Gift for Creon / Trojan Breastplate Fix

Discussion in 'Next Island News & Information' started by Meg, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    We've talked to Mindark, and we plan to solve this by swapping out the Gift for Creon and replace it with the blueprint's intended result, the Trojan Breastplate (F). If you've gotten a Gift for Creon from this blueprint, and put it in your inventory or storage, it'll be replaced with a Trojan Breastplate (F).

    We apologize for the inconvenience this bug has caused, and we're working with Mindark to swap this for the right result quickly!
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  2. So this gift was given when only Female breastplates were crafted? There was no problem with the male ones?
  3. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Yes, crafting the male breastplates seemed to work completely smoothly. Only people crafting the female ones encountered this issue.
  4. The mystery behind the manufacture of Trojan Breastplates is now solved: It is just a bug :)

    But the mystery of these Gifts for Creon remains unsolved...
  5. Er, hang on there are those of us who went on and on clicking and got several gifts for Creon when we only really wanted one breastplate, and we wanted it back then, not now. I've got 2 gifts for creon. I already had a trojan breastplate (F) from the mission . I had half an idea of selling the other. and half a hope that a nice hoplite BP might drop (it didn't) But I got a 2nd one anyway, can't recall how..and really, neither I nor the Universe want all the female armour that will drop into our inventories soon , do we? And it really isn't gonna be saleable, is it? Not only has the price dropped like a stone, but hey! Most avas are male, haven't you noticed.

    I sent in a support case about this , and the word "compensation" was mentioned. This in NOT compensation, but a painful reminder of how stupid we were to waste all those resources. Can't we just have our resources back? or some genuinely cool gift? or anything else. Anything at all.

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  6. Oh! And you do realise , don't you that a number of those Gifts for Creon were sold on auction? expect another rash of support cases when the buyers find that the things have just vanished and they've suddenly acquired a useless armour piece :D ( i doubt they'll make the connection, even if they notice both events) Its's gonna be a bit like the Green Atrox Egg finally hatchiing and out pops a Pixie Faceguard.

    How about being a little bit more creative with these things? Since they are in-game, why not make them acceptable to Creon and have him offer you a cool gift in return?
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  7. Liu


    Good to have seen the compensation coming in !


    I got 11 breastplates in a loot window, and when I logged in again, I foudn only two left in my storage....I'd love to know what you have to say about giving loots and taking them away again whithout a single word to your customer !!!!
  8. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    The change we made here was replacing the item Gift for Creon with the expected item Trojan Breastplate (F). No changes were made to existing Trojan Breastplates (of either gender).

    Can you tell me anything else that would help us figure out what you encountered?
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  9. Liu


    Of course not Meg -_-

    I didnt take any screenshot of anything, only my chat logs in the soc chat could "prove" what I say here, and the loot logs from MA I'd say.

    It was quite easy :

    An evening (several days ago now, evening is China time), I got what I thought was the compensation, the trojan breastplates in my inventory, through a loot window that popped up while I was in Billy on caly crafting.
    Told all my socmates "Great, NI made a real move to compensate me! They won a new customer again, gonna go there asap have fun in AG"

    Finished my craft session, logged off.
    Next morning, I log in, only two breastplates in my inventory, and trust me, I didnt TT them, I was even so happy that I was wearing one....I felt a bit....I'll let you guess the word, ok ?

    Whatsoever, we are not talking about big peds here, maybe a hundred or two lost in this bug I'd say.
    What we are talking about is about behaviour toward customers AND the aptitude to manipulate our accounts whithout any notice.

    If I may, I will post a link to a thread from another forum, because it is displaying exactly the same kind of behaviour towards players.

    It's a bit long, but kind of explicit.

    you know who I am I guess Meg, if not, check my account info. I may be one of the oldest avatars left with about 8 years of playing in this game. Spend my X (put the number you want) dozens of thousands of peds in the game, a decent part of them on NI, but I got a bit, nonetheless, disappointed. Even more when I saw that what satisfactorinlgy surprised me....was not meant to be.

    I hope I was clear here.

    Feel free to ask for more :)
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  10. Liu, have you checked your items list, in "My account" on planet Calypso website? Just in case they are somewhere else.

    jay ;)
  11. Liu


    Well, honestly, I hadn't, as it is not really big numbers we are talking about. More about ethics (right spelled ?) or business attitudes, but will do now, just to be sure....still, I got them while on Caly, and they aren't there....

    EDIT : Just checked, the object section of my account states only two of them.
  12. Liu


    no answers ?
  13. Liu,

    We have been diligently looking into resolving this issue and trying to get answers from MA and have really come to the same place you are right now. There is no clear cut answer. We received a response MA concerning the issue and according to them, there is no way to check the past inventory (I completely don't understand this from a business perspective and for *wink* player compensation claims *wink*) So at this point I do not know how much further we can really go. All I can do is apologize for the issue from the NI Dev staff and continue to try to get and answer from somewhere. Please PM me if you have any other questions or comments.
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