Escape from the Space Station avoiding the pirates MA friends.

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  1. I really don t understand this great idea to show up in the Space Station each time you enter in space. Probably there is a coding, servers, balblabla reason for this but it s very annoying. OFC this give to the pirates a cool advantage, you must move from this zone, so statistically them can follow you , so the question is: how to avoid them????
  2. What many people don't understand and many of us who do, don't like, but Piracy in space is a function that is part of the game.

    If is a PVP area and whatever goes into the red zones will be considered a target, friend of foe.

    So my advice on it will be as follows. When wanting to travel in space with lootables, take a mothership. It will cost a bit but consider it a small payment to the loss you will experience if you got looted.

    If you decide to travel in space by Quad or sleipner, know that when a pirate has you in their target, you will either be taken down or rather die with a fight.

    The odds of winning a fight in space is but a fraction of a second and any miscalculation can end in your vehicle taking damage & decay and you being plastered in the null void of space. But then again, even the best of pirates where noobs before.

    We all start at some stage thinking, GOD, why me? why are they following? Can't they leave me alone? Quoting myself as before, Everyone, even pirates were noobs at a stage and they had the same feeling.

    It takes skill and lots of practice to do something without loosing anything. But as an ancient art of alchemy teaches us, you must give up an equivalent exchange to gain something of same value.

    So take it from me, I was gunned down many times, but I can promise you, when I got to a good level of flight, I found out that even the pirates that I thought were the scum of the universe turned out to be a set of great people.... with issues of course :biggrin:

    I hope my words give you some form of help or at least to ease the anger to some degree.
  3. i have nothing against the other eu players buddy. I m just asking for some tip to not go down. that is all
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    There was a period of time when you would spawn in space away from the station.
    Myself and just about every other player who was activly using space complained about this because the pirates would just camp the spawn points and kill you before your graphics even loaded.
    It sucks that you are funneled through through the station area since it gives pirates a huge advantage over finding you and chasing you, but IMO its better than the alternative of spawning in lootable space with no chance at all.

  5. it s clear that i m a newbie in space, i was just wandering how is possible to spawn in whatever point of the space around the planet can give an advantage to the pirate to take you down. I mean it should be a huge area compared to the little station zone statistically talking....or i m missing some? in any case my point was to get some tips to avoid my pirates friends :-)
    for example i got this from FPC:
    If you fly to the edge of the station, you'll see who is a pirate because all of a sudden their triangle turns red and they'll follow you.
  6. I have made many space flights and have never been caught :) The trick seems to be to immediately head "up" or "down" for a distance - about 1000 units or more when you first get into space, then head for your destination. By "up" and "down", I mean so that the Z-value shown when you press P, increases or decreases.

    Best to use a Quad-wing because if there are pirates they will probably also have quad-wings and if you head away from them in a straight line they will not catch you - all quad-wings have the same speed. It is almost impossible to get in the same line as another flier, so eventually your straight line will deviate enough from theirs for you to lose them. I did this with two pirates on my tail and lost both of them.
  7. thx also this sounds like a nice tip.
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