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  1. Hey Meg --

    Perhaps a look at how information is communicated to others would help things somewhat. I've had to deal with this in my real life agency -- for the past 20 years they've been stuck in the 1980's, and just recently discovered the internet. When I arrived on scene they had no less than 7 (and probably more now that I think of it) different portals they used to communicate news to faculty, clients, interns, therapists, investors, and government regulatory agencies.

    It seems like NI may have the same problem. Too many portals, not enough time to keep them all updated.

    At my agency my solution to this was to take all of the different portals -- twitter, wordpress, the main website, newsletters, email, blah blah blah and combine them all on the main corporate website using the Drupal CMS. The cool thing about that CMS was the modular approach coupled with the ability to configure and draw multiple RSS sources into a single document that was populated by user access levels set up by the administrators. The other cool thing about that CMS is that there are no licensing fees. Its free. A capable developer does the job whenever you need them to on a contract basis, and otherwise you get to go with the flow without additional overhead.

    So people browsing the site casually got some news, administrators got additional news, faculty got their own news, and so on down the list.

    Next Island dot Com could be configured in this way. Currently the news only holds an RSS feed of patches. Why not propose a front end redesign using a robust and flexible CMS, one that can allow for customizable conglomeration and publishing of news from different sources in a manner pleasing to the eyeballs. The basic format and color scheme of the Next Island website is good, but it may benefit from the use of a left and right column, as well as feed blocks down below where twitter, player of the week (or month) and featured items can be listed.

    This would give people a single page that they could look at and find all pertinent news without any extra footwork in terms of publishing on your end. You could still post to all your different media sources and rely on this page and its scripts to conglomerate your days work in 1 location.
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  2. In EMW defence I think this was just one of those misunderstandings that can happen when people communicate via written word. He seems quite reasonable on PCF. I think he just posted here to ask a question of Meg. Lee, perhaps not knowing it was Entropias Most Wanted, thought he had made a newb mistake and was now posting a complaint based on poor research. EMW responded to clarify and that got misunderstood as a "F%^& U" and then things went downhill.

    Am I at lest close in how I read into that?
  3. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    1: If you have been talking to Kitten you should already have known the non-functionality of AG.
    2: Not interested in players opinions of AG? Last I saw, Kitten is a player.
    3: How did it not cost you one cent? Just curious...
    4: I think it was the liberal use of exclamation points that gave everyone the idea that you were being rude. I know that's how I saw it. Without the exclamation points it's not quite as childish and meanspirited sounding.

    I hope you are enjoying AG... From the pics that Kitten posted it looks like there is some beautiful scenery there to look at.
  4. you certainly are Corey, at least there are some free thinkers in here then, not just forum sheep!

    Ban away Meg I wont be coming on this forum again! thanks!
  5. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Sorry everyone if I contributed in any way to this deteriorating. Corey, I know full well that EMW is a higher end player who has been around, not a noob, and I never meant to suggest that, only that if a player had mainly read the PR releases, they would have expected a completed destination. I was frankly simply intending to be sympathetic and supportive of him from what he wrote, which didn't read to me like what he later posted, that he had been talking to Kitten and was well aware of the incompleteness of AG. This is what I was responding to:

    Again, sorry I piped up, but most of you know my own original dedication and later frustration with NI, so it was natural for me to feel a bit of sympathy with the above post. It was me who made a mistake though in the choice of words I used I guess, but one has no way of knowing what words are red flags to everyone.

    Ima hush now Meg, this always was a relaxed and friendly place to be in the past, despite all the planet probs, I hope it can remain that way too.
  6. HIHI all

    I think EMW only came to let meg know theres problem and hope to hear when a fix comes. Not a bad thing at all

    EMW has been private talked to me many times and got all full details to him I could ^.^ He just wants to know when a fix comes. Really not an unresonable thing to ask I am sure

    lastly I was promised some replacement time crystals but its not happen yet so I asume it happen later when greece is ready so I can use them?

    Thank you all and please no angry flinging back and forth ok?

    * huggles all *
  7. EMW just reached tier 1 for herb box.
  8. LOL beat me, I guess its working now.
  9. yeah he decay it for 0 healing just to tier it
    maybe because I hogged up all the discoveries heheheheh
  10. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Thanks for your input, Magyar!

    Right now, NextIslandNews.com is the place to find everything I'm able to share, as soon as I can share it. If you want one go-to source for updates and news, go there or RSS NextISlandNews.com/feed (actually, don't subscribe. Bookmark it, go back every day, hit refresh a couple dozen times, and make me happy when I see the site traffic) I share contests for players and release date news here on the forum as well, just so players can't miss it! VU notes appear in the client loader.

    NIN and the client loader both feed to the FB and Twitter, so you can follow one of those for everything we're putting out.
  11. it's a cruel world in ancient greece it seems when all you can do is break herb boxes for no other effect that tiering discovery. :D
  12. Ummm..... I think you's better push for May or the first of June at latest. Next Island's Dev team should know that the Longtooth/Eomon spawn beginning of July, and if you don't offer content till mid June you'll get 2 weeks of business then it'll be a ghost town. Once Longtooth/Eomon are done no-one will be able to afford to grind on NI/Greece for a while. (Not to mention seasoned Entropians may just stay Calypso bound saving PEDs for the Longtooth/Eomon migration and steer clear of any major activities in the weeks before the spawn.)

    If you's don't start dropping content between Calypso events you're gonna have rough seas to sail ahead of you. Be smart. Take the money when it's available to be taken.

  13. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    Speaking for myself... I think the front page of the NIL forum should be the go to spot for everything. I'd just drop NIN completely. Feeds from FB or Twitter could feed over?
  14. From a management standpoint there's a good reason for Meg to have multiple media outlets for information. Some platforms dont talk to others, or the integration is faulty and flakes out. She wants (im assuming) to be able to reach the widest base of people possible. Right now the idea is still being refined, which is where our feedback may be useful.

    Destroying useful tools isnt an answer here, I think the answer lies in constructing a single place for all of those useful tools to be viewable together. What better place than the Next Island home page? It puts forth a picture of the product that is very active and dynamic immediately, instead of requiring the user to dig a bit and revise their first impressions.

    As for the front page of this forum, to be honest its way too messy to use. I have a strong dislike for the current layout here and skip it whenever possible... its horrible!
  15. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    After taking some time to consider... I agree with what you say here. Multi-platform communication can be a bitch, and yes it is best to reach the widest number of people. The NI homepage does seem like a good place to tie it all together since it is, after all, where most people will start out if they hear the name.

    As for the forum homepage, I pretty much skip it or just check the latest posts part.

    I want to know what's happening with NI, but I hate having to look all over for details. I also don't care for being in one site, clicking a link, and finding myself on a different site.
    Just want the community to be able to get information and not be frustrated by it.
  16. haha Standard. Luv ya Meg.. hehe damn ND shyt rubz off... sorry.. :(
  17. Mid June eh? Please tell me that means Tuesday the 14th or Wednesday the 15th instead of the normal Monday update. I have a fundraiser Golf tournament to be at that Monday and I would hate to miss the first day of the big launch.
    Speaking of golf, can we please get that added to NI? :)
  18. Golf lol I would prefer to watch paint dry.
    What about fruit picking from trees it would fit in great with the Island feel.
    Or we could have water skiing as a sport. we have the speed boats.
    Or bird watching
    Or fire walking
  19. red


    limbo dancing.
  20. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Bird watching!

    Oh, man, we should do a safari scavenger hunt next! Hmm...
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