Grand Theft Auto V - Trailer

Discussion in 'Other games and gaming' started by NotAdmin, Aug 6, 2013.

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    This game looks totally awesome. It's GTA as we all know (and some of us love), and this time with additional activities like swimming/diving/hunting/cycling.

    Featuring not 1 but 3 different heroes certainly opens a lot of additional possibilities for the missions and other regular gameplay.

    And I'm seriously interested in the Online bit they're teasing us about at the end of the video.

    I think this might be the next game I'll actually end up buying on release date this year.
  2. Great graphics, everything looks very realistic and I like the speed elements of the game.
  3. This will probably be on my list along with Saints Row 4!
  4. Was playing gta on playstation 1 wen I was a kid looking forward to gta V.

    I'm a fan of final fantasy 13 - 1,2 on console also looking forward to Lighting returns on PS3 and Xbox wen it comes out.
  5. Till now i remember for all the GTA-series on the pc have mods for multi-player.
    Still it was never the MMO approach like we see in Entropia Universe. More a free for all 12 / 24 / 48 players in server.
    For sure it would be a block-buster having a real MMO approach for GTA, however that is not what i expect but it would be awesome!

    And lol 2:05 :) Smoke!
  6. I'm actually buying an X-box for Always waited for the pc release before...not sure it'll happen this time...looks awesome. Can't wait!
  7. Note Its coming out for Xbox 360 and PS3 first then I think it Might come out on next gen console later Xbox One and PS4

    PS4 is the one to get the new Xbox One not that good if ya all have been keeping up with the news about it.
  8. Rockstar released the GTA Online Trailer today.

    I can see many, many hours of my future being spent there.... :)

    Just one more reason not to log in to Entropia
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  9. RAZER

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    Looks pretty cool indeed.
    Heard that Nvidia confirmed it would be available on the PC as well.
    Might be the first AAA game I buy in a long time.
  10. Tass

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    Anyone playing this online? @Dahlia Gray could need some help, how multiplayer works in general, maybe a crew, and mature gamers to play with.

    P.S.: She'll be streaming it in a couple of minutes on
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