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    A friend of mine told me about someone they know who is in the process of starting one... will see if I can dig out the video this person posted about the creation process. It looked very nice. He was using an old Mill. I'm not sure if it will be a museum as in always open, maybe more like a place you book to visit (maybe like schools or something - not sure). Thanks also, not sure Az is into old games though haha. I don't remember him ever mentioning having a computer/console before 98.

    Interesting about the controller issue... I'll have to download and give it a try. I'm using SCPToolkit on Win 7 for wireless PS3 controllers (which pretend to be Xbox controllers). If you are struggling though I might be able to sort you something to do keyboard mapping.

    Will report back

    oh this is the video

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    Oh man... I'm LOVING Horizon Chase Turbo SO much. It's like my dream game. Was just playing the track Big Sky over and over trying to get first, and I didn't even care I wasn't making it. I was like a kid at a fair ground going, "AGAIN! AGAIN!" it has this lovely big curve that's just so fun to take people on.

    I think I've over done it now and feeling a bit dizzy X'D Need to calm down. You can get so immersed in that game it's like reality slips away and it's just you, the music, and calculating how you are going to get past the cars in front. I think I was in some sort of Zen overtaking trance XD

    Thanks for the heads up on it @NotAdmin

    Oh BTW I had no Joypad issues with Sonic Mania and enjoyed a decent go at it. Boy is that thing fast and some nice modern day adjustments to it that are completely in keeping. Alas though, I got this error about SoundX bit of DirectX at the start and couldn't seem to fix it. There were a lot of people online with the same problem but either a lack of solutions or broken links to downloads or things that didn't do anything. I tried the June 2010 direct X update. No Cigar. In the end gave up and just had a game without sound, which was still fun (if a little wrong). Probably won't play again though... I don't think I was ever really a Sonic player. I liked watching my friend play but it was just too fast for me really.

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    The one thing that irks me about games like Sonic, Maria, etc. is how accurate you have to be. I do love me some platform games, but they tend to be so unforgiving.
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    haha those comments are funny. Thanks for sharing but those people clearly have zero understanding of what SCP toolkit does. In short yes, you sacrifice a bluetooth device to it for it to work. It replaces whatever standard bluetooth driver you have for your nominated device, for another one that will work with the Playstation controllers. I have another bluetooth device that I use for other stuff which has standard drivers on it.

    It's particularly amusing as the program is so transparent about what it is doing. You literally run the setup program and manually choose from a list which controllers you want to use and with which bluetooth device you want to use them. It also has a reset program which works really well and reverses any changes it has made. On top of this there's a huge amount of logging/display messages while it is going through setup. It's funny how the more effort people go to to do things right, the more suspicious people get of it. Ah well.

    Anyhow, this said. I did try a version of it on Win10 once and couldn't get the most recent version working. The older version did work, but I had to re run the set up program every time I wanted to use it between boots. It's fine on Win 7 though.

    I suspect at the end of the day people are probably mostly concerned about it because it's written by "Nefarious Software"
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    This weeks game on epic is a sorta scifi story psychological something or other... I grabbed it but am still working through Tales of a Neon Sea so may be a while before it gets a lookin especially have other similar ones already to play.
  6. Free Syberia and Syberia II offer ends on 17th July 2021, at 1 PM UTC. Just visit
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    Ah my old housemate gave me steam keys for those some time back. I started Syberia. Was going ok but not played for a while now...
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    ABZÛ is on sale right now in Epic's store reduced by 75%, for like €3/$4 (shows 34,75 SEK for me).
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    is it a free online game or do you need to download and install? any official website link(s)?
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