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    The 2012 Entropia Universe World Boxing Championships have come to a close. The ring is quiet, there’s no more smack talk, and there’s no more cheering for your favorite fighters, because the winners of the Middleweight and Heavyweight Divisons have been declared.

    This year’s event was shortened due to low registration, but it didn’t mean that we weren’t entertained with an intensity that often kept us at the edge of our seat and holding our breath. Those tuned into MindStar Radio for the live broadcasting heard the gasps and near screams at moments where both fighters were hanging on by a single strand of health, not knowing who would deliver the final blow.

    Two weight divisions dominated the event, Middleweight and Heavyweight. Previous weight division title winners were back to either defend their title, or step into a new weight division and go for a new title. Then there were those who participated in past years and didn’t get far, but were back for another try.

    One such participant who never gave up is AL Aca Killmore from the Federation of Free Wanders, and the 2012 Middleweight Champ who proves that persistence pays off. It wasn’t until 2009 that he began participating in the EUWBC in the Lightweight Division. He was knocked out in the first round, as was the case when he entered the 2010 Lightweight Division and couldn’t get past the first round. In 2011, he was ready for the Middleweight Division, and he was able to fight through to the second round before being knocked out. Fast-forward to 2012, and the Middleweight Division has a brand new Champ after defeatingAdam Nebu Jackyll from Groene Draeck in the Finals.

    The story for the 2012 Heavyweight Champ is a bit different. Gallyon Luckycharm Sundstrandfrom The Dung Kickers, didn’t start participating in EUWBC until 2010 according to data researched at the Calypso Forum. However, in all three years of participation, this fighter has won a division title. In 2010 it was Middleweight Champ, taking down Mike Masters from cK Coat Killers in the Finals, and in 2011, it was once again Middleweight Champ after taking down Kiri Hime from the NBK in the Finals. Fast-forward to 2012, and we have a progression in title wins that now includes the Champ of the Heavyweight Division after defeating Therya Sound Tallin from Shaolin.

    If you haven’t participated in, or even attended this annual event, you’re really missing out on an incredible sports-related activity that all can get involved with. Whether you’re a fighter who wants to prove that you’ve got what it takes to go the distance, a friend or socmate lending moral and cheer support, or even a coach guiding a fighter to the finals, this event is interactive, and happens all in one place.

    The goal for 2013 is to have all weight divisions back in the ring again, with a bigger and better event that takes all of us the distance. Be sure to stay tuned to the Calypso Forum for announcements, as well as check the “Daily HEADS UPS” at MSM for news about when the 2013 EUWBC will be presented. As always, MSM will provide media and live broadcasting coverage, as well as update articles that keep you informed of who’s in and who’s out.

    The EUWBC 2012 articles at MSM have been moved to “Planet News/Calypso/EUWBC 2012.”

    It was July 12, 2008 when Oleg “Oleg” McMullery announced the first Entropia Universe World Boxing Championships, which has grown into a very popular annual event. The EUWBC event is produced by Entropian Events, an event management, promotion and design entity that has presented many engaging events since its creation in February 2008.

    EUWBC is a PvP boxing tournament designed to determine who has what it takes to go the distance as a fierce fist-fighter, and come out at the end the champion of their weight division. Up until this year, Oleg has done an exceptional job of being Master of Ceremonies, but he took a secondary position this year and allowed his right-hand man, Thierry “Rag” Of Grimbergen from the Perseus society, to take center ring. He too did an outstanding job this year of organizing and producing the 2012 EUWBC.

    For additional information on this year’s event, you can check this thread at the Calypso forum.

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