that comes out of your mouth:

    It just goes on and on and on. You truly are a poisonous person who is a blight on this forum and EU as a whole. You live for conflict and negativity. Thats why you come here, so you can be negative. Thats why you log in once or twice a year, so you can find something else to bitch about.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2014
  18. ya just hate when your wrong Max...ya can't take it....
    god you went back months...

    Imagine if I started posting old stuff about you....
    It really gets to you doesn't it you sick fuck....roflmao
  19. And what exactly do you think am I wrong about?

    Obviously your reading comprehension level is pretty fucking low because there was something in this thread that I actually was wrong about and immediately I acknowledged that I was wrong, I then even apologized. Clearly I have no issue admitting being wrong.

    Please tell me, what is it that you think I am wrong about?

    Please do it!! I want you to. You idiots have NOTHING on me except for fabricated and misconstrued bullshit.

    No it actually doesnt. Please see my previous request for you to slap yourself out of that delusion that you live in. I have no problem sitting here explaining myself and pointing out all of the reasons why everything you say makes a sum total of ZERO sense.
  20. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Well..... I tried! :lam::alcohol:

    Q: What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino?
    A: Elephino. (Hell if I know):shots:
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