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  1. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    and so far there are no games other then the 6 or so web games with standard affiliate codes there were when I first signed up.
    And I wonder what my 10 dollars worth of GTcoins is worth these days :)
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  2. Tass

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    Well, checking out the original roadmap it seems like even more has changed:

  3. Tass

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    Yep, and they removed the page from their whitepaper that was supposed to showcase their support system but actually revealed that the project was dead already before the crypto thingie:

  4. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    News from the Game Tester GTCoins front:

    Dear *|NAME|*, (YES it does actually say *|NAME|*)

    I am writing today to share with you an important announcement.

    David Dobson, Founder and CEO of Game Tester Pty Ltd has today announced a partnership with ICO advisory firms DHB Global and Kepler Capital.

    DHB Global and Kepler Capital both have strong track records in the ICO marketplace and have collectively raised over $500 million USD for their partner clients.

    View attachment 20518

    Doug Corley, Founder and CEO of DHB Global today said both the Kepler Capital and DHB Global teams are excited to start work with the GTCoin project.

    This strong and experienced partnership will work to a project plan for the balance of 2018 to share the successes of the Game Tester platform and present the GTCoin ICO to market.

    Having today agreed terms the parties will now get to work and provide a further update on the 1st of June 2018.

    We are all excited by this next stage of our development and thank you all for your support at this time.

    I will make myself personally available via email to answer any questions you may have at this time and further, if you would like to take up the opportunity I am willing to schedule a call back to discuss this announcement with you personally.

    Secure your call back by emailing

    With thanks,

    Janie Finlay
    Communications Director

  5. What’s the significance of the fence in the background?
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  6. dee-aids-bee global and kepfler pdnrchip !!!111 BAM !
    500(FIFEHUNDRED) MILLION! strong like a lion !!!1111 ROAR !!!!!!

    So, what could possibly go wrong if you aquire GTCoins now ? ;D

    Its amazing to SEE how everyone claims to be the best coin these days...always with super-power-partners (SPP) in the background,
    but just wants your hard earned dollars in the end.

    wtf humanity ? Sad...
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  8. Tass

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  9. Wistrel

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    Interesting... there's a video on the developer link that details over half an hour how one can set up tests. Didn't watch it for more than a minute or so but it looked like it was heading in a solid ish direction. I wonder how many customers they have and how many testers....

    I can't remember why we cared about this initiative in the first place now haha. Guess it's got some connection to Entropia somehow if I re-read the thread

    edit: oh dear... crypto...
  10. San


    The Arkadia devs are the connection. I had great doubts when I heard what risks they took (i.e. if the numbers floated at the time are true) but if they managed to come out ahead by selling it to a bigger investor, then congratulations to them. I don't know all the details, therefore "if". But for someone interested in Entropia history this should be worth following up.
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