Feffox DNA - Community Input Request

Discussion in 'Deathifier' started by Deathifier, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,
    The Feffox DNA was placed in my inventory a few days ago as part of the conclusion of the Egg event.

    Today the update fixed some of the islands terrain issues so now most of the options for putting it to use are available.

    I'd like to involve the community in the fate of the DNA and would like to hear people's thoughts on a few topics.

    Note that the following information is known about the DNA:
    - I only have one.
    - It is not unique (verified by Support).
    - It is not known if the issue that caused them to crash the client has been fixed (Support has yet to respond).
    - There are no known regular missions on them.
    - No announced changes to their balance means they are likely exactly the same as they were during the Feffox mayhem event.

    The topics I'm interested in hearing about are:

    - Based on experiences in the Feffox event, how interested are people in hunting the Feffox on a regular basis as compared to other high-popularity creatures?

    - If the DNA was placed somewhere, would you prefer it on an OLA (e.g. OLA-05, OLA-33), or on one of the empty regions of Treasure Island (e.g. the now flat NW corner or in one of the two empty Promenade areas).

    - Would people prefer the DNA to be used as a decoration or otherwise rendered inert in order to effectively exterminate the Feffox, at least to the best of my ability?

    Please share your thoughts through whatever mechanism you see fit - there will be forum threads on at least three forums, you can PM me directly, send a note through my website feedback form, or you can attend one of the planned in-world discussion events.

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  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Seeing you paid as much for it as you did, put it to use!

    It might not be unique, but no other DNA has dropped yet (to the best of my knowledge), and having a DNA as a display stand/museum item just sounds like a waste.
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  3. just add it to the LA that gives you the lowest tax returns atm.
    I would like a higher maturity though, nice for teamhunts :)
  4. Hi,

    why not using it to earn back some of the cash you dropped for the egg? I see no real benefit wasting it for display/ museum - but I could imagine having it on TI would be nice.
    No idea if it would yield good revenue, but I think it would match the theme of TI.

    Reminds me - time to come back to Caly for a holiday and visit TI, I have good memories with it :) Even if I doubt I'd ever try to touch one of these monsters ...

    And kudos for the way you handle this! Good job, as always :)

    Have fun!
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  5. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Yep as already stated, I would put in on TI and let it run.

    If I loot any DNA parts I'll gladly hand them over to you. :beerchug:
  6. Simple - if there is too little interest it can actually run at a loss or close enough to one to not bother.
    For example there would be no point putting something in that would take 32 years to earn its value back, and that is ignoring everything that adds costs or increases values, like fertilizer, and inflation.

    Before I lock up more real estate with something MA may well release another of in their next fancy event I want to get a good idea of what the community thinks of the creature, hence the discussion.

    Thanks, it's good to hear people's thoughts :)

  7. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Difficult 'problem' you have.
    Not using it will make MA drop another one pretty fast I think, they did not go trough all the trouble of creating the creature for it to not be in game.

    Having it on your LA and people not hunting it is a waste of money.

    Anyway, if you decide not to use it, we can at least start saying:
    "Ahhhh, the Feffox DNA"
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  8. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Interesting option I didn't even think of. But I fear this would probably be the best way to ensure a second DNA turns up within a short time.

    I'm afraid I cannot help with the other questions. Playing occasionally I prefer exploring, discovering and maybe a couple of missions, playing more frequently I prefer story-driven missions, instances and events. So not much old school mob camping for me.

    I appreciate that more and more elements are added to the gameplay that lead away from silly grinding, I think it's better for the game, actually more and more deserving to be called "game" at all. But of course this development doesn't really look good from a land owners perspective, although in the end in a more abstract way it might be good for land owners too. It's unfortunate that while the game evolves land owners basically are limited to keep spawning slot machines on their land.

    Not really a constructive post so far... How about an 'internal' storyline for Treasure Island? Giving the creatures a purpose to be (or not to be) where they are? Giving the players more of a purpose to hunt and mine? Using story-telling, events, LA settings, estate development opportunities, etc, etc, etc. Maybe using the Feffox as a kind of event mob exclusively?
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    hmm if there is a buyer... maybe try and sell it.
  10. EwoK

    EwoK Southern Fortress Engineering

    I would sumise that any potential buyer would end up in pretty much the same situation Deathy is in now, trying to workout what is best to do with it.

    I agree with what has been said so far, if you don't use it then I'd bet that another will turn out fairly quickly...If you have it active, well at least it then has the potential to start generating some form of income.
  11. Update time - I have decided to place the Feffox in a small area far away from anything important.

    Unfortunately this area is actually broken as there is a missing subsection of the Robert's Gallows area.
    There were three sections prior to VU10 and they all vanished along with the rest of the subsections of the island in VU10.

    Only one of these was not restored in VU10.2 and the issue has been sitting there awaiting resolution for some time due to an indication that the mountain in the way was there for a reason (it wasn't, so now it's gone) along with an indication that fixes would take place during the Egg event.

    Since nothing got fixed during the Egg event I have submitted a new request to have the subdivision restored and when it returns (or an interim solution is arrived at) then the Feffox can be placed within it and thus away from the areas of Treasure Island currently being used by miners.

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  12. put it in an Arkadia LA. ;)
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