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Do you think that EntropiaConnect could become popular in the near future ?

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  1. [​IMG]

    EntropiaConnect is a social networking site for Entropia Universe players.The website is built by EU fans and wants to connect all the Entropia users to connect, share and take part in a new community. EntropiaConnect has many features that can benefit new and veteran players.
    Personal Profile:
    With your own personal profile you can have access to allot of profile features such as editing your bio, changing your profile picture, sharing and liking posts and also have your own profile rating.
    Users can write there own blogs on various topics of there choice such as beginner tutorials, recent events, sweating camps.etc
    You can set up events for you and your friends such as hunting events, party events, minings events.Its completely up to you.
    Groups are kind of like Society's but has a unique style from the in game Society.You can start your own public or private groups and invite your friends and share have your own group feed.
    Rating system:
    The rating system is a unique way where you and other peoples shared content such as news,photos,videos,links,blogs can be rated out of 5 stars.The more higher rating you have the more popular your post is thus giving your profile more attention.
    The NewsFeed is where you can view the newest and most recent activity going on in the site by all of the users.From posts to new users all of the latest news is right there.
    These are only some of the features as there is going to be much more features coming soon. EntropiaConnect is brand new but is working fine and can be used right now for free.We would like your feedback although we know there is going to be some things needing change.So visit the site below and tell us what you think.
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  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Hey and welcome :)

    If i were you, I'd get a proper .com domain name. why settle for entropiaconnect.x10host.com if you could own entropiaconnect.com?

    I'm not much of a social network person, but I wish you all the best with your new venture. If there's anything we can help you out with, please do not hesitate to ask :)
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I know one great way to help sites like that starting up would be feeds from our wiki here giving them instant content for their members. Create somewhat of a symbiotic relationship where we feed them wiki data on all things entropia and they and their users help keep the wiki updated with more data as things are added and change in the universe.
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  4. That is going to be our first investment into EntropiaConnect :)
  5. I will do that, thanks :)
  6. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Well Tech, that would need a bit of work on our side, which we are more then willing to do ofcourse.
    I think we might need to discuss that in private. Are you on Skype?
  7. Yes
    .My Skype username is TechZonic
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