Finding Fruits stones and dung

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  1. Thats right free stuff on the ground!!!!

    move at a walking speed to see things that you cant see when running too fast. Fruits Stones and dung pop up time to time. Put your camera in third person view to see them better

    Stones have most value followed by fruits and dung

  2. I have found 1 pile of dung... any idea how often things respawn? I have checked the same spot over and over to no avail.
  3. i have found a ton of dung since i came to NI. (litterally, 1000 kg dung.. lol)
    some fruit, and a couple of piles of rock
    some areas seem to have a very high concentration of fruit/dung/stones. i have found quite alot at jungle of dreams (but it's not the best place to find, i have seen better)
    some areas (left of crystal resort, i know the exact location in my head but can't really give directions without a map to show) i even found two piles of dung right next to eachother.

    i have no idea why, but everytime i pick up dung i hear a voice in my head saying "mix it with sweetstuff!" ... lol... dunno why, i sure wouldn't eat it... ^^
  4. They don't respawn at the same spot, but they appear randomly. Just pick an area with a nice view and go for a long walk to stretch your legs, admire the scenery and find other more lucrative spots ;)
  5. That is SO USEFUL to know, I had found a Bombardo and Kaldon so far and had resolved to note every coordinate to go back and get more. Guess I don't need to do that.

    Next time I find a ground spawn, I really need to play with settings and ranges you can see it and stuff. Has anyone played with settings to make them more visible amidst all the wavy grass and flowers? Like, object quality to high, shaders to low in the Advanced graphics settings?

    These seem very, very rare to make any sort of starting PED in any reasonable time. Granted patience is the universal advice for all of these lands...
  6. red


    I have a difficult time seening stones on NI. fruit is easier to see.
  7. I think 120 is the largest deposit I've found, ususally 20-25. I've heard people say they set graphics to low when searching, because stones show up better.

    Personally I search paths and beaches - nice, even, uncluttered surfaces.
  8. I did the walking thing this early AM, walked from Tanzanite View to Druzy Blue Ridge to gather the TP. It was a long walk. But as @Manny pointed out, it was a relaxing and scenic walk to be sure. I am kind of really getting smitten with the NI state of mind. It sort of reminds me of the wide open spaces of Anarchy Online, before they screwed it up with Alien Invasion and the lovely landscape was dotted with huge, identical player cities (stupidly large clubhouses) just to spawn Alien fights. (Used to be Trash King's junkyard was out in the wasteland...nowadays it looks like a vacant lot in the middle of a cityscape. But, I nostalgically digress.)

    I did find a couple ground spawns on that walk and did take the chance to play around with settings and such. I used to run across the landscape with camera high behind to see all around me, but it certainly seems the groundspawns are only visible 2 or 3 meters radius around your avatar, so spotting would be best reeling in the camera so it shows a much smaller area of ground, making the size of any spawn larger to see as you move.

    Also, plainly they don't appear as fast as the grass and scrub, ran and walked back and forth across enough to see it is clear, running over a known ground spawn, if running they don't have time to appear before they are too far behind you to be visible. Walking is the only way, unless you are lucky to stop running and find yourself standing in dung by accident.

    I played with the shader and object settings in Options/Advanced Graphics. Raising "Objects" from medium to high doesn't make these spawns any more obvious visibly. Lowering "Shaders" from medium to low or even safe mode makes the grass static and crude looking instead of wavy...only thing I think this would help with might be the stinky fruit with the particle flies, as "Particles" is a separate setting, the moving flies would stand out as the only thing moving. Didn't keep the Rock and Dung I found from being obscured by the now-static grass. Also possible but I didn't try, that turning "Shadows" low or safemode might make some things stand out, but then the spawns would lose shadows that's probably a wash.

    Plus, you turn all this stuff down to slightly raise the odds of spotting a very occasional object, in the much longer meantime (especially walking) Next Island will look like...Runescape. Bleh! CryEngine! For a reason! ^^ Don't question the loveliness!

    The recently-dated pdf guide suggests on page 61 that fruit, being higher profile objects and not just lumps, may be spottable at a run. I've only seen a fruit when I happened to be extracting a mining claim within steps of some fly-infested Bombardo. If I find more fruit spawn, I'll check the see-at-a-run claim and post about it.

    (Edit, guide link, if you go to the main page at you have to click on the 'storage facility' and choose 'EU -Guide' then save the pdf that appears, if you wish a local copy.)
  9. walk also marked the first time I saw wildlife that wasn't a Papoo. I was glad to be standing next to the DBR tiki when 2 wild boar sequentially charged me and dropped, instead of smashing me to newbie paste. (wonder if that's a crafting component?) Also briefly moused over a Buka Bird, but I never was able to find it to target it again or see it so I'm not counting that.
  10. I found a drop once when running, just as I came off a bridge in Crystal Center. My feeling there is that I slowed down automatically because of the change of terrain. I've not seen any other drops while running but that doesn't mean it can't happen.

    I also walk when mining.

    One thing I don't remember seeing mentioned. Once you see a drop it persists. If you walk past, turn around and walk back it will still be there. I've also noticed a drop while dying, revived, come back and picked it up. Don't know how long they stay around for.
  11. LOL newbie paste, that a new one! :)

    Yeah the buka birds are hard to target, I wish they just leave them a non mobs where they are sitting in trees or more of them flying around, most the ones I see are half way thru the ground and can't get their hp bar.
  12. Oh yeah, you can walk out of range and back to it, it's there, you just can't be more than 5 slow paces from it without it vanishing from the landscape. And the distance you can see it backing away until it vanishes, is longer than the distance you walk to it before it appears again. It's delayed in appearing for whatever reason or by design. Otherwise you could step forward and back at that distance and it would blink in and out, and it doesn't.

    I found a full on fly-swarmed fruit (Papplon) and it didn't show up when running over it, and I was on the rocky bottom of a canyon, no grass or anything to obscure it. I ran back and forth over the spot and it was invisible, unless I passed over it at walking speed.
  13. @Softhart, off topic but is there a "target next enemy" command in the action book I'm missing? There's a target action but I can't figure what it does. I miss being able to Tab through nearby enemies in most games.
  14. If there is I am not aware of it, or even how it would work.
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