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  1. As of 22 January 2014.

    EntropiaPlanets' independency

    EntropiaPlanets is an independent project of members of the Entropia Universe community. It is not owned, co-owned or in any way endorsed by MindArk PE AB, Planet Partner companies or affiliated companies.

    Content on EntropiaPlanets

    EntropiaPlanets is a non-commercial "fan project" publishing most content under a free license. For all content available on EntropiaPlanets but not produced by EntropiaPlanets the doctrine of "fair use" should apply.

    "MA MindArk", "MindArk", "Mindbank", "Entropia Universe", "Project Entropia Dollars", "PED" and potentially others terms are trademarks of MindArk PE AB.

    All rights associated with content on EntropiaPlanets and trademarks to be found on EntropiaPlanets are property of their respective owners.

    EntropiaPlanets to a large extent consists of content added by users. Ultimately each user is solely responsible for their actions on EntropiaPlanets and all views expressed are those of individual users.


    MindArk PE AB, Planet Partner companies, affiliated companies and EntropiaPlanets cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from or related to the use of EntropiaPlanets and cannot be held liable for consequences arising from any claims, demands and damages, direct and indirect, suspected and unsuspected, with connection to a dispute between EntropiaPlanets and a user of EntropiaPlanets.

    Change and acknowledgement of this disclaimer

    EntropiaPlanets retains the right to change this disclaimer without any notice at any given time.

    By using EntropiaPlanets you acknowledge and agree to this disclaimer - if you disagree with it please do not use EntropiaPlanets.

    Closing words

    Be assured that EntropiaPlanets fully acts in good faith and utilizes standards, methods and services according to "best practice".

    If you have any questions or recommendations regarding this disclaimer please feel free to post in this thread or contact EntropiaPlanets by email.
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