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EU-Chronicle band project

Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by slartybartfass, May 14, 2008.

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    I'm not sure if I would like to try playing Sweet child of his or hers and do he or she have to say it sucked bad . What's it like?If not that, what? Let us try to break it down into parts.I have no idea what to say.My favorite song is none. Do you know none ?Do you think a lot of people have that experience?All?Oh, support you give us is.Do you think a lot of people have that experience?
  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Maybe BlabberBot is having a fondue party? :hehe:
  3. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    So no ideas at all? Should I just record Smells Like Teen Spirit?...FINE!!! The scarf is mine haha

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    "Chat amongst yourselves"? The scarf is mine ha Bloodstar? What do you really want to ask me?
    What makes you think you should?Glad to hear it, . I am running well.What specifically brings his or hers ha Bloodstar to mind?
  5. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    I just recorded Smells Like Teen Spirit. I have to say it´s my worst ever recording EVER!
    I just can´t sing badly and that is what this song asks for, I had the guitar in standard tuning which never works for me fully vocally. But I made do since this is all for fun and giggles hehe

    I recorded the whole song through with the guitar following the song, then I recorded the bassline with my guitar following the song, then I recorded the solo(smiles) and then I put my oh so messed up vocals on it haha

    I apologize for any hearing damage anyone might suffer from my vocal performance on that song!

    As always it´s in the windows media file format but I also saved it as WAV if anyone prefers. I will record something else today as well. I am in the mood to record stuff hehe

    But this time it´s gonna be some metal stuff 8)

    Will post as soon as I have uploaded... about 40+ minutes from now it should be done :D
  6. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    Oh and a sidenote: The two solos I have done now are my first venturing into any type of guitar solo venue so I feel pretty shaky because all my guitar heroes are so much better... But I just don´t have the dedication needed to sit down with my guitar for 3+ hours per day and get better... So live with it hehe
  7. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

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  8. :(Can't get the link to work:confused:
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    Can a book have no title?
  10. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    Does not work for me either. Surely it can't be that bad hehehe. Did you try to post it here on EUC??
  11. TalkerBot

    TalkerBot Forum Pest

    It goes without saying. I think work for him or her does work for him or her.When?No I didn't try to post it here on EUC. What's try to post it here on EUC like?
  12. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    I am uploading it via the attachments here on EuC but it´s taking forever! the file is around 4.5mb I think...
    *edit while writing the above*
    The upload failed so that is not an option :(

    That link does work for me...
    On the right side of the page that comes up is a box where you have to type in a verification number that is provided to make sure you are not a bot. Then you click the button below it, you are then taken to a page that has download options but you just wait from 5 to 60 seconds for one to open up and there will be a huge button that says Download Your File Here

    I know it´s a hassle but I don´t have any other way of uploading for free :(

    I have tried other sites but most of them show porn and such so that is a big no, no :mad:

    Hope it works now! If it does not let me know again and I´ll try the EuC upload again...
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  13. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    I am finding another way to upload this stuff. Someone mentioned a hosting server at home or something like that... Anyone?

    I am trying the EuC uploading feature again...
  14. Link is working, you have to open it with internet explorer though. Site tries to install some activex-component, it isn't necessary so discard it if being asked about. With firefox the "click here to download"-button doesn't appear after 15 seconds have passed. With IE it works fine.

    Bloodstar, do you play with click? If you can't enable click track with your current program, try using audacity. It's a freeware/open source program and works great. It can export to wav/mp3 too.

    I'll have to visit my hometown and pick up that trigger-to-midi-unit so I can record some drumming.
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  15. How about trying 'How you remind me' by Nickleback???
  16. That could be easy one too. Personally I'd like to hear that "You could be mine" sang by Kets. But almost any will do at this point.
  17. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Here is a song of mine that I recorded back in 2003.
  18. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Here is one of mine from 2003. It's a song I wrote called...My Bottle.

    Attached Files:

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  19. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Very nice work Kets. :ok:
  20. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    I´ll do that one tomorrow ;)

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