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EU-experience with PS VR?

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Jamira, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    ooh didn't know that it was a VR thing. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Today I tested PSVR, TrinusPSVR and SteamVR again. No success. And to be honest: I don't want to play games with PSVR at my PC. And I don't want to make a game with Unity and offer it at PS store if I want to enjoy my own content. I just want a simple app to enjoy my own creations. Private.

    So I wrote a mail to Sony:

    need for action at PSVR

    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Lately I bought a PS4 Pro with PSVR and additional Skyrim VR to test it. I have to say: really good job!

    Though this experience lead me straight to the wish to walk through my own creations with the PSVR in the same way I can do in Skyrim. A telephone call with your service teached me that this is possible via offering my "product" via the PS store only. I don't want this. I'm a mechanical engineer, a retiree. Since years I make visualizations. I use SolidWorks, Rhino 3D, 3D Studio Max, Poser and several other programs. I just want to enjoy or show my own creations at home. Just for fun. Unfortunately it seems to be impossible so far. What I miss is a small simple application, wich enables me with less effort to walk through my own 3D-enviroment like I can do in Skyrim VR. As for instance my dream-home wich was done by myself with 3D Studio Max at my PC. Not a game and just for private purpose.

    Such an application would be an amazing chance for architects, town planners and landscape planners as well. Same for archaeologists. Just imagine 3D-scans of archaeological excavatings. This would become the way to commercial use. Architects could value their creations during the project phase, correct them if necessary and present them to their customers in a complete new way. Where, if not at this point, your products could offer a major step forward?

    My opinion is, Sony should think about this issue seriously. Soon. Coudn't be that big challenge. For me it would be amazing. And enterprises as well as hobbyists would be happy about such an oportunity. Besides they all would have to buy Sony's hardware ;-)

    Best regards

    No clue if this will help. Let's see.

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