Fifth house sold

Discussion in 'Locations & property' started by Kitten, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. grats owner 5

  2. Congrats to my neighbor and welcome to the neighborhood.
  3. Woo .....getting up there in price :drool: and GZ to you on the purchase.

  4. Big gratz on your purchase :)
  5. Almost feel like I got a great deal glad I didnt wait. Wonder what last one will go for.
  6. Just arrived at NI today to look around and WOW...I LOVE it!! My type of scenary with all the beaches. Can't wait to get s place of my own and like the rest of you guys, hope the prices come down some as 4k or so is a it steep for me. Unless I can find a job dancing on the bar at Club neverdie I will wait patiently to get a little piece of the island :) Meantime, if anyone has a spare bunk let me know....I dont snore! :)
  7. Big congrats to my friend Blood :)
  8. You can stay at my place any time Lexi, but your pet monkey has to stay outside k? :)
    Crystal Beach Resort Lodge 2E
  9. I'm allergic to monkeys your safe:).
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