MSM FUROR - Treasure Island's New Resident

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    FUROR - Treasure Island's New Resident
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    On Saturday, January 24, 2009, a new mob was unleashed on Treasure Island by its Proprietor, Deathifier. This is actually the third in a group of 3 mobs that he has been working on, but the first he has given birth to, which took over 4 months to complete.

    The unveiling started with a private group of people that included Deathifier's society mates from Dark Knights, along with a couple of guests who had sold Deathifier the DNA parts, or their representatives. I was honored to be invited to capture this event, and present a debut of Treasure Island's newest resident. Deathifier had everyone gather at the Treasure Island City TP at 18:30.

    MSM Furor Next Island 02.jpg

    Once everyone had arrived, he slipped away to activate the DNA, and gave everyone instructions to meet him at a specific location in the northeast portion of the island. It was here that we all gathered again in anticipation of the first spawn of the new mob. Deathifier estimated that it might appear between the hours of 19:00 – 20:00, and while that might seem like a bit of a wait, everyone exhibited as much patience as possible despite the excitement about the opportunity to see a new mob and its first spawn.

    MSM Furor Next Island 03.jpg

    While we were waiting for the first spawn to appear, Deathifier took the time to give us the official description of the Furor that was provided from the fertilizer station.

    The Furor is technically not a native Calypso species. When scientists found traces of their DNA, they quickly deduced that the Furor is a biologically engineered animal. It is still unknown by whom and in which laboratory the Furor DNA was constructed. Some believe that the Furor is the result of a botched experiment, while others believe it was engineered by an alien race.

    Deathifier shared that it took a fair number of parts to get the DNA assembled, and found it unusual that the Eviscerators dropped the eyes since they were new mobs themselves. He said the skulls came later on from the Umbranoids. The other two DNAs he has been working on are the Letomie, which he anticipates will be larger than the Furor, and the Fescoquda, which he thinks will be somewhat smaller. As soon as these two mob DNAs are complete, they too will be introduced to the Entropia Universe as new residents of Treasure Island.

    The time had come, and as we all watched the first red dot appear on radar, there was no mistake that the adrenaline was pumping, and the excitement was high. Everyone began racing toward the first Furor that appeared, and as we got closer, we realized that the spawn was in full bloom. This first encounter with Treasure Island's newest resident was nothing less than exhilarating, but the action is best experienced not in print, but in viewing the Furor, and the hunters who took this creature to task. Word got out quickly after the first global hit chat, and it wasn't long before many others joined Dark Knights and their guests for some Furor fun. A full-on video of all of the action is in production, and will be posted sometime on Sunday, January 25th.

    MSM Furor Next Island 04.jpg
    What? … the maturity isn't high enough? Some suggested that a higher level maturity would make it more challenging since it seemed that the Adepts were a bit easy for most to take down. Deathifier was accommodating and turned up the volume to max maturity, where even some of the ubers found the higher maturities a bit of a challenge to handle on their own.

    However, it didn't take long for larger teams to form, and the massive Furors found their demise to be quite swift. It wasn't until later that Deathifier adjusted the maturity to its final settings … Patron/Thief/Rogue. He indicated that teams of two could handle them just fine, and that anyone with decent armor should be able to solo them.

    People are always interested in what types of items are looted when new mobs are introduced. The question is whether there are any discoveries, or items of interest outside of the ordinary.

    Some of the items looted were:

    • CB 24 (L)
    • LR53 (L)
    • Boom BBC (L) (Discovered by Lady Trisha & Janus of Dark Knights)
    MSM Furor Next Island 05.jpg
    • The Captains Lost Hat (M)
    • Power Claw Cleaver (L)
    • Enhanced Target Assessment Unit
    • Advanced Target Assessment Unit
    • Eyeshadow (Silver)
    • Black Paint (Furor Clan Leader)
    Many have already had an opportunity to experience the newest resident of Treasure Island, but if you haven’t had your first encounter with them as yet, let me assure you, that when you come face-to-face with one, you might just stand in awe first before you engage in battle. Once you get a feel for the dynamics of this new creature, the real party begins, and then it’s on.

    Congratulations to Deathifier in assembling the DNA for the first of three new mobs that he will present to the Entropia community. It's always exciting to have new friends to play with, so I'm sure we will all wait in anticipation for the future debuts of new Treasure Island residents.

    In the meantime … there’s someone waiting to say hello to you!

    MSM Furor Next Island 06.jpg

    Special Thanks To: Globex Designs for assistance with graphics.
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