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Extended Guides Newbie event: Bridge of Death 2

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by Alice, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]
    The event:
    After everyone had a blast (heheh) at the last bridge of death event, we decided to have another one

    in the end, event is fairly easy to describe, the particpants just have to run

    this will take place in new oxford, at the bridge leading north east to Genesis Amethera HQ
    [​IMG][br]Click to enlarge[/br]
    you will have to cross the bridge, run over a small plain area and reach the finish, a gap between 2 hills
    [​IMG][br]Click to enlarge[/br]

    of course, running alone will be way too easy and offer way too few deaths, i mean, satisfaction, uh, fun, thats the word, fun!

    hence there will be several nice people around, shooting rockets and grenades at you on the way, to spice things up :rocket:

    the actual goal, is to reach the finish first
    if there are discussions about whom reached it first because some people expect a photofinish because it was too close, no way
    way too easy
    if some discussion will arise there, the guys and gals who were so close together in reaching the finish, will turn around and run the whole thing back :lolup:
    the decision will be, literally, "sudden death", either the one who reaches the former start first wins, or last man standing

    so, no discussions, just blown up people :D

    we will also have several runs with a winner, i plan to have at least 5
    but it depends; when the clothes run out or the ammo is gone we gonna stop

    the catch:
    i bet you expected the grenades here as "catch", naaaah :D
    since it is for newbies and also a race, the agility limit will be 25
    you will be scanned, either before the race started but definitely before any prize is given away

    also, there is just one prize per person, if you won one run, no more prizes can be won (call it encouragement to show up for the next event ;))

    the prizes:
    there will be very likely 2 types of prizes
    for those who won't have a pvp set yet, they will get one
    the clothing set is pretty rare and looks like this
    (without the blue beret :P)

    if you already have a pvp clothing set and win, you gonna get some special prize kit, likely having an opalo, t1 fap and ammo (maybe something else, dunno what we will find in our storages :D)

    the time
    next Sunday, 24 th January at 19 MA time (press U to see ingame time)

    grenades have the small problem of dividing damage to the targets, so unfortunately newbies running in groups will have less to fear from them
    but it will also be harder to win
    so, the decision about when to leave the group to go for the finish may be a keypart here :)

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