EU War of the Worlds (anno 2007)

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    With a "Surrender PA and I will spare you" a Entropia player named 'Nightseer' started a war between the walls of Port Atlantis.

    I was trying to get rid of some junkie loot when I heard these calls of war. No one would have thought that the safe haven of Port Atlantis would be used for war. Peace has come quite some years ago and we build a safe place to live in and do our jobs.
    I too thougt that I was safe and didn't react too those cry's of war. In this era of war and terror one should have thought otherwise, but stupid as people are, we didn't react.
    I just finished selling some muscle oil when Nightseer called again to surrender. But this time he charged Port Atlantis with hundreds, maybe thousands, of mature and old mobs. A big red blob apeard on the radar and I needed to see with my own eyes that it was an invasion of my birthtown. I took a peak around a second defence wall and what I saw was more scaring than anything I've seen in my life. The Exo's and the Combibo's where climbing on eachother to get over the great wall. Ready too kill every human in Port Atlantis. Some mobs saw me looking around the corner and started to attack me. I could get away lucky as I am. Some noobs were less lucky and died while I ran too the shop to get some ammo to try to safe the town that we all love. If they would have done this in another town I wouldn't mind, but this is my town and they made it personal. So I charged screaming at them. The few noobs that weren't killed in the first few moments were trying to kill them by sweating and other players with guns, swords or cannons are doing what they're best in and shooting every mob they see. I closed my eyes for a second trying to get a grip of myself after seeing so many body's lying around me. Bullets flew all around me and it sounded just like the forth of Juli. The truth was totally the opposite. We were in a war and the time for shut eye and feelings is after we killed them all. All I need to do now is shoot to kill and try to stay alive long enough too see victory. Quickly I called some good hunters and asked if they could come and help me safe our town. Some tackticle planning was ahead of them and they were going to get an army togheter for a quick charge from the rear. So backup was on the way. Body's dropped everywhere. The mobs were furious and liked every kill they made. I think I saw one smile and laughing madly after killing a noob I knew. My gun started to fire rounds like never before. Mob after mob died. The loots were tiny if there were any loots. Sometimes I needed to retreat a little bit and patch myself with my medkit. After a few minutes it was looking good for us and the mobs were almost outnumberd when I saw a new red wave entering my radar. This was definetly not the end. More bullets were shot and body's were dropped. I even needed to go too sickbay for a big patchup before getting back in the warzone. After aproxamatly half an hour we were seeing the amount of red dots getting smaller and smaller. That was the point I started to realise that we were on the winning hand. I got more pleasure in killing mobs. The last couple of mobs wouldn't flee and kept attacking us humans.
    I think that was the point Nightseer realised that it was over. While the last mobs kept us busy Nightseer fed.
    When will he strike again? Only one person knows.
    Now we know there is someone trying to do us harm. Whith this war were sharpend our minds and fighting skills.

    Next time we will be prepared.
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    Ralph Dragon Lee and Nightseer, I've never heard of either of them, but gratz for the cute story and picture. Those exarosaurs look very angry. :D
  3. How did he do that? :O
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