Great white sharks

Discussion in 'Creatures' started by Corey 'GreyFox", Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Okay for HP levels go to Entropedia: Creature: Great White Shark They can be found sounth of jungle of dreams for the high maturitys and NE of VS night club for the lower maturitys. Before VU 11.6 the lower gens could be found north of Enchanted research lodge mixed in with regular shark stalkers and prowlers but seem to be missing now.
    Been testing them the last couple of days and some things I noted;
    Lich with Pop dragon plates you can kill up to Alpha(maybe old alpha, haven't been able to isolate one yet). The alpha usually hits under 13(mostly hitting 1) but has hit as high as 24 against me. Oddly the the Dom hits as high as 40. Prowlers and stalkers can both hit 85+ with this setup.

    Tried Spartacus with Pop plates and the youngs where hitting me for 1-8.
    Tried Martial with 5b and felt like fast food :)
    Just an FYI on what armour to wear.
  2. Nice, thanks for sharing :)
    Seems like they do a mix of impact/cut/stab or pen then?
  3. Great whites can also be found in the hidden beach since the last VU.

    Went to hunt some small sharks and i was in for a surprise :)
  4. damn, I liked that spot for small sharks :(
  5. Can someone with a entropedia account update that they drop TP chips I and II. Not sure of rarity of drop, been awhile since I hunted them but today I looted a TP I and II with just seven killed.
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