Gift for Creon

Discussion in 'Items' started by WangXiang, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. This is a mysterious object. It belongs to the category "Housing" but doesn't fall into any of the three sub-categories (Decorations, Furniture, Personal Terminals).

    Gift for Creon 1.jpg

    Gift for Creon 2.jpg

    So far I have only obtained it while trying to craft Female Trojan Breastplates (by the way I have not succeeded to manufacture any Female Trojan Breastplate yet).

    We don't know what this item is. Has it a purpose and what can it be?

    Is there a secret behind the manufacture of Trojan Breastplates? :unsure:
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  2. Liu


    Maybe the breasts patterns dont fit the breasts of us modern second wavers , that's why we are stuck with gifts ? Maybe, once the box opened we would find sillicon boobs for us, women, to be able to wear these breastplates ?

    ....just a theory, not sure about it :(
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  3. Weird indeed, never heard of an object dropping from crafting. Wasn't there something mentioned about a mystery? Thanks for the picture :)
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  4. This make any sense? Is there a NPC called Creon? Have you tried giving him his gift?
  5. You guys do any quests at all? o_O Creon is the archon of Thebes in AG, the key figure in the chain to obtain the Trojan Breastplate. There is a mission where you need to bring him a gift from DiNapoli (which will turn out to be a bottle of poisoned wine) but the gift is provided by DiNapoli himself.
  6. Liu


    I tried to give it to him, but it doesnt do anything. (the crafted one, alright ?)
  7. lol well if he doesn't want it then shoot him! :roflmao:
  8. I knew they disabled firearms in AG for a reason :whistling:
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  9. lol :thumbsup:
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