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Entropia Universe takes Virtual World Citizenship to a whole new level!

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Tass, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Yep, but 6 Million PED that now buy shares of Calypso will not be available to be invested in 'regular' LAs. There might be less demand for 'regular' LAs anyway.

    And now anyone can compare the interest a 1k PED Calypso share generates with what a LA is supposed to generate when managed accordingly. On any planet.
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Your right :)
    I still dont think it will affect it much though.
  3. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    For one LA to be sold the SB has just dropped 20% and they now accept Calypso Land Deeds as payment. ;)
  4. Time to start buying more lottery tickets, me wants some land deeds :)
  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    The big question I have is that once all shares get sold... How does MA plan on ensuring the planet will remain developed? As it is currently, Kim Welter Timkrans, a MindArk employee is calling the shots on Calypso. What is to stop MindArk from replacing him with someone else as soon as the auction runs out?

    What commitment will MindArk make to ensure that employees who leave will be replaced? After all, once all shares have been sold, there is no "planet partner" left to take such decisions. Instead, there will be several thousand investors, with undoubtedly several dozens of opinions.
  6. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Well Peter I believe that the shares given out represent just 50% of the total revenue of Calypso, so if thats the case MA will still be able to make all the desissions.
  7. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    The catch is the 50% of total revenue usually goes to a Planet Partner with a whole development studio and a business relationship to MA with all the options attached, fx requesting features.

    So the question is after 50% of the total revenues are sold to players who will develop Calypso?

    I'm under the impression that MA will keep a team dedicated to Calypso and the expenses will be offset against Calypso total revenue.
  8. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Thanks, George. That does seem a bit more elaborate than the initial text.
  10. [h=2]Source = http://www.planetcalypso.com/news/pages/2011/11/08/2907/index.xml

    Become a citizen of Planet Calypso![/h]

    [h=1]Entropia Universe takes Virtual World Citizenship to a whole new level![/h] [h=2]Planet Calypso introduces a groundbreaking Citizenship System that includes Land Lot Deeds with an expected annual return on investment of up to 30%.[/h] Gothenburg, Sweden, November 8th, 2011 â?? MindArk, developer of Entropia Universe, announced today that it will introduce a groundbreaking new Citizenship System. This system will provide planet-wide revenue sharing to participants, as well as a forthcoming political system that will allow users to influence the future development of the planet.

    â??The Citizenship System will have a strong impact on the social and virtual worlds industryâ?, said Jan Welter Timkrans, Chairman of MindArk, â??Now people can make money using their game-playing skills and by engaging in the micro transactions economy. They can both share in the revenues of their favourite world and help decide its future via the political system! â??
    The new system will allow participants of Entropia Universe to acquire a Land Lot deed. This deed grants holders citizenship on Planet Calypso, along with political voting rights. Citizens of Planet Calypso will receive a share in the planet partner Gross Revenue. Based on Planet Calypsoâ??s performance over the last twelve months, the potential ROI (Return of Investment) of such shares is expected to be between 27% - 30% per year.
    Jan Welter Timkrans: â??So far, land management in Entropia Universe has been a very exclusive thing, as the market price for land area deeds have ranged from $5,000 on the low end, to upwards of $500,000. Now, participants of all levels and budgets can manage a piece of an entire virtual world for $100 USD â?? less than the price of two regular PC games. The Citizenship System brings a new era in MMO and Virtual World participation, something people have been crying out for. It will bring value to people who are passionate about games and global online culture.â?

