Games where you have (forever?) left your mark?

Discussion in 'Other games and gaming' started by Wistrel, May 5, 2019.

  1. Wistrel

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    So something always fascinated me about the Island Girl memorial. As much as a plaque, bench or gravestone in a real place, serves as a permanent: "I woz 'ere", I really liked the idea of being "immortalised" in an MMO. As much as anywhere else in reality, I feel these are places that can be travelled to and experienced. There are other methods for such immortality in that the fruits of your labour live on in the things you make that stay in this world or perhaps even the people whose lives you have touched. With those though, there isn't always a name associated with it, or at least in an obvious way. You can also write a book, story or article, or maybe even some computer code that might have a name on it.

    In Entropia, to my knowledge we have a few of these marks. There are of course the 2 memorials and now we have a small selection of statues (presumably with the remainder still available to buy? - if anyone trusts MA to deliver). In addition to this we have some land areas named after some of the early players (e.g. Nea's Place) and of course a selection of items (Dub and McCormick Gun, Lykke Chest and so on).

    From my perspective, I'm pleased that the name Wistrel shows up in a number of issues of The Calypso Post that I contributed to and also in Entropia I have an estate with my name on where can be found a picture with an image that I used to illustrate one of my stories - which to me at least is kinda cool. A couple of times I wrote my name in items at different places on Calypso although those won't be there any more (THANKS for getting rid of that feature MA - NOT!).

    In other games, a little while ago I backed the Kickstarter for Planet Explorers meaning there is a Wistrel on the website, the in game credits, and apparently on a crew roster of a crashed spaceship somewhere in the game (which is just so Wistrel, I'm chuffed as anything).


    So how about other people? What games have you managed to leave a mark in?

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  2. narfi

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    Narfi Beach is the name of a teleporter on rocktropia, great place to hunt Pop Dragon Stalkers
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  3. San


  4. Avatars who were in the 12 man WoF teams are immortalised via their names appearing on the commemorative WoF Trophies .

    Edit: or that’s probably only the winning teams.
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  5. Jamira

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    I left a little footprint in Entropia: The two towers at Monria. And thanks to sister Kristin we have pools with party area there ;-)

    Dunno if it counts: printed RL statues of several avatars. (Ehrm ... delivered within a few days, not after five years.)
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  6. Wistrel

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  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    You were instrumental in bringing about the little pandora tower on my desk that brings me joy every day
  8. San


    Yes, it is part of the LLScript parser, the internal scripting language of SL. This patch enables multiline comments like in many other programming languages (/* ... */), before that every single line of a comment had to be preceded by // which is just tedious as you often want to activate/deactivate whole blocks of code. The feature was requested for a long time and nobody was digging bison/flex it seems.
  9. I used to play a game called planetia, a planetarion clone. web based "tick" (one hour) gameplay where you had to mine asteroids and steal them from other planets.
    I ran a clan in planetarion with over 300 members, and decided we would play a round of planetia. The game only had 100 players so adding 300 sure left some footmark at that time.
    unlike planetia, planetarion still exists today.
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  10. Wistrel

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    Wow that sounds super annoying. Good call... Now...if only MA would let us look at / improve their code... ;)
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  11. Let us read their code is like send them directly in Jail :).
    It will never happen.

    MA's goal is not to make a great universe and all the blablabla and promisses they deliver since years.
    No they are just here to fill up their pockets by "trying" to not show too much they scam all players...
    And continue to rob people and give to non-depositors who are mostly underaged people, and make them think they can do free money.
    Fake advertising, pure illegal fishing and rubbish gambling. IE yeah honnest people...

    If you are so honnest Mr Darkaruki, dig in their codes and publish the truth ! (the wiki-leaks).

    Be sure I WOULD if I was inside.


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  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    oooh nice time lapse! I missed that before I think!
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