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    While I was there, although persistently free, there's a game there I noticed called The Cycle: Frontier that I thought maybe it might appeal to Entropians, from the description/trailer at least.

    The Cycle: Frontier

    Prospect for resources and other riches on an abandoned alien world ravaged by a deadly storm, inhabited by monsters and other ambitious Prospectors.

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    Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) currently has a giveaway where you can score a ton of recently released content for free:

    Some of these quest packs previously sold for USD 20-40 each (when not on sale), so there's quite a bit of value in this offer. Additionally, they have a discount on some of the larger expansions which typically would go for USD 50 each.

    LOTRO is still surprisingly active (I've seen more players in there than I've seen in EU), with new content being released regularly. The developers are working on an engine upgrade, and there is a new content upgrade coming out soon.
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    Jazz JackRabbit 2 is free on GOG for a limit period of time.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 is currently on sale both in the Epic Store and on Steam. 20 USD, for one of the most beautiful games ever created. Those 20 bucks would last you maybe an hour in MindArks' shitty, buggy, laggy, empty, broken, grindfest casino of broken promises, but are guaranteed to last you many weeks of actual entertainment if you instead spend them on RDR2.

    And speaking of Epic, Star Wars: Squadron is free now:

    On GOG, you can pick up Terroir for free!
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  9. Epic Games is starting the Christmas thing again... so for the next little while they'll be giving away a free game away each day... Hustle if you want yesterday's game as new game swaps out at 10 AM CST (roughly 3 hours from now)
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