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Forum beacon mission

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Mora, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Hello everybody,

    I was wondering if we have people here in forum who could do easier 35 ped beacon mission? I can solo all the robots mentioned below and should be ready for this kind of beacon.

    According to entropedia.info, easier 35 ped mission has big drones (03-10), warriors (01-05), troopers (01-04), defenders (01-04) and drone coordinators (04-05) as soldiers. It isn't necessary to kill the end-boss so I don't think about it. I think you should have something like vigilante + 6a and/or good fap to survive. Gun is good to have too.

    There is no 35 ped beacon or date decided yet. If we can get enough potential robot hunters we can start thinking of date and max cost of beacon per participant.

    brave soldiers found so far:


    People willing to pay the entering cost in advance:
    UnaAlconbury - sorted out (85 peds)
    cantbe - sorted out (75 peds)
    Burgerman - sorted out (90 peds)
    slartybartfass - sorted out (85 peds)
    Tigeress - sorted out (75 peds)
    Chela - sorted out (85 peds)
    Phunksta - can't make it this time
    Mad Nutter Woman (85 peds)

    Meeting date/time/place:
    Sunday 11th May
    17:30 MA-time, take-off around 18:00 MA-time
    Fort Zeus
    Share of loot given to:
    Mad nutter woman
    Tigeress (given on 7.9.2008)
    cantbe (given on 7.9.2008)

    Loot donated for acquiring the next beacon mission:

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  2. Only got Rascal with 1A plates, no gun at all and a mediocre FAP but I can heal if that's any good?
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  3. TalkerBot

    TalkerBot Forum Pest

    What about the other ones?
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  4. Would be on for it,
    My Vigi and the 6a plates are covered with dust so it is time to use it again and to let the dust burned from it :D:D:D
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  5. If I get myself a set of 6A plates to my Nemesis I will have 27 burn and 18.5 penetration protection, compared to 26 burn and 25 penetration with a Vigi+6A. So I guess I can solo most of them as well. I'd love to join.

    Are you absolutely sure the end-boss doesn't need to be killed...?
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  6. Count me in [ time and ped willing ] , vigi with 6a plates , lots of dodge and fap 2350 .
    Can solo all aslong as the crits stay away .
    Im sure that with good organisation beforehand this will be a sucessful mission


    Apology for external link , but for those who haven't , its a very useful guide and map to 'beacons runs'
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  7. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Im in. I hope Shogun+2a & FAP-80 is enoguh?
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  8. Go and try shooting trooper 02 with shogun + 2a on. You can't outfap hits if you don't have enought dodge skill. Shooting robots do mostly burn-damage and 2a-plates don't add enought protection for your shogun. Shogun + 6a might do it though.

    You're in as a fapper if team size allows you to join. I'm after a team of eight at least.

    If we kill every single soldier and halfway-boss, beacon timer starts before the boss is in the radar range. At least it has been so when we have done our society beacon missions and all the boxes can be opened too.
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  9. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Well, if not shooter, i could join as healer
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  10. Only if team size allows. Looters are important too.
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  11. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Great idea, I would like to join in also. :yeah:
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  12. I would like to join in, but I think this is at the limit of my abilities.
    I think with getting some more firepower, repairing armour and keeping a low profile I might be able to get through :)

    When do you think you're going to do it Mora?
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  13. I would be more than happy to take part (again, date and ped willing). I have Shogun and 6A plates and a Fap2350.
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  14. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    I have now shogun+2a and 2350.

    Wep is Justi Mk.II <3
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  15. I have spare set of 6a-plates if that makes you feel more comfortable.

    As soon as we get full team, we can talk about date. I was thinking doing this within a month.
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  16. I have 6A plates so I think I'm good there. I don't have a very good weapon ATM -well not quite true I have 2 great weapons that I don't have the skill for.

    I think if anything I might 'chip up' as I'm finding it very difficult and expensive to get the right L weapons to gain this bit of the skill mountain :(
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  17. Im with you there Phunksta. I am having a terrible time finding good L weapons. I am lvl 18 laser hit but only 14 laser dmg so im stuck trying to find a UL3 but they are so scarce. Im trying to train up handgun to get the laser dmg up though.

    I want to participate in a beacon mission but only have Ghost with 1D plates. I also play when most of you dont so i may be out. I would like to come though time pending.
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  18. Just tell me when and i will be there i have vigi and 6a plates just waiting for you to tell me to kill the bots lol
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  19. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    I did test yesterday, im able to solo-kill drones to gen 06
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  20. Good, you might survive random hits caused by angry troopers/warriors then.
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