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Planet Toulan: Forum registration not working ?

Discussion in 'Planet Toulan' started by McCormick, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Wanted to give it a try, but I dont get confirmation emails.
    Might explain why the forum user base is not growing.
    Also seeing like 1 post every 3 days I can already imagine forum life.

    As I recently purchased an Elder Coat and got it colored by Leeloo, I was wondering about Toulan a bit.

    For example, what do the symbols on my coat mean ?
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  2. Just wondering how long has Toulan been running for. If the forum user base isn't growing maybe it's a sign that the player base isn't that great, could be wrong. As to what the symbols on your Elder Coat mean, if you post up a pic I'll have a guess ;)
  3. Rotated in various positions and mirrored. gl ^^

    coat symbols.
  4. Contacting the site admin doesnt work either. The form wont send it.

    Also it looks like its the same design as NDs old forum...so, how to contact them ?

    twitter last post Dec. 9.

    facebook last post dec. 9

    google + account dead

    http://tareqalnasser.com/ also not working...impressive, not.
  5. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

  6. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    I was going for Toulan in Arabic, but that's not it

  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Uh oh this doesn't sound good... I think Next Island went a bit that way before the sky fell. Ugh isn't it shocking that we still have this stupid texture mirroring going on. Alf would turn in his grave if he was dead
  8. I think it's Arabic too, but what it means I ain't got a clue. That rhymes.
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  9. maybe contact 711?... Isn't that guy the one behind the toulan forum? (oh wait, you aren't on pcf anymore???... ) (more info is now on the public blog copied from the private blog... http://entropiascams.wordpress.com/2015/01/15/copy-of-older-info#toulancrap) (you could ask the little birdie that told me the info over there but I'm not sure if she's around here any more as it appears based on some comments on social media that the little birdie may have flown the coop?)
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  10. Hum, the current Toulan forum is the same "basic" look as Neverdie used on his last forum.

    So either TT (TeamToulan) used standard settings and visuals... because of ...reasons...or 711 is/was also behind NDs "old" (Zombie Kong times) forum(s).

    Lets make the mess complete, shall we ? ,-)

    domain.com LLC
    realityport.com - regged 2004 (all formerly hosted by dotster.com, except for theyronwars)
    clubneverdie.com - regged 2005
    neverdie.com - regged 2005
    rocktropia.com - regged 2007
    neverdiestudios.com - regged 2011 (formerly hosted by godaddy.com)
    theryonwars.com - regged 2011 (expired 2014 - pyxelarts.com hosted via enom.com (2009)
    zomkong.com - regged 2013

    domaininfo.com (Domaininfo AB, Sweden)
    mindark.com - regged 1998
    project-entropia.com - regged 1999
    entropiauniverse.com - regged 2006
    nextisland.com - regged 2007 (formerly hosted by godaddy.com)
    planetcalypsoforum.com - regged 2008
    planetcalypso.com - regged 2008

    Perfect Privacy LLC (Register.com Inc)

    toulanforum.com - regged 2011

    Ranger Registration (MADEIRA) LLC (now just register.com)

    beladcom.com - regged june 2010 (developer of Toulan - 1st mentioned in MindArk announcemet aug. 2010)

    entropiaplanets.com - regged 2007
    nextislandforum.com - regged 2009
    cyreneforum.com - regged 2009
    planetarkadia.com - regged 2010

    arkadiaforum.com - regged 2010

    planetcyrene.com - regged 2008 (currently locked, forwards to the forum)
    digitalscryers.com - regged 2008 (developer of Cyrene)

    twarriors.com - regged 1999, always owned by Deathifer, mentions "Project Entropia" as "interesting online game" for the 1st time in Feb. 2003
    planetmichael.com - regged 2002 (formerly hosted by wildwestdomains.com)
    entropiaforum.com - regged 2004
    pyxelarts.com - regged 2009 (Theyron Wars - hosted via domain.com (2011))
    seeglobalentertainment.com - regged 2010
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  11. Toulan seems to "administrate" every post that contains "bad(?)" words or youtube links before making it public.

    Already contacted admin...
  12. Not that I dont appreciate a "Thank you for your input" reply, but then again it feels like a rushed standard reply.

    Also no answer by the admin yet.

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