Event: Neconu Slaughter Warm-up! Saturday 28 August, 23:30 – Free entry

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  1. Entropian Events and HuntingN8 present
    A Neconu hunting event on OLA-49

    Saturday 28 August, 23:30 to 01:00

    Join us to warm up for the forthcoming Great Neconu Slaughter event where there are 57k PED worth of items to be won, plus more cash prizes!

    OLA-49, Neconu Nation, is located east of Saba Camp TP:


    The mobs here are Neconu Young-Old.

    Entry to this event is free. We’re using the Most Loot rule, so points are scored for each PEC of loot gained.

    • 1st prize: 250 PED
    • 2nd prize: 200 PED
    • 3rd prize: 150 PED

    To take part, register at the land marker (19300, 46700) any time before the event begins.

    The tax rate for hunting on this land is only 4%.

    Neconu at Entropedia: Entropedia: Creature: Neconu

    Neconu at EP Wiki: Creature:Neconu - EntropiaPlanets Wiki - Information about Entropia Universe

  2. Just under 2 hours till tonight's event!
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