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    There are many ways to win in the Arkadia Gold Rush 2012 event, but no one expected winners to pop up so quickly after the start of the event. However, that’s exactly what happened with the “Gold Rush Baron” part of the event. All three (3) Alienware X51 desktop computers up for grabs in this particular segment of the event have been won and claimed, but not delivered yet of course.

    The rules were simple – be one of the first 3 people to post a valid screenshot with date stamp, and 300,000 Arkoins showing in your inventory. The names of the 3 avatars were sent to MindArk to confirm that at the time of the screenshot, there were indeed a total of 300k Arkoins in their inventory. The three winners and their posted screenshots are:




    Congratulations to the winners of the Arkadia Gold Rush Baron 2012 part of the event – it will be interesting to see who the winners will be for each portion of the event – and especially that one person who will be faced with a huge decision after coming into possession of the rare Arkadian Golden Key – will they choose the Golden Door, or the 1,000,000 Arkoins that the Archaeological Society is offering for it. Stay tuned, because MSM will post the story when it breaks.

    For complete information about this portion of the Arkadia Gold Rush 2012 event, go here, and join others in congratulating the winners. Get in on the discussion, and find out what the winners have to say, but then be sure to check out the other portions of the event by going here – perhaps it might even inspire you to give one of them a shot.

    Wishin’ and hopin’ ain’t doin’ – what are you waiting for – grab your opportunity while it’s still available.

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