    The new Citizenship System will showcase the economics of a successful Planet Partner on the Entropia Universe platform. Planet Calypso is a profitable Virtual world. It is the oldest of the planets in Entropia Universe, has over 1 million registered users and over $ 400,000,000 USD per year in user-to-user transactions.
    In total, sixty thousand (60,000) Land Lot deeds will be created, each representing a 100 square meter plot on Planet Calypso. Starting on November 8, 2011, batches of these deeds will be offered on the Entropia Universe auction. Each Land Lot deed will have a start-bid price and a buyout price of 1000 PEDs ($100 USD). The Land Lot deeds will be implemented as stackable items, and will be made available in single units, as well as in stacks of 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100. Batches will continue to be offered on the auction until the entire sixty thousands deeds have been sold.
    Each Land Lot deed entitles the holder to a share of the 50% planet partner Gross Revenue generated by Planet Calypso. Payouts of revenue share dividends to deed holders will be made once per week, as opposed to once per year or once per month for many other investments!"
    The success and profitability of the planet will determine the revenue received as a land lot deed holder. If Calypso becomes more popular, the ROI will be higher; similarly, if the popularity of Calypso decreases, the ROI would also decrease. First revenue payouts are planned for the beginning of December 2011.
    Once every six months, audited figures will be presented on MindArkâ??s homepage so that deed holders can verify their revenue share payouts.
    Current land area deed holders on Calypso will be entitled to one free land lot deed. This does not include deeds for claim battle areas, houses, apartments, shops or sub-divided areas, only Outback Land Areas (OLAs). Treasure Island, FOMA, Crystal Palace and Medusaâ??s Head will receive one deed, issued to the main estate manager. Management of existing Outback Land Areas will remain unaffected.
    Land Lot Deed holders will have the opportunity to take part in a Calypso Citizenship land grab. Certain areas will be opened on Calypso where deed holders can stake out their land plots. This system development is scheduled to begin in 2012.
    Land Lot Deed holders will be able to build house(s) on the plot(s) they have staked out. (Minimum of 9 plots in a 3x3 format suitable for a structure). This system development is scheduled to begin in 2013.
    Additionally, a comprehensive political system is planned that will allow Land Lot Deed holders to become directly involved with decisions affecting the future development of Calypso, with voting power relative to the number of Land Lot Deeds held. This system development is also scheduled to begin in 2012.
    This information has been released prior to the official press release planned for 16th November as a courtesy to Entropia Universe participants. Further information and specifications may be applied.
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  11. Interesting!
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  12. Considering closely a 50k usd line of credit on my house to get 500 units.
    A few questions need to be answered by MA officials first though.

    Questions in PCF thread ofc ;)

    A bit nervous, it could be an insanely good idea to do this or a terrible flop of an idea.
  13. Wait, did they release the deeds already? I see them on the global auction for 8k. Did I just missed the opportunity? I thought it was next week for some reason. When did they release this?
  14. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    They started releasign the deeds on global auction same day as their announcement. They have been releasing deeds various hours of the day since then all on global auction.

    The resellers place them on calypso auction with markup and many don't realise the deeds can be bought on global auction so are buying them on calypso at an outragous premium.
  15. Yeah looks like a move toward a more second life style involvement
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  16. I did take a look on auction yesterday but the only deeds I could see where being sold by players. Some of them were asking for a considerable markup, others not so much. Either way I saw none for sale at the specified price. Find myself wondering if they got the dates confused!
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  17. I think your fucking nuts to be doing this. But sometimes being fucking nuts pays off. I noticed your PCF thread and you have decided not to take out the line of credit on your house. Did the wife threaten to cut off your balls? lol :)
  18. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    "A fool and his money...."

    Actually could almost say the same about the whole shebang really. I realise there's going to be a spate of doubters but MA haven't exactly covered themselves in glory on this one. Its pretty obvious they are trying to get the money they couldn't get before with the Calypso Sale. The announcement lacks so much info or certainty its... well... typical MA really! Considering even major investors eg Neverdie/Deathifier got burned on the asteroid/island initial promises, considering the time scale to deliver on features for these LA's I can well see nothing being at all as initially "speculated".

    That said its up to the "investor" if they wan't to have a go on this or not.

    Can someone clarify this 27%-30% lingo though? If I pay 100$ do I get ~27$ back per year in small weekly payments. Or do MA turn round in December and go "sorry kids, no profit"? ;)

    As for the location of the land... do I have to fight for it in 2013 or something? I'm a pacifist ;)

  19. Well I dunno you pay 1000 ped and you get about 6 per week IF you get it back in 3 years. Still rubbin my chin on this one.
  20. Hey Softhart,

    Yea, I think the hype got me a little too caught up.
    LOL you could say i almost got my balls cut off and thrown in the blender initially,
    But thinking about it, a loan is a really bad idea.

    Not to worry i will buy them slowly over the next 5 or so years instead. :)
    Once i see how well they actually perform.

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