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Farewell - A much needed lifestyle change is required!

Discussion in 'Greetings, Hello, Goodbye' started by Viperstrike, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I love it when life comes together, and it looks like both of us have a new lease on a bright future. :thumbsup:

    I'm so happy for you my dear Viper, and while I have a treadmill and other exercise equipment, it's not nearly the level of what you have so I'm rather envious in that respect, but I have enough to have a good go at it each day to help stay in good health. I just can't get too vigorous with it at the moment so soon after the surgery, but am working my way into it slowly. It feels good to be back on track again.

    I also really like the track you picked to represent your state of being and lifestyle right now, and I'm going to add it to the MSR jukebox. I wish you the best Hon, and please do keep us updated with your progress.

    BIG Hugs always! :hug:
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  2. Thanks MS9,

    HUGS Back :hug:
    Hope you are getting stronger with each passing day !

    Rather excited today, even though I will be putting myself into a bit of debt, it will be worth every penny !
    Today is a 6.30am start lol .... couldn't sleep hehe
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  3. Whee signed and done !

    Ok, you won't hear say this often at all but - Aussie Stylin' -
    6 weeks to gym equipment arrives, 2 weeks till car arrives :clap::dancinggirls::headbang::woohoo:
    Thanks all for the support :grouphug: , this is one of those moments I will just sit in and cheerish for some time to come :biggrin:

    Spreads much love and joy around wheee ! :loveshower:

    And PED if I didn't withdraw it all :biggrin::laugh:
  4. Hey MM,

    Just remember one thing ...
    Maybe we don't often see eye to eye, but on a personal level, with this dx, I do feel for you.

    What to remember is - YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ! It all comes down to you.

    Do you feel motivated ... no .... DO YOU FEEL MOTIVATED !!! yes, then YOU CAN DO IT ;)

    Good luck from me on a personal level :)

    PS. Sorry I missed your message earlier.

    PPS. That goes for everyone with the diagnosis of diatetes ! Change starts with you and only you !
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  5. Ok now since I am so excited about this outcome, I will post my favourite track of all time ....

    HAHA ! How can I do that, there is 2 of them ...

    Here is the first, something that goes beyond the physical to the astral to achieve ...

    Secondly ... A remix of the original Legend B Lost in Love, 2010 version with lyrics ...

    Sorry you will have to watch this on Youtube due to DMR!

    Hey MS9 ! Please add to the jukebox :)

    Here is the original, as good as it gets on 33

  6. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Hey Viper ... Congratulations on all your goodies, that's awesome ... I can see how excited you are, and I'm really happy for you. It's a new beginning, and you're not only going to get healthier, but you're going to have fun doing it.

    Loved your music tracks, and ...

    I'm going to be adding music to the MSR Jukebox in the morning, so I'll be sure to slide your requests in there. The "Exploration of Space" one I actually used in one of my beacon videos, love it, and ... I like the first version you gave of "Lost in Love" because it's not so hyper. :biggrin:

    This is one of my all time favorites ... and if you like the "Exploration of Space" track, then you'll like this one:

    The full name I believe is ... "Children of the Storm"
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  7. I love Robert Miles's music, Children of the storm is legendary and also high up on my favourities list. :thumbsup:

    One of the earlier chillout trance-masters (Of my time anyway), late 90's

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