Entropians in Afterworld !

Discussion in 'Afterworld' started by SevvyS, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Whats your Afterworld avatar name ??

    Mine is "Gigolo" :p and im in soc "Pleasure and Power"
  2. I never get my register confirm mail...
    Even messaged them about it but no....
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    He's just a Gigolo everywhere he goes!
  4. Corrianna Trina Xenophage

    Corrianna Trina Xenophage Trained "Psycho&a mp; amp;quot;trop i

    When I play Aw my ava is Tarron "Jedwar" Tarkis the shown name is just Tarron. I am in Jurai Blood there as well as Entropia.
  5. lol! Dident noticed you changed the quote at first :p
  6. fo0d

    fo0d UnSober (L)

    Gave it a try yesterday and felt akward. Not sure I'll play it again.
  7. Wed

    Wed The one and only...

    Same as my display name in EU. Wed Beetherbell, or maby it was just Beetherbell. havent been on for a long time. I am in Irken, if they didnt kick me for being inactive lol
  8. Tried it for a while, once I saw all the EF whiners were there I quited :clap:
  9. AlcVitRes

    AlcVitRes Wanderer

    Both of my AW/EU nicknames is the same, 1:1,
    just don't be fooled by short form of it at forum.

    The more interesting thing, tho, would be to know
    statistics on how long players plays both AW & EU.
  10. TheTaxman

    TheTaxman Cheater Hater

    Joe_Taxpayer , though i lost interest in it
  11. yeah that reminds me maybe i should download it again since eu is to expensive to play anymore.
  12. in my opinion Afterworld just plain sucks and it's a game made by Russians, so it sucks twice...
  13. My name is the same in Both, madseend
    good to know that the closed Beta testing has started this week :D
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