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Discussion in 'Other games and gaming' started by RAZER, Oct 14, 2019.

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    Hey guys it has been a while since I posted here, but the past days internet blew up with stuff about Fortnite. I do not play it myself, but it appears to become a black hole and nobody can play it. Somebody on a Dutch computer site linked to this video of The End on reddit showing what happened in game when the game turned into a black hole.

    I must say that this is the way to do an event in a game, are you watching this MindArk?
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  2. Epic = oldskool PC scene boss and 1000+ skilled employees / artists

    MA = a lazy and greedy boss + a bunch of greedy clowns...around 50 employees...about a handfull actually "working" miserably on the game

    Get the hint ? ;)
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  3. I did play it with my daughter, she liked it.
    But we haven't played it for 10 months orso anymore, she's done with it somehow. :)
    I'm not a coder, but MA can't put this into the 1.4Gb Vram utilization they keep sitting on, and that is on maxed out settings.
    Pathetic, but hey, let them have it their way.

    Now i'm actually curious to see, and thinking about installing Fortnite again, just to see. :)
  4. Jamira

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    Great show!
    THIS is a burner!
    As Jan Universe said: "Now i'm actually curious to see, and thinking about installing Fortnite again, just to see. :)"
    I think exactly that was the goal.
  5. Well they did got some money from us, they don't get it easy from me, but ofc I had to buy the guitars :smile:
    And my daugther liked some skins now and then.
    But we all know that interest will go down over time, so I kept it low budget.
    And ofc it will not cost money to just check out what they did, I probably will not install it again, as we can see on YT or whatever to see what is going on there.
  6. Wistrel

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    That black hole did sorta remind me of Apocalypso before the server switch off for cryengine... but that was largely a player created event. RIP Hadesheim. RAKL's tree is still missed.
  7. NotAdmin

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    Wasn't the Calypso shutdown mostly just text?

    "Oops, robots are here, kbye"
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