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Entropias "Exit Strategy God", Divinity, tries to educate the masses

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, May 16, 2020.

  1. This show is getting better and better every day...thank god Divinity didnt call it exit scam by accident (exitdent). ;D

    Waiting for content on Ark...this guy cracks me up. x'D

    He asked for 50$ per month, to tell you how not to loose money in this casino.

    And just when you entered his dungeon of "give me your money", you tried to avoid talking about it in public later. ^^

    Love it, everytime Professor Gimmeyourmoney shows up, educating the masses.

    divinity educates.

    divinity 50 dollar a month.

    I mean, even Mindarks target investors
    had their exit strategies well prepared :

    "Iam an investor my a$$" x'D

    captain jack exit strategy lol.

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  2. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    which thread is that from?
  3. This Divinity guy is so "clever", when it comes to taking other peoples money...but when it comes to reallife...he tends to be very, uhm, kind of entertaining. ^^

    The servers around the world are sloOOooOOOoowwww because of the pandemic....we cannot prepare...MA cannot afford...I wonder what kind television this guy absorbs...maybe...

    pyramid game.


    divinity and his netflix.
  4. He is disgusting (i can say) https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...x-Grey-quot-for-being-a-stand-up-person/page4 last reply sum it all.

    Even defend someone who tried to manipulate, scamm, or other disgrace act in market, because he benefitted by him (manipulator give back his AUD). Without think that Alex Gay? Alex star Gay? I don't remember his name, was gave negative affect on market, AUD's MU in this case. Don't know what Alex Gay did another bullshit act, but many peoples said he was manipulated price of other stuffs too, still DivHighMoralPlayer defending him.

    I can't speak in PCF because I know my post will be deleted by Kim Jong EU.
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  5. Ya, that story smells...Divinity smells...

    All of those "Give me 100 PED you get 10 PED" scammers smell
    and some of the so called "investors" started to rot as well.
    Hope dies last. x'D

    Thank god Mindark stopped some of those gambling activities...lol..get the hint ? x'D
  6. alex star grey.
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  7. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    so basically what happened was....

    Alex Grey who is the alt of some1 whos name begins with D and ends in Y tried to make a withdrawal. It was then found out they had been scamming people. The victims suddenly got their stuff back (after 1 year.....).

    Nothing to do with the fact they are trying to make a withdrawal?. Maaaaaaaaan……..
  8. Really ? That "Alex Grey who scammed ppl 1 year ago" & Divinity = the same person ?
    Link ? I mean, ya, its quite obvious and not that I would be surprised anymore, but... link ? ;D

    And after 1 year Alex decided to give "some stuff" back ? Really ? Ya, right...
    After MA started to investigate him...lovely guy :')

    And one of the victims, that got some stuff back, after 1 year, only some stuff (!)...because Alex was out of funds and couldnt afford to pay back everything...that player, "Celia", is actually happily posting now, claiming that Alex seems to be a realiable person after all ? x'D

    Fuck me...I really need to start "investing" into "Kunrad Solo Reez" his Explosive Blueprint 4 crafting...gambling...thing...I heard hes a realiable person too....


    Congratulations to the scammers and their "investors" !
    All of you claim to know it all !
    Yet the only thing you achieve here, is knowingly messing up each others reallife... *applause*

    I also wonder, how many people did not come forward, admitting that they got scammed in this special case...
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  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Well, in a "virtual world" where people are actively encouraged to gamble, players are far from the only ones messing up people's real lives.
  10. Dont tell me its Mindarks fault for creating this immersive sci-fi online experience, with alienated landscapes, exclusive storylines, steady content beeing added and a realistic landplot system, ruled by a virtual president, with a fantastic taming-system attached to it ?! :O

    [sarcasm]I really dont think Mindark was involved, when this whole system turned into a simple one-armed-bandit (EP4 Blueprint).
    I also dont believe Mindark turned this once diverse universe into a simple, messi-event system.[/sarcasm]

    After more then 10 years its the players fault, really...they had more then a dozen chances to vote with their wallets, instead they kept investing and/or scamming their own loyal community.
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  11. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    One of my 1st ever posts on here (I came to see the EMW big reveal yayaya I admit) but I stayed around for the Humblebumbles etc.
    Anyway I said about Bernie Madoff. How he got peoples confidence etc. I was called an idiot (by a guy who asked on PCF an AMA https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...308675-San-s-Q2-Explosive-Projectile-Crafting over 1 year later not replied. Who is the ''idiot now'' ? :) )

    They are disgusting scammers completely in league with corrupt Swedish Government officials (if any lawsuit arises from this post I will reply to pms from Forum admin with my real life info for court case :).

    400k Mining ATH.

    155k leeloo mining ATH many years ago when film crew was there? (who now of course LOVES mining. You cant lose at mining in EU according to filmcrew leeloo!)

    dannyo the great lovely guy. Many backing him up. Ohhh hes lovely. Yaaaa sold about 100k ped worth skill chips because of being given an OFFICIAL GAME ITEM. Oh has Arcadia even bothered to REPLY to that yet? http://arkadiaforum.com/threads/off...-handed-out-developer-items-to-players.15211/

    Now the name who begins with D and ends in Y (a trusted GREAT player like Jundrad Solo Beez - names changed deliberately) has an alt that 1000's have known about for YEARS. And D ends in Y suddenly says oh hes a great guy!

    Then other victims (both after 1 year) suddenly say the same. I say to those 2 victims = SHAME ON YOU. YOU SAID AT THE TIME YOU WAS SCAMMED. HOW MUCH WAS YOU PAID?

    They are ALL disgusting the lot of them!
  12. San


    You know jolly well why that happened, it is preserved for posteriry right around here for anyone who cares. The AMA question I recently retracted since I consider it answered, explanation in my last post there. I asked the mods to lock the thread but they haven't done it.

    Back on topic, did anyone look at Cyrene forum today...
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  13. Id say tBANNA hit the right nerve on "Gimme 50$ a month-Divinity".

    Divinity says :
    1.) "I convinced a guy to put his precious FEN item into MY bank instead!" *lol*
    2.) "I didnt know it was his chip, so I sold it" *lol*
    3.) "I sold the item, because my bank was out of funds." *rofl*
    4.) "I have done nothing wrong." *meee meee meee*
    5.) "Its a fact that I keep items past the expiration" *applause*
    6.) "Now that tBANNA has already done the damage..." *meee meee meee*

    Right, right, picky pennypincher Divinity forgOooOOooot...oooOooOOOoops.....well, I guess this happens if you take an advice from Divinity. ^^

    divinity scam tbanna.

    And of course Spawn jumps in with his wisdom "Hey, its not a scam, all trades are final."

    Just remember, some "all trades are final" are different than other "all trades are final"...

    divinity reverse trade.

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  14. Never forget ! :)

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