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EntropiaPlanets presents: Integrated tracker

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Lykke TheNun, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. I dont know what the problem can be.. Im reading the chat.log with a stream reader thats pointing to the location of the chat.log ... Sorry..
  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Thanks for reporting. I'm fairly certain I know what the problem is, and am working on a possible solution for it :)
  3. Yeah, not exactly rocket science that you should NEVER include "user defined" text in your links.. (in this case team name which is defined inside EU = user definde..)... Use this avatar/team's ID instead in all your links.. voilla.. unbreakable..

    Alternativly if you want it google friendly do someting like:


    (Remove any non latin char's.. and replace the most common special chars with their "human meaning"...)

    Im sure PHP has a URLrewrite function somewhere :)
  4. Also.. seems as if your tracker is allowing for duplicates in the globals:

    2010-03-07 13:53:29 Iron Deuce Storm Atrox Dominant 64
    2010-03-07 13:53:21 Iron Deuce Storm Atrox Dominant 64
    2010-03-07 13:52:58 Kimberly Kingpin Budi Atrox Guardian 52
    2010-03-07 13:49:24 Ulla Jamira Braun Atrox Dominant 94
    2010-03-07 13:49:17 Ulla Jamira Braun Atrox Dominant 94

    (It took me a long time to figure out how the globals are broadcast arround calypso.. it is not "at the same time" all over....)

  5. Just to make sure they dident get cleaned up "at a later point"...
    Here's some from yesterday:

    2010-03-07 12:18:17 Ygohramatzy Ygo Bekendir Atrox Guardian 50
    2010-03-07 12:18:13 Ygohramatzy Ygo Bekendir Atrox Guardian 50

  6. It seems you never got over my "OCR is not exactly rocket science" comment on ER ;)

    Thanks for the hints, they are really not necessary tho.

    The username is not exactly what i'd call "user defined" and all caution with the links is futile anyway - you can enter whatever you want in the browsers address bar - the receiving php script is responsible for not accepting malicious input.

    Underscores are a really bad idea anyway (what if someone makes a teamname containing underscores? your script will decode it as a space char... not good), %20 would be the way to go for - and thats EXACTLY what the browser sends in the HTTP request, even if it displays spaces in the address bar (%20 IS a space char) - HTTP doesn't allow space characters in the HTTP requests URI part - but i guess you know that.

    So no need to replace space chars at all, or do you still use Netscape Navigator, or Opera 7, which may have problems with blanks in links...?
  7. I cant remember it.. and none the less.. it was tussi who made the "working" tracker client for Entropia Tracker.. mine used Office OCR DLL.. which were .. well.. a macrosoft product...

    Regarding the underscores..
    The reason for that is that _I think_ Google see's underscores in links as "pretty links" (when looked at in the addressbar) .. as oppose to %20 .. which will increase your page rank by a micro-point..

    And yes.. You can enter whatever you want in the address bar.. querystrings just happen to be spilt up on &.. hence it isent a good solution for you to allow avatar names in the address bar...

    Sure.. you can code your way out of it by requesting the entire querystring collection and sort out if there was a & in the avatar name.. but.. "tmw" (Too much work).. lol..
  8. Must be coincidence you used exactly the same wording then... :)

    Well, the ampersand thingie is easily fixed by wrapping the avatarname in an htmlentities()/htmlspecialchars(), i guess i mentioned somewhere that we are working a lot on new features atm and such "tiny" things easily remain unadressed, especially when nobody noticed it in the internal testing.
  9. Exactly :)

    By the way.. I dont know if I wrote it the wrong way or something.. but.. Regarding the _ vs %20 in the link.. In the URL rewrite you use the ID in front of it... www.yousite.com/tracker/<<<ID_HERE>>>/Random crap to make google and the user happy...
  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    URL rewriting is something we have planned for. the next version of vBulletin forum has builtin functionality for that, but we're waiting until some of the mods we use on the site have been converted for vB4 before we initiate the next phase of testing. The first one was not exactly a success due to these products not playing nice with the new forum ;)
  11. I'm not sure i understand where you aim at here:

    %20 is a "masked" (or urlencoded) form of writing a space character (0x20) in a browser link/URL.
    (old encoding was a single "+" char, it should still work in modern browsers tho)

    Old encoding:
    New encoding:
  12. I think we are missing each other completely here..


    URL rewrite would be something like:

    "/tracker/" + $1 + "/*.*"


    Im just saying google likes _ better than %20 .. :) if you decide to go by URL rewrite, to get the avatar name in the URL string :)

  13. Well, i have no idea when you switched topic in between, i am still at the "bad bad blanks in teh urls" thingie - i don't care what google likes and what google doesn't like, it's not supposed to crawl the global stats by avatar anyway - i don't get why you'd want to discuss that, ET has no google ads anyway. (i still don't get what your post above this is supposed to say...)

    And: The google spider (or any other spider) will not crawl the tracker page anyway, as there is no "hardcoded" link to the user bits of the tracker data on any of the pages, the live feed is loaded via ajax (and google can't see it), and all links to user specific global data are therefore invisible to spiders, too.

    The only link leading to user specific data is the "my globals" link and wont work as google has no user account - so really, we couldn't care less about "how much google likes the search urls".

  14. Ok.. my bad.. I just thought you wanted google to browse the links since you used avatar names as the querystring :) No worries.. I apologize..
  15. Just a quick update:

    • The links to the avatar names are fixed now, teamnames with an "&" (ampersand) should work just fine now
    • The live feed has been reworked to load faster
    • Missing/duplicate globals and missing location data should be fixed within the next day, all the data are stored, so no data are lost and as soon as we're done with the work on it it'll all be just perfect
    And a big "Thank you" to all who have downloaded and run the EPTracker client already - we have not fully reached 24/7 coverage yet, but for the short timespan that has passed since it's introduction we are already closer to completing that step than we expected - a lot of features will be added in the future, making EPTracker the most useful EU tool out there ever! Stay tuned!


    Meanwhile, please notice that we have created a subforum for EPTracker related topics, any feedback is welcome.
  16. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    This is being worked on. In the meantime, I've added something similar to the top of the tracker page, so you can always see how many clients are running.

    It updates through AJAX, so it will update without requiring a manual refresh of the page :)
  17. Mac


    Great work guys, signed up straight away :)
  18. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I finally addressed this for you (and everybody else). From now on, if you just filled in your avatarname, all past globals will automaticaly be tallied into your global box next to the posts.

    This should take a maximum of 15 minutes to kick in.
  19. kalanen

    kalanen roadkill

    Seriously. Are you providing tracking service or useless graph drawing service?

    ET already provides graphs for those who find them useful. What's wrong with downloadable csv with some prefiltering?

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