EVE Online player steals $45,000 worth of ISK in massive investment scam

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    EVE Online player steals $45,000 worth of ISK in massive investment scam

    It seems like every few months we hear about another major theft or scam in EVE Online. In most MMOs, acts of theft could earn the perpetrator a permanent game ban. In EVE Online, however, it's an accepted part of the game that people are strongly encouraged to protect themselves from. Even the game's developers have acknowledged that corporate infiltration, scamming and theft are just another part of the harsh criminal underworld of New Eden. With its latest official game trailer, CCP Games told an impressive tale of corporate theft and revenge, showcasing some of the emergent gameplay that typifies EVE.

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  2. John BD

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    yup yup seen the new promo vid, and yes im still playing and liking the game currently in a 90% dutch corp called BendeBeukers :)
    although gotta say 45,000$ is a bit subjective couse its no cash econemy but subscription, isk dealing is 1 of the things that are actualy against the rules.
  3. It looks like the valuation comes from what it would cost in equivalent monthly fees to play, so it actually seems realistic.

    Actually converting it to real cash is probably somewhat difficult though, however it seems the character who pulled it off would have the knowledge, contacts and lack of inhibitions to actually pull off a conversion into real cash if so desired.

    - Deathifier
  4. is EVE a REAL Cash Economy then ???

    I didnt think so so then yes theft etc could be part of the game. One can argue that it could be part of calypso also. But thing is ingame police is also part of a game then. If MindArk would make such a bold statement then they also make them ingame police or need to hire such employees.
  5. Not at all and having this news like this is somewhat double-faced by CCP in regards to their own EULA (see below)

    Policy on online auction sites - EVElopedia - The EVE Online Wiki

    And yes even as its from their wiki its still current,
    compare here http://www.eveonline.com/pnp/eula.asp

    MA could not join with a statement like CCP gave, because that would border on the illegal.
    As CCP does not acknowledge any real life value of anything going in within EVE they are on the safe side, giving statements like this, because nobody is supposed to really make money from EVE IRL.

    MA can only say the same they always say in case of scams:
    "We will provide official authorities (a.e. police) with all relevant informations and lock accounts that are under official investigations."

    RCE = IRL Laws are applicable
  6. MistressArwen

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    Years ago, Shinobi came up with the idea of an official police corps inside the Entropia Universe with NDs, Freyr and many big names backing. That included a Police HQ, Training Facillity, Uniforms, Armors, Logos, Police Force Terminals and unique weaponry etc. that also includes a cloaking chip that is not immune to robots. Nothing new to the game at all. Only thing is MA rejected it cos they want full power and control ingame. He gave me a full rundown of the idea in Skype. Pretty impressive too. And its nothing new at all.

  7. It does seem that MA does little to protect the participants from PvP crimes, but will react in picoseconds to the potential loss of a single pec from their own pockets. Participant created "laws" and "enforcement" are indeed an interesting idea, but with the RCE, I can see how the line between Earth and Calypso might get too blurry.

    A Police Intereptor model Valkyrie would be cool though!! :)
  8. Pocket change!

    I’m sure Eve-Bank took trillions more.

    Now, what I want to hear is someone stealing from IT alliance, and their trillions on trillions on trillions of isk!
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