First Planet Company to take over planet Calypso

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  1. I just found this out when about to login to EU, and couldn't quite believe it at first...


    This is a day of great fortune and aspirations, of excitement and hope, of respect and history. Continued operation and development of the planet Calypso is to be handled by MindArk PE AB subsidiary First Planet Company AB. I have been asked and I have accepted the role of CEO and Creative Director for First Planet Company, along with the responsibility of developing and marketing the MMORPG "Planet Calypso".

    The Calypso journey began in mid-2002 when the commercial open trial phase started, leading up to the gold release of "Project Entropia" on the 30th of January 2003. I still remember the launch day as if it were yesterday. At seven minutes to midnight VU 4.2 was applied and Entropia officially went live. In April 2006 Project Entropia evolved into "Entropia Universe". And, now the online game known as Entropia Universe will evolve again to become "Planet Calypso".

    The "Entropia Universe" brand will continue as the name of the platform all planets will operate on, continuously developed by MindArk PE AB. The creation of First Planet Company allows for focused and efficient development of both the Entropia Universe platform as well as development of Planet Calypso. First Planet Company will act as a partner planet within the Entropia Universe.

    My vision is to supply the resources needed for the creative team to allow them the freedom and time to create interesting short- and long-term storylines, enhance and polish game-play, add role-playing aspects, and cater to events. It is also important to develop participant-based tools for creation of activities, add depth to the various activities present today, and of course introduce new activities not before seen.

    My role will be to bring and maintain a coherency to the Calypso history and storyline. The over-arching goal is to make Planet Calypso a truly kick-ass Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game!

    All virtual items, records, PED's, and item values will still be maintained by MindArk PE AB - as before. The change applies to the development side of game-play, design, content development and storyline.

    With highest regards and a commitment to a fun and exciting future,

    Marco Behrmann
    CEO/Creative Director
    First Planet Company AB - Planet Calypso

    Quote " create interesting short- and long-term storylines." Surely, 'First Planet Company' aren't going to introduce artificial in-world themes that participants have to go along with. What is MA doing? Going the way of WoW?
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  2. I just got this by email too. It's probably just an exercise to create a more sensible hierarchy in light of the addition of future planets. There'll be MA at the top, and below that Planet Calypso along with new planets. I suppose it makes sense.

    The only question I have is about the name. It's not clear if we'll still be playing EU, or if it'll be Planet Calypso, or what. Probably still EU, but the wording wasn't completely clear...

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  3. Yep, I agree, the wording isn't too clear. I'm still wondering if it's going to be called EU still or PC (planet calypso) :D


    By the way, I owe Burgerman an apology as my post at the top practically mirrors his own one on Latest EU News, - this was not intentional, just pure coincidence...
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