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    January 7th Mothership MacReady and Starfinder XXIV will be clearing their Guest Lists of all but Captains and regular Crew Members.

    They have been operating at the maximum 500 capacity for a few months now and it is turning into a logistic nightmare for them, so we have decided the cleanest way right now is to start fresh.

    First off I want to warn you all so that you don't feel that they are removing you for any personal reasons, everyone will be removed the same day. (right now they are removing random people each time someone needs to be added which isn't really a fair method)

    Next I want to help educate you on the best way to travel with us and to help us keep our list cleaner in the future.

    1. Make sure you have John Mothership Macready and Lizzy XXIV MacReady on your friend list. They accept all friend requests, and once on their friend lists it is easier for them to add you to the guest list anytime you want to fly with us.

    2. Bookmark our website, EntropiaTransport.com, the chat there is the easiest way to get a hold of our Captains and crew and find out what the current flight patterns are and the cheapest way to get you where you want to go.

    3. If you want back on the guest list, Just PM John or Lizzy when you see them online and request to be added back. Simple as that :)
    4. Add myself and any Captains that you fly regularly with to your friend list in game, If we are online we can always tell you who the current Captains are and help you get pointed in the right direction to your fast and cheap flights. (often directing you to the website chat)

    5. If you are not flying with us several times a week, or if you do not like to receive summons while hunting, mining, etc.... Please remove yourself from the guest list after each flight. (it is simple to re-add you later, but it is hard for John and Lizzy to go through the long lists with the current system to find names to remove)
      You can remove yourself from the Mothership's guest list by going to the Guest Terminal at the back of the hanger. You can remove yourself from the Privateer's guest list by going to the Guest Terminal next to the TP terminal on the main floor.

    6. If you are a regular repair crew, or if you fly frequently with us, or if you like receiving summons as notification that one of the ships is going somewhere, you are welcome to stay on the guest list. Just consider how much you use the ship, and try to help us by making it as easy as possible for us to help you :)

    A late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at EntropiaTransport.com, :)
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    Bumping this up to warn any passengers or crew :)
  3. narfi

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    The lists have been cleared, if you were removed and want back on, please just contact John or Lizzy to re-add you to their respective ships.

    If they are not online ask the crew on our webchat at EntropiaTransport.com and they will try to get a hold of them for you or let you know when they will next be online.

    Thanks for your patience during this change, and sorry for the inconvenience.

    have fun, and safe flying :)

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